The Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet 2016 Returns at PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Crab Buffet Plaza

Crabs have always been a big weakness of many and the idea of a crab buffet is always exciting. Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s acclaimed annual crab feast is back again for the 5th year running from 06 May to 26 June 2016, and you should be familiar with this extravaganza by now.

They are the pioneers for crab buffets, and this year, Executive Chef Jackson Goh and Executive Sous Chef Ken Ang have introduced two exotic flavours to add to the exciting favourites – Spanish Style and Mediterranean. These new variations will add to the existing list of flavours, of which includes all-time favourites such as Singapore Chilli Crab, Cereal Crab, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, Black Pepper Crab, White Pepper Crab, and Crab with Honey Rock Sugar.

Besides the many styles of crabs, the buffet line-up will also comprise a huge number of crab-centric dishes and appetisers, on top of the other popular dishes from Plaza Brasserie’s regular buffet.

We had our go, and we are more than affirmed that the annual Ultimate Crab Feast at Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Beach Road is not to be missed.

Spanish Crab


You might not know where to start. Trust us, it happens when you have so many flavours right before your eyes.

Star with the all-new Spanish-style Crab. Traditional Spanish flavours derived from fresh herbs and spices adds an extra flavour boost and colour to Spanish dishes, and that is exactly what Executive Chef Jackson Goh has done to the crabs here.

Look forward to intense and mult-dimensional flavours. This is sure a lovely change from the usual pepper and whatnot we are used to having for our crabs.

Mediterranean Crab


The Mediterranean-style Crab is prepared using a pretty broad group of different ingredients, with influences from Southern Italy, Greece, Morocco and Spain. The difference between the Spanish-style Crab and this one is that these Mediterranean ones are a little bit more robust in flavours, with influences from the Moroccan spice palette.

We were especially drawn to the diverse herbs and spices used. They have found the right balance between the added flavours and the sweetness of the crab to bring out the best of both worlds.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab


But of course, right? Salted egg crab is a perennial favourite and a crab buffet cannot do without this variation, really.

Rest assured that Plaza Brasserie’s salted egg yolk sauce is exceptionally rich and creamy, so much so that you would lick the crab shells clean to savour all that buttery goodness. This has been the most popular flavour at Ultimate Crab Feast every year.

Chilli Crab


This is the classic Singaporean style and it comes with free-flow crisp and fluffy deep-fried buns (mantou) on the side for you to dip in the sauce with.


Trust us, it is a must to have the mantou. We could not stop ourselves from dipping in the generous chilli crab sauce. Of course, the crab itself was plump and juicy.

White Pepper Crab


Yes, there’s more.

Let’s begin with the White Pepper Crab. This is another signature flavour, though slightly lighter in terms of flavour intensity, but that only enhances the natural taste of the crab meat itself.

But you can stick to your intense flavours. Skip the White Pepper Crab and go right for the Black Pepper Crab. The robust taste of black pepper can be pretty addictive, and chilli padi is used as well for an extra spicy kick.

Singaporeans would probably love the Cereal Crab. The familiar sweet and crunchy cereal – tossed and cooked with curry leaves and chilli padi for that extra kick – is one that we are all familiar with and probably grew up eating.

The Crab with Honey Rock Sugar was introduced last year as a variation of the Marmite Crab. A sweeter version this is, with a hint of garlic – and though different from the spicy ones, this is no less mild in terms of flavours.

Breaded Crab


On top of the whole crabs cooked in different flavours, there are several other bites that revolve around the crustacean too.

Curry Crab Meat in Kueh Pie Tee; Crab Meat Chawanmushi; Thai Glass Noodle Salad; Spicy Crab Meat Salad; Breaded Crab Cake and Pandan Liu Sha Pau in Basket – just to name a few from the spread.

Crab Chawanmushi

Our personal picks are the Crab Meat Chawanmushi and Breaded Crab Cake. The former differs slightly from the usual chawanmushi and comes in a firmer texture. And the egg custard is packed with generous amounts of crab meat, with even more spread out on top. The latter is made fully out of crab meat and the breading that covers is crispy and tasty.

Prata with Crab Masala

Finally, our favourite dish – Roti Prata with Crab Masala. Anyone who has ever visited Plaza Brasserie would be familiar with the amazingly fresh prata from their resident prata counter. For the crab buffet, look forward to the crab masala; it is very spicy but extremely flavourful and gratifying.


6 May 2016 to 26 June 2016
Buffet Dinner (Daily) – 6pm to 10pm – Adult: $75, Child: $45
Buffet Lunch (Sundays only) –  12pm to 2pm – Adult: $68, Child: $41

Pre-Mother’s Day Special
Buffet Lunch (Saturday) – 7 May 2016, 12pm to 2pm – Adult: $68, Child: $41
For reservations, call +65 6505 5710 or email [email protected].

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