25 Reasons To Love Taipei

City Taiwan

Taipei might just be one of the most underrated cities to visit. It doesn’t matter whether you are a foodie, a shopper, or if you simply enjoy marvelling at the wonders of nature – Taipei will have you covered.

So many street snacks to love, so many night markets to roam at, so many more karaoke sessions that we need, so many cultural centres to visit. Taipei is one destination in Asia you must visit.

Here are 25 Reasons To Love Taipei.


Addiction Aquatic Development – Modern Fish Market In Taipei With 10 Different Concepts

Addiction Aquatic Development

Think Taipei is all about Taipei 101 and Shilin Night Market? Not really. Addiction Aquatic Development is the place to visit when in Taipei.

Addiction Aquatic Development is a massive space that houses fresh seafood and aquamarine products, a large Japanese-style supermarket, and many themed restaurants and food kiosks under one roof. It is developed by Mitsui food and beverage enterprise group, who also owns several established Japanese restaurants in Taipei, including Mitsui - our favourite Japanese restaurant in the city.


Sitting near the Songshan Airport, and what used to be the old Taipei Fish Market, it is now an upscale and classy market with Addiction Aquatic Development. It stands head and shoulders above other famous seafood markets in the world such as Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market, Sydney’s Fish Market, and Perth’s Fremantle Market.


Wu Lao Guo Elixir Health Pot Taipei – The Original ‘Beauty In The Pot’?

Wu Lao Guo

Everyone knows Beauty In The Pot (in Singapore), but do you know that the concept is inspired by Taiwanese brand, Wu Lao Guo? More interestingly known as “elixir health pot”, this is one of the most popular hotpot places in Taipei, and there are three outlets across the city – every one is packed daily and reservations are most definitely required.

And you may wonder why they are so popular. That’s simply because they are more than just a hotpot restaurant. If you’ve been to Beauty In The Pot and you are familiar with the works – ingredients, soup and post-meal palate cleanser – then you must know that Wu Lao Guo was the one who created this trend.

The million dollar question – is Wu Lao Guo worth a visit when in Taipei?