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Republic of Steak Singapore

The best thing about having a food blog is knowing the food bloggers from the other countries. I’m always very happy whenever my overseas friends come to Singapore as it gives me the opportunity to play host and bring them around to try the best food in Singapore.

Republic of Steak is a steakhouse restaurant that serves cheap and good Western Food in Singapore. Although I have heard about it from some friends before, I didn’t manage to check it out, and it was a coincidence that we went there for dinner.

When I was in Kuala Lumpur back in November, alilfatmonkey brought me to some amazing places, so when he was in town last week, I was determined to feed him well. But he was on a tight schedule and it was a very last minute thing, so I didn’t manage to plan much. When we were heading to Standing Sushi Bar/Food For Thought at Singapore Art Museum (8Q SAM), we passed by Republic of Steak at Victoria Street and the lure of burger was too much for us to resist.

Craving 1, Common Sense 0.

Given the name Republic of Steak, it feels wrong to order anything-other-than-steak. But I was adamant to satisfy my craving for a good and juicy burger. Seeing that this was only our first stop for the night, we decided to share a Republic Burger, and it was a wise choice (see picture above) because the burger is a monster!!

When the waitress brought the burger to our table, our first reaction was: “you gotta be kidding me!”. The republic Burger is HUGE. For $12.90 nett, the set comes with a drink and one side (choose from coleslaw, broccoli, salad, baked potatoes, mashed potato, fries, potato salad, onion rings, buttered rice).

The size of the deep-fried onion floss probably made a difference to the overall image of the burger, but still, it was a 200gm beef patty topped with streaky bacon, melty cheese, crunchy lettuce and fresh tomato.

How do you eat the damn burger?

First, compressed the burger by pushing everything together. Second, make sure the napkins are ready on hand, this is going to be a messy affair. Third, use both hands to grab the burger, and try to have a bite of everything in one mouthful. If you fail, use knife and fork as a last resort, but warning: it won’t be as fun, or taste as good that way.

Republic of Steak is a pretty decent place with cheap and good western food, I will definitely go back to try the Angus steak ($19.90) and some of the other main courses like Norwegian King Salmon ($13.90), Pork Ribs ($18.90) and Breaded Chicken ($6.90).

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Republic of Steak
89 Victoria Street #01-01
Victoria Hotel Singapore
Tel: +65 6720 8103

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