Guide to Resorts World Genting + 3D2N Giveaway

Guide to Genting

Updated: The 3D2N Genting giveaway has closed. The winner is comment #172, congrats Penny! I will be sending you an email in a bit.

I had the chance to visit Resorts World Genting – the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia – and it was an eye opening experience as I learned many new things about Genting that I never knew before.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip because I went with Beatrice and Selene, who are great travelling companions. But most importantly, I felt like I was visiting my second home – Genting would always hold a special place in my heart because my family goes there every year for a getaway.

I remember the first time I was in Genting, and how everything felt so magical; the first time that I fell down because I was too excited at the outdoor theme park; the first time I took the cable car up to the mountain resort; the first ice cream that I ate in the cool weather – all the first time experiences that I had in Genting.

For many people, Genting is about the exciting rides at the magical outdoor theme park; the cold and nice weather; and the gaming and entertainment in the casino. It was the same for me, until I spent a weekend there with the girls. We discovered that Genting has a lot more to offer. So here’s my Guide on Things to do in Genting Highlands.

We are also giving away a 3D2N stay at Maxims Genting, details are at the end of the post. Good luck you guys!

Before you read the rest of my post, here’s a video trailer that Beatrice did for our adventure in Genting.

Genting, here we come!

Imperial Rama

We were starving after a five hours journey on the luxurious Transtar First Class Coach, and our first stop in Genting was Imperial Rama Restaurant (Level 2 Highlands Hotel, Tel: +603 6101 1118). For those who always go to Genting, I’m sure you are familiar with Imperial Rama Restaurant – one of the fine dining restaurants in Genting that specialises in authentic Thai-Chinese cuisine.

Mushroom with truffle oil

The chef arranged a 8 course meal for us and we had Mushroom with Truffle Oil and Vegtable Salad; Thai Crispy Fish Paste Cracker; Shark’s Fin Bone Soup; Steamed Marble Goby Fish; Wasabi and Salted Egg Yolk Prawns; Abalone with Black Truffle; Green Curry Chicken Served with Fried Rice; and Durian Tempura with Soursop.

Beatrice went crazy when the Mushroom Salad with Truffle Oil arrived (she’s a fan of anything-truffle), while Selene thoroughly enjoyed her Durian Tempura. With yummy food and good company, our Genting adventure was off to a great start!

Highlands Hotel

After a scrumptious lunch, we went on a tour of the Maxims Hotel. Our host showed us all the different rooms in Maxims Genting, and guess what? We went to the Penthouse too!


“Wow! Thank you Genting for letting us stay in the Penthouse!” I said when we entered the apartment, which has five rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, gym, and a huge living room. Unfortunately, that trick didn’t work. But it wasn’t too bad as we got a very nice room for our 3D2N stay.


At the helipad where we got a bird’s eye view of the entire Genting.

Maxims Suite

The good people at Genting upgraded us to a suite and all we wanted to do was to stay in the hotel and enjoy all the facilities.

Photo in room

Genting Suite

We stayed in the room until dinner. Beatrice and I were “working” on our blogs, while Selene was checking orders from her online shop Klarra.

Fine dining attire

After finishing our social media duties, it took us quite a while to prepare as we were going for a fine dining dinner at The Olive. Here’s a picture of Beatrice and Selene all dressed up! Heh.

Olive Restaurant

The Olive – Genting’s fine dining Western restaurant – is definitely the place to go if you want a romantic dinner with your date. I was really looking forward to it because QiuQiu told me that she had a fantastic dinner there when she visited Genting last year.

Olive Restaurant Genting

Genting Olive Restaurant

On the menu, there’s a good selection of starters, main courses, and some delicious desserts to choose from. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to make the tough decision as our host ordered the signature items. Among the dishes that we tried at The Olive (Lobby Flour, Maxims Genting Tel: +603 6101 1118 Ext 59668), the highlights were the Mushroom Salad with Truffle, Steak, and Rack of Lamb.

Whisky Tasting

When we were at The Olive for dinner, there was a special Whisky tasting event at the restaurant’s lounge. We were lucky to be there at the right time as we got a quick lesson on scotch by the Whisky Sommelier who flew in from Scotland. Genting organises a lot of such events, so there’s always something for you to do when you are up at the mountain resort.

Freeze Genting

Life is good when you get to see a show after a nice dinner. We had tickets to FREEZE – a magic show on ice at Genting International Showroom. What a spectacular show!

Freeze Ice Skating

I’ll be honest. Initially I wasn’t keen to go for FREEZE as I thought it was just another boring show. Boy, was I wrong. I had a good time, and it was really awe-inspiring to see talented performers working hard for their trade.

Genting has always been known as a stage that hosts world-class shows and international artistes all year round. So make sure you catch one of the shows when you are there!

Coffee Terrace Buffet

Even though I was really tired, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about having breakfast at Coffee Terrace the next morning.

Coffee Terrace (Lobby Flour Maxims Genting Tel: +603 6101 1118 Ext. 58267) is my favourite breakfast spot in Genting. Their breakfast buffet is really awesome, and it’s only RM 36++! All you can eat for only less than SGD$20? Oh my god, how can anyone miss this?

During lunch and dinner dinner, they have six different concept kitchen serving Local, Baba Nyonya, Chinese, Western, Japanese, and Western Cuisines.

Awana Resorts

We were up early for the buffet breakfast not because I am a glutton, but because we were heading to Awana Genting for an adventure.

Located at mid-hill, Awana Genting is a premier 4-star golf resort surrounded by greenery. However, we were not there to play golf; our host from Genting had arranged for us to go hiking in the mountains. Yes, you read that right – hiking. Like most of you, I was surprised to know that you can actually go hiking at Genting.

Long House

While on the way to the start of the hiking trail, we passed by a long house and we were told that a lot of companies organise their retreats here.

Adventure Challenges

There are lots of activities that are great for team building. So if your company is looking for a place to go for a retreat, do consider Awana Genting.

Natural Trail

Halfway through the 1.8km hiking-trail, the girls were so terrified by the leeches that we had to turn back. It was really amusing because they were screaming non-stop while asking me to remove the leeches from their shoes.

After going back to Awana hotel, then I realised that there were two nasty leeches hiding inside my boots for a good twenty minutes. Ouch!

While the girls didn’t really enjoy it, I thought it was quite an experience. I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to go on a hike in Genting. As long as you are wearing the right gear, the hike should be a piece of cake.

Note: There is a shutter bus at half an hour interval from Genting to Awana (the journey is 20 minutes). Alternatively, you can get a cab for around RM20-30. For more information, do approach your hotel’s reception.

Strawberry Farm

After the hike, we proceeded to Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm (No.1, Lot 3707, Jalan Jati 2, Bandar Gohtong Jaya, Tel: 603-6100 1121).

Genting Strawberry Farm

Picking Strawberries

In Singapore, we only get to buy strawberries from the supermarket. But at Genting Strawberry Farm, you get to pick fresh strawberries!

Strawberry snacks

And we also had strawberry juice, mushroom tempura, strawberry ice cream, and fried chicken coated with strawberry sauce.


We headed back to our hotel to change, before going for a therapeutic massage at M Spa & Fitness (Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel, Tel :603 – 6105 2692).

I did a 90-minute Balinese massage and I felt so good after that. It probably explains why I ate so much during the dinner at Genting Palace.

Camwhoring in gym

Genting Palace Restaurant

During this trip, we ate our way around Genting, and my favourite meal was at Genting Palace. From the outside, Genting Palace (2nd Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel Tel: +603 6101 1118) doesn’t look like much. Before the meal, I was even telling Beatrice that we shouldn’t expect too much. I had to take back my words after having a fabulous dinner.

Genting Palace Maxims

We had a variation of starters; a bowl of Double-boiled Chicken & Ginseng Soup; Crispy Scallop & Banana with Peak Nest; Braised Spare Ribs with Red Vinasse Sauce; Stewed Fresh Water Prawn with Glass Noodle; Steamed Cod Fish Fillet; and Durian Mochi.

Cod Fish

Everything was good, but the best dish was the Steamed Cod Fish Fillet. It was easily one of the best Cod I’ve ever had.

Besides the signature Cantonese dishes, Genting Palace also serves a good selection of vegetarian dishes, and they are popular for their dim sum offerings. If you are in Genting, you must go to Genting Palace and say hi to the chef for me.

Shopping at First World

By the time we got to First World after dinner, most of the shops were closed, so we didn’t get to shop around. You guys should definitely go shopping when you are at First World! Like they say, shopping is cheaper than a psychologist. Since you are already on a holiday, I reckon some retail therapy won’t hurt.

Before the trip, the girls were telling me that they wanted to catch a movie at the First World Theatre; we had a tight schedule so we also didn’t manage to watch a movie.

Anyway, we went to The Patio Bar & Lounge at First World for drinks. It had a terrific atmosphere with the live band belting out pop favourites. We had a CRAZY NIGHT there. It was so, so fun! What happens in Genting stays in Genting.

Bakery Cafe

Sadly, our adventure was coming to an end. But it wasn’t that bad as we had a good breakfast at The Bakery (Lobby level Maxims Genting) before leaving.

We had the pleasure of meeting the executive pastry chef of Resorts World Genting. It was fascinating to hear about his experience of working in Genting, and how his team actually works round the clock to ensure that all the guests get to eat freshly baked bread, pastries and cakes.



After tasting some of the signature bread, we had a table full of desserts. Cakes for breakfast, what’s there not to like?

London in Genting

That’s all for now folks! Hopefully I can do a more detailed guide on restaurants in Resorts World Genting, and the rides in the theme park during my next visit.

Do visit Resorts World Genting’s website for more information, and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. See you in Genting!


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