Hilton Singapore Launches One Of The Most Value-For-Money Sunday Champagne Brunches

Hilton Singapore Brunch

Sunday brunch just got kicked up a notch with Hilton Singapore’s newly revamped Champagne buffet brunch special. We are telling you that this is easily among the best champagne brunches in Singapore, for the spread features only the most premium of ingredients at reasonable prices.

You bet we were awed by the array of fresh seafood, premium Australian meat cuts, gourmet European delicatessen and more. To say we were enticed by the sheer spread is an understatement. Very often, champagne brunches come with an exorbitant price tag, and for those who do not drink, paying the premium just does not make sense.

And it does not happen here at Hilton Singapore. There is an option for those who prefer to indulge in only the food at S$88++/pax, and there are two options for those who want to luxuriate further with sparkling wine, red and white wines, and champagne.

Readers of ladyironchef will be entitled to S$50 off Hilton Singapore’s Sunday brunch with a minimum of two paying adults. More details at the end of this post. Meanwhile, here are the highlights of Hilton Singapore’s Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Bloody Mary


But of course, a warm welcome first!

Alright, not really warm, but hey, we are talking about a complimentary Bloody Mary that is served table-side as a welcome drink. This pleasantly savoury drink is the perfect way to kick-start your meal here at Hilton Singapore. Think about how much a cocktail would typically cost, and you would know that you are beginning your meal with value already.

Appetisers - Hilton Brunch


Appetisers range from a fantastic Smorgasbord station to adorably plated small dishes. The latter really impressed us with the intricate plating, coupled with the use of premium ingredients.

Our picks are Alaskan Crab Meat with Mango Jelly, Tiger Prawn with Green Mango, Tuna Tartare with Avocado Mousse, Seafood Ceviche with Spicy Dressing and more. These spherical beauties sure whet our appetites with the freshness and clean tastes.

Not photographed here but another one you would enjoy is the gazpacho. We love our soups hot, but for gazpachos, anything goes. That refreshing, chilled tomato soup by Hilton Singapore tastes so close to the ones we’ve had in Spain.

The Smorgasbord section here is a little different – in a very good way, of course. The charcuterie will be thinly-sliced for you at the station itself, with care and precision. The meats that are included in this section range from imported whole leg of Iberico ham to Saucisson sec cured meat.


A good range of olives and pates are also available to complement the cured meats. We don’t know about you, but olives always get us all excited. There are pitted and stuffed ones here, and the chefs will gladly explain their region and preservation methods.

Seafood - Hilton Brunch


Now, we have arrived at the truly good part and everyone’s favourite – seafood! What’s not to love about fresh premium seafood, especially when you can have them free flow? Get ready, because the spread will make your eyes pop!

Fresh Oysters - Hilton Brunch

Think freshly shucked oysters (3 varieties), fleshy Maine lobsters, yabbies (a type of crayfish), half-shell scallops and more.

Can we just say how much we love the oysters in particular? Most brunches or buffet spreads only serve one type of oysters, but Hilton Singapore will offer you three – the ever popular Fine de Claire, succulent Irish oysters and Pacific Oysters.

The seafood is also served alongside fresh sashimi and a sushi selection.

Scotch Eggs


One of the reasons why we were immensely impressed by the selections here at Hilton Singapore is the a la minute selection.

The residential dish is Scotch Egg with Truffle Hollandaise Sauce. Scotch Eggs are extremely hard make, even more so to perfect it. Here at the champagne brunch, have it unlimited – all you want. The perfect runny yolk is encased in tasty and well-seasoned meat, then drizzled with fragrant black truffle hollandaise sauce.

Another a la minute dish that is also included in the brunch line-up is the egg cocotte. So hearty, so warm and the addition of savoury meats made the dish a lot more dimensional.

Well, foie gras lovers would be elated to know that pan-seared foie gras is also part of the a la minute selection – unlimited. Hilton Singapore’s version is served with an apple and passion fruit compote, and the sweet-and-sour mixture cuts through the creaminess of the piece of liver so beautifully.

Cooked Food - Hilton Brunch


Pizzas, Asian dishes and even beef pho? They will have you covered in this section. Grab either a Seafood or Mushrooms & Anchovies pizza. And if you want something creamy and comforting, go for the Seafood Fricasse with Bisque & Parmesan. The Pan-Fried Chilean Sea Bass with Orange & Fennel Compote sounds boring, but the sweet compote brought out the freshness of the sea bass so well, you’ll love the combination.

For the Asian dishes, dim sum is a must and Hilton Singapore offers both Custard Bun and Braised Pork Ribs, alongside wok-fried dishes such as Stir-Fried Garlic Prawns with Cilantro and Kam Heong Style Crab; bursting with flavours and wok hei, this might be where your grandparents would camp at if they prefer only Asian food.

Meats - Hilton Brunch


If you love  quality meat selection, you will be glad to know that Hilton Singapore’s brunch includes popular meats such as Premium Flank Steak, Lamb Chop and even Tenderloin. All cooked on an open flame charcoal grill, to your preferred doneness with a much loved smoky flavour.


If you like your meat roasted, fret not; like we said, there is something for everybody.

Think Herb-Roasted Baby Chicken, US Prime Rib and Roasted Pork Rack. Despite being pre-cooked roasts, the meats were not dry and we enjoyed the seasoning of herbs, salt and pepper.

Cheese and Desserts - Hilton Singapore


We have never experienced a fuller cheese spread than the one here at Hilton Singapore. A selection of more than 20 cheeses are available on the cheese board, and boy were we spoilt for choice.

Any cheese lover will go gaga over this spread that includes premium selections – Parmigiano Reggano, Fromage Du Maquis, Lavort, Comte, Bleu D’Auvergene and even Persille Du Beaujolais.

Pre-Made Desserts - Hilton Brunch


Our eyes lit up and our jaws dropped. Nothing screams a good dessert spread like the one at Hilton Singapore. It is literally a dessert shrine! They have even incorporated cool molecular gastronomy techniques into a blueberry meringue dessert that tasted nothing short of amazing.

Cakes are in abundance too – Chocolate Passion, Ivory Coffee, Cassis Caramel, Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet Mascarpone; quite basically a cake for any preference.

Individually-plated desserts include crème brûlée, Orange Chocolate Hazelnut, Red Wine Poached Pear with Chantilly and our favourite one – a glass cup of Sake, Cassis and Butter Sponge that had all the right flavours and textures.

Champagne Brunch


Well, of course, drink to your heart’s content if you get the champagne option. Prep yourselves; you will be treated to free flow of house pours, sparkling wine and beers. That’s some massive weekend there, huh?

S$88++ – brunch buffet only.
S$108++ – brunch buffet and free-flow sparkling wine, selected white and red wines and beer.
S$138++ – brunch buffet and free-flow of Louis Roederer champagne, selected white and red wines and beer.
S$39++ – child below 12 years old (toddlers below 4 years of age dine for free)

Readers of Ladyironchef will be entitled to S$50 OFF Hilton Singapore’s Sunday Brunch

- Quote “LIC50” to redeem S$50 Off with a minimum of 2 full paying adults
– One redemption per table
– Valid only on 22, 29 Nov and 6, 13 Dec 2015
– Cannot be combined with other offers/ discount benefits
– 1-day prior reservation required (to mention promo code upon reservation to enjoy offer).
Reservation Tel: +65 6730 3390, or email sinhi_F&[email protected]

– Subject to availability

Hilton Singapore Sunday Champagne Brunch is available at Opus, lobby level, from noon until 3pm.

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