Champagne Dim Sum Brunch Buffet at Cherry Garden

Champagne Brunch Cherry Garden Singapore

Champagne Dim Sum Brunch buffet at Cherry Garden

After I took sip(s) of champagne, someone stared at me for giggling, but ten seconds later, she did the same thing. Champagne does funny things to people, and you know what? Weekends are meant for Champagne Brunch!

I never liked the idea of Dim Sum Buffet. Before my virgin attempt at Cherry Garden’s Champagne Dim Sum Brunch, that is. It seemed ridiculous to me that I’d have to fork out 50 bucks just to gorge myself silly, when I could have treated myself better by going ala carte style and probably pay a lot lesser.

But I know better now. Weekend brunch is indeed different from the usual Dim Sum Lunch. On our regular sessions, the practice is to savour a few baskets of our preferred dim sum over a pot of good tea. But everyone should deserve something special for a weekend brunch.

The brilliant minds behind Cherry Garden created a whole new sensation by introducing the pairing of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut champagne with dim sum! The idea of sipping champagne together with the partake of dim sum may come across as peculiar. But hey! Think about it this way – Everyone loves dim sum, and nobody will refuse champagne. Won’t having them together make an extraordinary Weekend Buffet Brunch? Sounds like a splendid way to go, yes?

You can have any excuses for drinking champagne. Allow me to toast a glass in your honor, allow me to toast another glass because it’s the weekend!

Dim Sum Cherry Garden Singapore

… And Oh my juicy Xiao Long Bao, steamed har gau, and steamed dumplings!

With over 50 dim sum items on their menu, Cherry Garden takes pride in presenting their buffet in an orderly fashion for optimized dining pleasure. The items are dished out in individual portions with every allowance for slow appreciation and indulgence in each delicate piece of dim sum. Coupled with free flow of champagne, what better way to spend a lazy afternoon than enjoying the goodness of Cherry Garden’s Champagne Dim Sum Brunch Buffet with your loved ones?

Feel free to make your second, and third orders of the same items that you enjoyed. Technically speaking, this is an all you can eat buffet since there’s endless flow of dim sum. But you probably want to go easy on the dim sum since there’s other main courses to choose from too!

Cherry Garden Roast Meat

It was a shame that the famous Cherry Garden’s roasted pork wasn’t available on the Champagne brunch dim sum buffet menu. Luckily, there’s the Honey-glazed Kurobuta pork char siew, which was a very competent replacement for the roasted pork. It was sweet, and tender, and extremely juicy. Yum! The braised soya chicken was not too bad, but it was largely overshadowed by the fantastic kurobuta pork char siew.

Roasted Pork Ribs

We also had the Roasted pork ribs in spicy Sichuan sauce from the Poultry section of the Buffet Brunch menu. The portion of the Wok-fried Kurobuta pork was pretty substantial, but it was slightly over-done and had this rubbery taste.

Cherry Garden Chinese Soup

Other than the dim sum items, the Champagne Dim Sum Brunch Buffet at Cherry Garden also offers Sour & Appetizers. Their soups include: Hong Kong style minced pork and shrimp dumpling soup (very delicious), Double-boiled fish broth (light, and refreshing), Imperial hot and sour seafood soup, and the Double-boiled trio mushroom soup.

We didn’t order all of the appetizers as we really had too much food. But some of the signature ones that we had: Crispy eggplant tossed with chicken floss and Braised beef fillet with five spices & Sea Salt.

For completeness sake, they also have a Congee/Rice/Noodle section: Shredded pork and century egg congee, Kurobuta pork char siew egg fried rice and Braised Ee-fu noodles. But no one in their right mind would want to order them. Skip the carbs, and save the stomach for the other good food!

Cherry Garden Wasabi Prawn

The Crisp Wasabi-aioli prawn with fresh mango and fish roe was excellent. The prawns were fresh and crunchy, while the mango and wasabi sauce added to the intensity of the flavor — it was so difficult to stop eating them!

Steamed Scallop with Silken Tofu

The Beauty Blogger enjoyed the Steamed scallop with silken tofu in black bean sauce, which was surprisingly meaty. We didn’t order the Crisp-fried shredded squid and Steamed patin fish from the Seafood menu, so be sure to check them out if you are there for the buffet brunch!

Cherry Garden Deep Fried Potato Dumpling

The Deep-fried potato dumplings are available on their normal ala carte menu. Stuffed with cheese crab meat and onions, the potato dumplings were crispy outside, and mushy inside. You like the combination of fried food and cheese? You’d like the Deep fried potato dumplings.

Steamed Radish Cake

The Steamed radish cake is among the 20 items on the dim sum buffet menu.

Cherry Garden Singapore

Joy has many interpretations and comes in all aspects. To some, it may mean a hearty bowl of Cereal with Milk or a sinful slice of Chocolate Cake. To others, it can be having a drink after a long day of work. But to me, Joy is having a leisure champagne dim sum brunch. 

If you don’t drink champagne, or find that the $118++ Champagne Brunch is too pricey, you may choose the normal Dim Sum brunch buffet at $48++ per head. Note that the dim sum brunch (without champagne) comes with endless flow of dim sum, but only one order of soup, appetizer, main course and dessert per person, which is available for two seating: from 11am to 1 pm. and from 1.30pm to 3 pm.

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