Singapore Food Festival 2015 – Share Your Family’s Signature Dish And Win Weekly Prizes

SFF 2015

This year’s Singapore Food Festival (SFF) focuses primarily on local food and chefs, circling around the theme of ‘A Fresh Taste of Tradition’. From 17 July to 2 August 2015, indulge in the festivities of Singapore Food Festival with various locations around Singapore, featuring modern takes on nostalgic local food by some of Singapore’s top chefs.

Do you miss the dishes your grandma or your parents used to cook when you were younger (or still do now)? As our society progresses, more and more people have taken the initiative of putting their own spin on these classic dishes to produce some of the best modern-traditional Singaporean fare.

Homemade Popoiah

In lieu of Singapore Food Festival 2015′s theme – ‘A Fresh Taste of Tradition’, share your Family’s signature dish and stand a chance to win weekly prizes including exclusive event passes to SFF 2015 and F&B dining Vouchers!

Be it using your family’s special recipe passed down for generations or one that you have experimented with yourself, if you think that your dish tastes fantastic, share it with all of us!

Laksa Lemak

To celebrate Singapore’s tradition and all of the unique flavours we call our own, start a conversation flowing with Singaporeans who share the same passion in food as much as you do by starting with any of of the following:

  1. Blog about it. You can choose to share photos, recipes and a little back story on the inception of your dish and what it means to you. If you want to keep your family’s ‘secret’ recipe to yourself, you need not share the recipes, just talk about the dish itself and maybe a little history of how it came about.
  2. Social media. Take a beautiful photo of your dish and Facebook or Instagram it! Share it with your social circles and a conversation is bound to start. Your friends may ask you to share with them the recipe or even offer their own. It is always refreshing and eye-opening to hear about others’ very own dishes, unique to their own family.

SFF Signature Dish

From here on out, you can encourage these friends, family or acquaintances of yours to share these dishes on (, where they stand a chance of winning exclusive event passes to Singapore Food Festival 2015 and F&B dining Vouchers. It is that simple!

For social media posts, use hashtags - #SFF2015, #myfamilyssignaturedish, and #YourSingaporeFood so others can find your photos easily using these to navigate. Also remember to mention that this initiative is part of Singapore Food Festival 2015.

Sweet Sour Pork

Here is an example of how you can share your dishes.

For us, our family’s signature dish is Go Lo Yuk (Sweet & Sour Pork in dialect). Sweet & Sour Pork is a classic dish and has it’s own interpretations around the world. However, we do love the local version of dish this and especially the one cooked by our mother or grandmother.

This dish is a mainstay at dinner where mom would whip this up from scratch, using ingredients acquired from the wet market in the neighbourhood. She would sometimes add a little more spice to it to even out the sweetness of the pork.

Every family has their own special take on this dish, some would add a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumber and pineapple and some would omit these completely. If your family has a unique version of this classic local dish, remember to share it using the steps stated above. Good luck!

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