Australian Dairy Company: To-die-for Scrambled Eggs and Steamed Milk

Australian Dairy Co

Talk about Hong Kong-style breakfast and everyone thinks of Australian Dairy Company. Their heavenly scrambled eggs are to die for, and so are their steamed milk.

No lack of cha chaan teng options when you are in Hong Kong, and whichever street you are on, however you turn, there will definitely be a joint or two for you to grab a quick meal at. But why is Australian Dairy Company so popular, you may ask?

To be most honest, the menu is nothing special. There is nothing fanciful about the decor too – if even any to speak of – and it looks like just any other cha chaan teng. But the much-lauded scrambled eggs and steamed milk lived up to the hype.

Australian Dairy Co

Its all-day sets are the crowd’s favourite, even among locals. There are several configurations, but they mainly revolve around their signature eggs, toasts and macaroni. Ordering can be quite a challenge if you do not speak Cantonese and if Chinese characters baffle you as much as algebra do.

We will help you make up your minds – tell the server in English that you want scrambled eggs and toast – most of them can understand but refuse to speak English. The macaroni is also a wonderful choice. A soupy dish that comes with heaps of Chinese ham is just about the most satisfying thing for breakfast.

And we mentioned their steamed milk, yes? You have to try that pudding. It is sweet, and it is smooth. At HK$25 a bowl, it is not the cheapest one in town, but we dare say it is the best. Most steamed milk reek of a sour milkiness, and we wouldn’t last past two mouthfuls. Try Australian Dairy Company’s version, and you might just be surprised how addictive it can be!

Australian Dairy Co HK

Lastly, and most importantly, amidst all the good that we have to say about Australian Dairy Company, be prepared for an intimidating experience. The staff are one of the nastiest we’ve ever come across in Hong Kong.

They are impatient, they are fierce, they are unhelpful and they are very rude. It sounds ridiculous, but they’d make you feel unwelcome. It seems that your existence bothers them so much that they can’t wait for you to get out of the eatery, but it’s normal.

Australian Dairy Co Jordan

Australian Dairy Company is not a place to linger, so to avoid the awkwardness of being chased out by them, call for the bill when you are about to be done. Such is the DNA of the staff, so just heck that, sit back, and enjoy your scrambled eggs and steamed milk.

Australian Dairy Company
47 Parkes Street, Hong Kong
Daily (except Thu): 7.30am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Jordan

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