10 Touristy But Interesting Taipei Attractions That You Should Visit

Taipei Attractions

The capital of Taiwan is a short flight away from Singapore and the one-way journey takes only 4 hours and 40 minutes. Taipei might not be as geographically near as its neighbours i.e. Bangkok and Hong Kong, but the Asian city’s cultural attractions are worth a special trip.

From eating fresh seafood from Addiction Aquatic Development, marvelling at award-winning National Palace Museum’s vast collection of artefacts to visiting the grand Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, here are 10 Touristy But Interesting Taipei Attractions That You Should Visit.


6 Best Fish Markets in Asia Pacific – Tsukiji Market Isn’t The Only One Around

Best Fish Markets

Seafood is a perennial favourite, and we have this thing for fish markets. It has become a norm that we would check out the fish markets whenever we travel, especially if they include dine-in options!

It may sound like an intimidating experience, but we will gladly allow the freshness and variety to win us over. Fortunately, Asia Pacific is home to several large-scale fish markets. From Taipei’s Addiction Aquatic Development Seafood Market, Sydney’s Fish Market to Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market, here are 6 Best Fish Markets in Asia Pacific that all seafood lovers have to make a special trip to.


Addiction Aquatic Development – Modern Fish Market In Taipei With 10 Different Concepts

Addiction Aquatic Development

Think Taipei is all about Taipei 101 and Shilin Night Market? Not really. Addiction Aquatic Development is the place to visit when in Taipei.

Addiction Aquatic Development is a massive space that houses fresh seafood and aquamarine products, a large Japanese-style supermarket, and many themed restaurants and food kiosks under one roof. It is developed by Mitsui food and beverage enterprise group, who also owns several established Japanese restaurants in Taipei, including Mitsui - our favourite Japanese restaurant in the city.


Sitting near the Songshan Airport, and what used to be the old Taipei Fish Market, it is now an upscale and classy market with Addiction Aquatic Development. It stands head and shoulders above other famous seafood markets in the world such as Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market, Sydney’s Fish Market, and Perth’s Fremantle Market.