da Mario Pizzeria Ristorante

Marinara pizza

Words by Alexa Michelle, photos by ladyironchef

Living in Singapore made me realize that Italian cuisine is one of the cuisines most of us are adapted to eating here. When asked what kind of cuisine I was craving for, apart from Japanese food being my most favourite, the other next thing that came to my mind was Italian food.

Located at The Quayside, Robertson Quay, da Mario Pizzeria was the Italian restaurant we were up for that night. The dining space was of a cosy ambience, alfresco style, recommended for group dining up till 4 pax.

The menu is mainly divided into categories like pizza ($17-20), pasta ($18-30), and dessert ($5-10). The mid-range Italian restaurant is definitely a place that I can see myself returning over and over again.

The tip to ordering (if you’re not on a date) is to select a few dishes for sharing. We ordered 2 pastas – the Cappellini Regina and Fettucine al Salmone, and one Marinara pizza.

Cappelini Regina

The Cappelini Regina ($24) is made up of angel hair pasta with crabmeat, artichoke, button mushroom and is accompanied with extra virgin olive oil in white wine sauce. I would highly recommend this pasta for all angel hair lovers as the sweetness of the crabmeat mixed in olive oil came out really strong.

Fettucine Al Salmone

The Fettucine Al Salmone ($20) comes in tomato cream sauce and smoked salmon. The tomato cream sauce and the taste of smoked salmon balanced out on the overall dish, making the pasta really creamy and smoky tasting. For the cream pasta lovers, this would be a choice on the menu to try.

As for the Marinara pizza ($20) it came in 8 slices, a good serving for about 2-3 persons. The Marinara is a seafood pizza that comes with tomato-based sauce, squids, prawns and scallops. On my first bite, the tomato sauce gave the pizza a unique sour taste along with the mixture of seafood to chew on. After which, it will leave you wanting another slice of the pizza. By the end of the meal, I was pretty stuffed but contented.

da Mario Pizzeria at Robertson Quay is definitely a place good for a small group dinner out, with the menu reasonably priced considering the standards of its food.

da Mario Pizzeria Ristorante
60 Robertson Quay
#01-05/06 The Quayside
Tel: +65 6235 7623
Tue to Sun: 12noon – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm

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