Romankan Yokohama Katsu Ngee Ann City Singapore

Romankan Yokohama Tonkatsu

Everything starts with a craving.

The story goes something like this: I woke up one day, and found myself craving for tonkatsu, or more specifically, Katsu Sandwich. I was suddenly reminded about Romankan Yokohama, this Japanese eatery in the basement of Ngee Ann City.

Even though there’s always Tampopo Japanese restaurant, Tonkichi Katsu, Tetsu Japanese restaurant, or even Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin in Orchard, I was trying to look for an alternative to the best tonkatsu in Singapore. Well, I don’t want to get too comfortable and always go back to the same few places to satisfy my katsu lust. What happens if all of them closed down one day? I need a backup plan, a new Japanese restaurant that can give me the same good old katsu.

Best Katsu Singapore

For a rather isolated place, Romankan Yokohama seemed to be doing fairly well. I wanted to order their Katsu Sandwich. But after taking a glance at the few katsu sandwiches (they looked unappealing: thin & dry) which were made in advance, I decided to go for the Rosu Katsu ($13) instead.

Sadly, I wasn’t impressed with the tonkatsu too. Outside, it was fried all right, with a shattering crunch when I took a bite. But inside, it was slightly dry, and wasn’t juicy enough. But I guess we shouldn’t complain, since the prices of tonkatsu at places like Tampopo or Tonkichi would easily be $20 (before taxes).

Romankan Yokohama Takashimaya Singapore

If you are coming from the direction of the Takashimaya Food Hall, go all the way in until you see Fisherios Fish N Chips – Romankan Yokohama is hidden right at the corner. The katsu isn’t spectacular, but the prices are definitely much more affordable. It is also a rather nice place for a quiet dinner at Ngee Ann City.

Are there any regulars of Romankan Yokohama here? What do you usually order when you are there for dinner?

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Romankan Yokohama Katsu
391 Orchard Road #B2-04
Ngee Ann City Singapore
Tel: +65 6738 2505