13 Food Trends in Singapore in 2015 – Thick Toasts, Ice Cream Rolls, & Black Dishes

Food Trends

2015 is coming to an end, and with that, we celebrate a year of amazing food and also fresh new trends that have landed on our sunny island. Of course, trends come and go but the really good ones shall stay on.

In this piece, we explore the trends that have invaded Singapore this year. The rubrics are simple – a) Photogenic and hence, hyped up on social media, b) more than one store riding on the trend, c) so delicious and/ or innovative that it is no surprise they are labeled as a ‘trend’.

Here are 13 Food Trends in Singapore in 2015 that you probably already know about. We pay homage to some of the best food that graced our nation this year.

Cafe Insadong Sweet Potato Bingsu


What better way to curb this awful humidity than with a Korean Ice Kachang? This Korean shaved ice dessert is well-loved by many. We love how it comes in a variety of flavours, but for us, we would choose anything with injeolmi for sure!

Black Liu Sha Bao


‘Black’ is always sexy and many have caught on to this trend. With black steamed buns, black waffles and black pastas, the chefs mainly use either squid ink or charcoal to make this happen. However gimmicky it may be, we have to say that this trend most definitely got our attention and our hearts!

Cake Spade Unicorn Cake Shake


A small bakery in Canberra first started serving these insane milkshakes and now you can find them at many cafes around the world, including Singapore.

The Cake Shake includes crazy things ingredients such as macarons, slices of cakes, biscuits and more in a milkshake. However pretty they look in pictures, it is still a tiny bit ridiculous to us. Calories aside, aren’t cake shakes a little too massive that they don’t blend well?

Wimi Coconut Ice Cream


These Thai-style coconut ice cream were everywhere for awhile. Served in a half coconut shell, coconut ice cream is usually paired with other condiments such as jelly or fruits. It worked really well here because anything that can save us from the heat is marvelous. But of course, they are pretty too!

Tsukada Nojo


Collagen has been a trend for a long time. However, collagen in steamboats or hot pots have only been popular recently. With the most popular being Tsukada Nojo, the collagen is first served in a jelly form and it will slowly liquify into a collagen soup over high heat, resulting in a creamy, rich broth that is so sweet and addictive.

Matcha Lava Cake


From red velvet to matcha to all kinds of interesting flavours. We always welcome a classic molten chocolate lava cake, but these unique creations can be great too – but it all depends on how good the pastry chef is.

The Famous Ice Cream Roll Shop


Ice Cream Rolls first became a thing when people started sharing cool videos of street vendors making it in countries such as Thailand. When Hari Raya season rolled up, people started setting up booths, and the queues were almost an hour of wait! Now, you can see permanent stores in a few places in Singapore selling this cool new technique of serving ice cream.



Whether juice cleanses actually work, it is subjective and varies from consumer to consumer. This year, there was a sudden influx of cold-pressed juice places in Singapore. However, juices like these can be pricey, so if you want to splurge, make sure you are truly disciplined to adhere to the programme for optimal results.

Woori Nara Korean Fried Chicken


This needs no introduction because it is basically everywhere and it is a trend that we foresee will stay a long long time. With so many restaurants specialising in this dish in Singapore, that shows just how much Singaporeans love this classic Korean dish. And, give us beer please.

Salted Egg Yolk Waffles


Well, we would not say this is a new trend but rather, an ongoing one and one that is so strong this year. Salted Egg Yolk brings life to just about any dish and truth be told, we can never get sick of it. Salted Egg Yolk Chicken, Squid, Prawns… anything. We love them all!

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Dessert Project Toast


Thick toasts were first made popular on social media by Taiwanese cafe chain, Dazzling Cafe when they opened its doors here in Singapore. Now, so many cafes and dessert parlours have started to serve and further popularise it. And yes, they are very photogenic.

Shoyu Softserve


This is nothing new but 2015 has seen a spike in people going for soft-serve ice cream as more and more restauranteurs start to get creative with flavours and plating. The Korean ones are usually very well received too.



Churros aren’t new for sure, but Singaporeans have fallen head over heels in love with them this year alongside the sudden influx of churros stalls/ kiosks sprouting out in Singapore. Are you a fan of the classic ones with cinnamon sugar, or the Korean versions with lots of fillings on the inside?