Addiction Aquatic Development – Modern Fish Market In Taipei With 10 Different Concepts

Addiction Aquatic Development

Think Taipei is all about Taipei 101 and Shilin Night Market? Not really. Addiction Aquatic Development is the place to visit when in Taipei.

Addiction Aquatic Development is a massive space that houses fresh seafood and aquamarine products, a large Japanese-style supermarket, and many themed restaurants and food kiosks under one roof. It is developed by Mitsui food and beverage enterprise group, who also owns several established Japanese restaurants in Taipei, including Mitsui - our favourite Japanese restaurant in the city.


Sitting near the Songshan Airport, and what used to be the old Taipei Fish Market, it is now an upscale and classy market with Addiction Aquatic Development. It stands head and shoulders above other famous seafood markets in the world such as Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market, Sydney’s Fish Market, and Perth’s Fremantle Market.

Addiction Aquatic Development Map

Live Seafood


At the main entrance, you will be received by the Live Aquamarine area.

The idea is to remove the middleman and to deal directly with consumers. With this, Addiction Aquatic Development is able to pass on the savings through providing reasonably priced live seafood from all over the world.


King Crab

Expect a spread of fresh oysters, king crabs, lobsters, abalone, uni, scallops and more.

Seafood Bar

Addiction Aquatic Development Seafood Bar


The Seafood Bar at Addiction Aquatic Development offers an array of fresh seafood. You can eat to your heart’s content here.


Meat Grocery


Apart from seafood, you can also get imported and local fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. The sheer variety is crazy, and if we were living in Taipei, we know we would be doing our grocery shopping here every week!

Pasta, noodles and grains. Beef, pork and chicken. Oranges, berries and melons.

Salt, sugar and pepper. Butter, cheese and cream. Juice, milk and tea. Anything that you might need in the kitchen; anything at all.

It is one trip to the grocer you’d be happy to take. The choice are aplenty, and any culinary fanatic will have a whale of a time with these groceries!

Addiction Aquatic Development Sushi Bar


Our first thought upon seeing the tanks of fish was sushi. So you think Tsukiji Market is the only legit place for fresh nigiri sushi? Addiction Aquatic Development is another!

Beautiful sliced fishes in all sorts of colours sit atop vinegared rice, all prepared fresh before your eyes and awaits at the sushi bar. There are sashimi options too.

Sushi to go


Well, you can have both the sashimi and sushi to go, too. We bought a box and took it outdoors where the morning air was dewy and fresh, and you bet our breakfast was more than wonderful.

Addiction Aquatic Development Outdoor


You have your bento sets here, alongside several other mains of the day. This counter boasts a wide selection of cooked food for takeaway, and it is so convenient because you just pick whatever you like, then head out to the large outdoor dining area to enjoy your hot food.

Best suggestion: buy something from the cooked food deli, buy a box of sushi and/or sashimi, grab some drinks from the grocer, then have a communal party at the outdoor dining area with your companions. Everyone gets to eat a bit of everything!

Addiction Aquatic Development Hotpot


If raw fish ain’t your thing, there is a hotpot option as well. Think huge pots of seafood goodness, with everything coming fresh from the sea. Expect nothing short of a soup so sweet that bears the essence of the freshness from all the seafood.

A seafood pot starts from NT$980.

Addiction Seafood Restaurant


This is one fond experience we would always remember of Addiction Aquatic Development. We had such an amazing meal at the outdoor restaurant where we sat under fairy lights and dined with the best company.

King Crab Leg

Addiction seafood market

It is simple – you just order whatever you want from grill stalls, and your seafood will be grilled to order and served hot. Those big pots you see are actually charcoal-lit, where your seafood will sit and be kept warm.

Addiction Aquatic Development Seafood

That sheer simplicity of fresh, flavourful seafood, complete with red wine and a touch of winter breeze. It is one quintessential meal when at Addiction Aquatic Development.

Taipei Fish Market

Addiction Aquatic Development
No. 18, Alley 2, Ln 410, Minzu E Rd
Tel: (02) 2508 1268
Daily: 6am – 12midnight
Nearest Station: Zhongshan Jr. High School Station/ XingTian Temple Station

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