Resorts World Genting Food Tour

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Blogging has given me the chance to try many new things – from travelling to different cities, to meeting many amazing people. Albeit one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance is to bring people on a food tour.

When I was in Resorts World Genting in April, I discussed it with the folks in charge. They were quite excited about the idea of bringing my readers to try the best restaurants in Genting, but it was only when they confirmed the news a month ago – then it struck me that the food tour was finally happening.

Last month, I brought a group of 33 people to Genting for the food tour and I am happy to report that it was a very fruitful trip. Genting, to me, is my second home, and I was really excited to show everyone around. Read more to find out what we did!

Also, we might be doing a second food marathon to Genting in September. For those of you who are keen to join me, please leave a comment (using a valid email address) at the end of the post so that I can contact you when we have more details.

3D2N Genting Food Tour, here we go!

After arriving in Genting, we had a few hours to spare before our dinner at Genting Palace. Some of us took a quick nap in the room, while others decided to explore the area near First World Hotel, where we were staying.

Genting Palace

When it was time for dinner, it was my first test for being a tour guide. To sum it up: it was not an easy task. One of the challenges was to make sure that everyone was present (and on time). Not to mention that I had to remember so many new names and faces. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it became easier along the way.

Genting Palace Dinner

Our first “official” meal was at Genting Palace (2nd Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel Tel: +603 6101 1118) – one of my favourite restaurants in Genting. The chef prepared a scrumptious eight-course dinner, which began with a special four variety Jiang Nan platter and ended with a toothsome mango mochi. In between came double-boiled chicken soup with ginseng, crispy village chicken, steamed red snapper, and pan-fried prawns braised baby abalone.

Resort Cafe

The next day, we went to Resort Hotel for breakfast. The best thing about eating here is having the luxury of savouring two distinctly different cuisines under one roof – you can have the international feast at Resort Cafe where they serve a wide selection of cold and hot dishes; and at Kampong Cafe, there is a good mix of muslim and Indian food. One thing you cannot miss though, is the signature teh tarik.


Even though this was a food tour, it was impossible to eat nonstop for the whole day, so after a heavy brunch at Resort Cafe – where we had international brunch buffet – it was time for us to play! Some of the folks spent a day at the magical theme park, while the rest went to visit the strawberry farm near the lower skyway.

Strawberry Farm

I am sure many of you are familiar with the strawberry farm since I have blogged about it during my previous visit.

Lavender farm

But do you know that they have recently opened a new lavender garden just beside the strawberry farm?

Lavender garden

Lavender farm photo

Strawberry chicken wings

To be surrounded by lush greenery, the accessibility of fresh berries and the scent of aromatic lavender lingering in the air is enough reason for you to make a day trip down to this beautiful garden. Everyone had so much fun taking photos, and of course, you must try the chicken wings coated in strawberry sauce when you are there.

Group photo

Coffee Terrace

After an adventurous day, we had international buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace (Lobby Flour Maxims Genting Tel: +603 6101 1118 Ext. 58267). During the previous trip, we were there for breakfast, so I was looking forward to sampling the sumptuous spread for dinner.

Coffee Terrace is one of my favourite to-go places whenever I am in Genting. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they have a huge variety of food. Trust me, you would be spoilt for choices – char kway teow, dim sum, roasted meat, sushi, sashimi, and desserts. YUM!


Arena of stars

Catching Fang Da Tong’s concert was another highlight of our trip. Everyone was really excited to head to the Arena of Stars to listen to Khalil Fong.

This was my first time to the Arena of Stars and I am really impressed; it is an amazing venue for world-class concerts. Before this, I’ve always wondered how it looked like inside, and when I stepped into the arena, I was blown away by the atmosphere.

Besides Khalil Fong, big names like Fish Leong and The Twins also held their concerts here earlier in the year. And if you are a fan of Jam Hsiao, you must catch his ‘World Tour 2012 Live Concert’ at Arena of Stars on 1st Sep 2012. I heard that the tickets are selling fast, so make sure you apply for leave and spend a weekend with Jam Hsiao.

Fong Da Tong

Khalil Fong

Throughout the three hours concert, Khalil belted out many popular songs. And that’s not all. The kind folks at Genting even arranged for us to meet up with him backstage after the concert!

Genting Palace Dim Sum

For our last meal, we went back to my favourite Genting Palace to sample their dim sum offerings.

Siew mai

Genting Palace serves dim sum during lunch from Monday to Saturday. And on Sunday, they start dim sum service during breakfast.

Custard Bun

Their custard buns here are to-die-for, you must try it when you are there for dim sum.

Egg tart

The chef’s signature baked mini egg tarts are also excellent. Even though I was full, I still managed to eat a few of them.

Besides dim sum, we also had the chance to sample RWG’s mooncakes. This year, the chefs have added four new creations that put a twist on the traditional mooncake – Snow Skin with Kiwi Fruit Paste, White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame Yolk, Sweet Corn Paste with Chestnut and White Lotus Paste with Ginseng Red Dates. For those of you who prefer the traditional mooncakes, RWG also offers the usual favourites such as Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Red Bean Paste.

Be sure to get them when you are in Genting. The mooncakes are available from 15 July until 30 September 2012 at the kiosks at the following locations: Genting Palace, Maxims Genting Hotel, Lao Di Fang Entrance, Maxims Genting Hotel, Good Friends Restaurant, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel Lobby, Hainan Express, Theme Park Hotel, Hainan Kitchen, First World Hotel, Coach Café, First World Bus Terminal, and One Hub Wisma Genting.

Dim sum

Group photos

The 3D2N Genting food tour went really well, and I hope that everyone had a good time. Other than theme park and casino, Genting has a lot more to offer; I definitely recommend it if you are planning for a weekend getaway. If you have never been there before, you must make a trip soon.

Do visit Resorts World Genting’s website for more information, and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. See you in Genting!