Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant – Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner & Takeaways

Wan Hao Chinese New Year

You should be familiar with Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel if you like elevated classic Chinese dishes. It is a family favourite, and this Chinese New Year will be brought to greater heights with their new Executive Chinese Chef, Brian Wong in house to helm the prestigious restaurant.

Well-known for his impeccable culinary skills and passion for exquisite culinary creations, Chef Brian has had many culinary awards to his name at the young age of 32. His experience from working in many notable establishments will be yet another reason to visit Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant.

For the upcoming lunar celebrations, Chef Brian has created five delectable Prosperity Menus, including one vegetarian menu for guests of Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Using only luxurious and quality ingredients that can be enjoyed by the whole family, here is what you can expect for all your important lunar dinners from now till 22 February 2016.

For those who are having your reunion dinner at home, there is an early bird special of 25% off if you order Wan Hao’s Nourishing Deluxe Pen Cai with Pig Trotter (Takeaway) before 01 Feb 2016.

Wan Hao

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant has a traditional yet sleek facade.

With various communal dining areas, private rooms are also available for booking and are recommended for bigger crowds, especially during Chinese New Year when precious time should be spent with your loved ones, and the wonderful spread of food should be enjoyed within the plush interiors of a private dining room.

Wan Hao Lobster Yu Sheng

Of course, every Chinese restaurant would have their idea(s) of Yu Sheng. Wan Hao is keeping theirs as true to the classic one as possible, but with topnotch ingredients for a more elaborate taste.

A Yu Sheng that contains more than the usual salmon, Wan Hao’s version also has salmon, scallops, tuna, lobster and even caviar to boast. It is available in the Good Luck & Abundance Set Menu, priced at S$1888++ (for a group of 10 people).

Well, it is the season of get-togethers to welcome a new year of prosperity and abundance, and we Chinese sure believe in eating well to start the year right! The set meal really gets you the best of everything. Your yusheng will be loaded with goodies, as with the other dishes of the night.

For Yu Sheng takeaways, there are basic ones to choose from – Auspicious Salmon Yu Sheng with Shredded Cod Fish (S$68 nett for small, S$136 nett for large), Prosperity Tuna Yu Sheng with Jellyfish (S$68 nett for small, S$136 nett for large), and Good Fortune Abalone Yu Sheng with Bonito Flakes (S$88 nett for small, S$176 nett for large).

Wan Hao Prosperity Pen Cai

Wan Hao’s Nourishing Deluxe Pen Cai with Pig Trotter (S$738 nett for small [6 persons], S$1388 nett for large [10 persons] is the ultimate treat for one and all in the family.

The premium price tag only means the very best 14 ingredients and a taste that is nothing less than befitting for even the most royal. Brimming with collagen, this basin of goodness features pig trotters – the centrepiece of the Pen Cai – that is extremely tender from braising.

Wan Hao 3 Head Abalone

Huge and fleshy 3-head Australian abalones also fill the basin in generous portions; now that’s real extravagance. Other ingredients in the basin includes roast duck (that was so good), large conpoy, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried oyster, black mushroom, prawn, Chinese cabbage, black moss, mustard greens, turnip and beancurd.

That was quite a mouthful, but it also shows just how full the pot is! Nothing says ‘treat yourself’ more than a pot of gold like this. It might be one of the most expensive Pen Cai around this Chinese New Year, but it sure is among the best to indulge in.

Most of us wanted to write the Glutinous Rice off as it looked like just your typical glutinous rice dish. But remember what people say about never judging a book by its cover, and never underestimating anyone (anything) before really knowing them?

This is it. Loaded with Chinese sausage, dried shrimps, mushrooms and more, this fragrant glutinous rice dish is one that will please the family. From young to old, this is a perfect inclusion for all traditional Chinese New Year dinners.

Wan Hao Stewed Sliced Abalone

Some of the other dishes to expect from the set menu are – Roast Duck Marinated in Ginseng Sauce, Sauteed Scallop with Prawn and Vegetables, Wok-Fried Prawns with Coral Clam and Stewed Sliced Abalone with Pig Trotter.

And for desserts, the classic mango pudding that is creamy and comes with mango chunks aplenty – in the cutest Koi shape that has nothing to do with any zodiacs. Just traditional, auspicious koi fishes that our folks will approve. And guess what? This is one ultra cute dessert that actually does taste better than it looks! Without being cloyingly sweet, it will be your best bet for a dessert to share.

Wan Hao Roasted Duck

That’s not all, you can also take home some of these Lunar New Year delicacies, specially made by Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Your family and friends will love the selection of Yu Sheng, Yam Cake with Chinese Sausage & Dried Shrimp, Signature Roast Duck, Koi Fish Nian Gao, and more.

Prosperity Set Menus
Prices start from:
S$98.80++ per person for groups that range from 4 to 8 people, to
S$1888++ (in total for a group of 10 people)

For pre-order of these delectable Chinese New Year takeaway treasures, you can go to singaporemarriott.com/cny, call +65 6831 4708 or email [email protected] And for dining reservations, call +65 6831 4605 or email [email protected]

Pork Rib with Mandarin Orange

Other than the highlights from the Chinese New Year menu, there are two noteworthy dishes at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant that you should know about.

The Pork Rib with Mandarin Orange is one of Chef Brian’s signatures that is available on Wan Hao’s a la carte menu. When bit into, the meat was juicy, and the sweetness of the glistening orange glaze sets in, leaving a very flavourful aftertaste.

If you have always been a fan of glazed ribs, you will fall head over heels for Chef Brian’s ingenious creation.

Wan Hao Wok-fried Beef Cube

Can all beef lovers out there join us in worshipping the Wok-Fried Beef Cubes with Black Garlic Sauce? Chef Brian set our hearts aflutter with just this one dish – which is also one of his signature creations.

The black garlic made the beef so fragrant that we could not wait to dig in. The meat was almost melt-in-your mouth and the taste was phenomenal. The taste of wok hei also upped the ante on this one. Complete with shimeji mushrooms, this dish alone is reason enough to visit Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant again and again.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
320 Orchard Road
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Singapore 238865
Mon to Fri: 12pm to 3pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Sat, Sun and PH: 11.30am – 3pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

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