Twelve days in Sydney (Part 6): Plan B

The idea was to eat, eat, and eat, but plan b, or rather the lack of a proper plan, meant that we start at Plan B. We started off easy, but it was surely one of the best burgers that I’ve.

It took everything that I got to resist ordering another burger for myself, and missed out on all the stuff that was about to come – and so three hungry dude shared one burger.

Plan B by Becasse is famous for their wagyu beef burger, and at just ten bucks, you must try this burger! What is wagyu, anyway? When even the MacDonalds in Sydney sell Angus beef burgers, you probably think it’s not a big deal.

But the real wagyu burger, comes in the form of a thick beef patty, everything was kept simple; there’s no exotic ingredients like foie gras, nor were there redundant sauce – it was so good that you could feel the sauce gushing out! Interesting, beetroot was used, and it provided the contrast from the other burgers.

Plan B, 204 Clarance sheet, have you taken down the address?

It will be disappointing if one did not step into any pub/bar when in Australia. The folks here simply love (read: adore, head over heels, cannot do without) drinking. Be it a glass of the fine wines from the vineyard, or a pin of beer straight from the brewery, say cheers! There’s a strong drinking culture here; it’s not surprising to see people drinking during lunch time, or 3pm in the afternoon.

I was glad when Richard proposed that we make a trip to his favorite pub, Bavarian Bier Cafe for some beer to chill down the hot afternoon heat. Since I always have a sweet tooth, I went for the Mango, which had a smell consistency of the fruit. The taste however, did not have such a strong mango flavor.

No one in their right mind will pass on the chance to have German Sausages, and so we ordered a platter to share. There was a krunching sound when I bite the cracking roast pork, as with the German food that I visualize, it was hearty, tasty and definitely not enough.

Deep-fried sushi?’

Richard casually asked if we are keen to try it out, but I could sense the excitement in his seemingly-subtle-tone.

I don’t know, I’m not so sure.. about this’

And the next thing I know, we were standing in front of Kana Express kiosk. This is one place where most people wouldn’t have heard of, much less try the snacks here; an oblivious kiosk by the corner of a back alley.

The sushi was done Korean-style, and there’s other popular Korean snacks like spicy rice-cake, but our focus was on these two words: Deep-fried, & sushi.

As the guest, or so they said, I was entitled to the first bite. It was edible. I think one’s enjoyment of this sushi comes from the revelation of deep fried to the mind. On it’s own, the sushi tasted very tame, but the addition of the fiery hot chili sauce enhanced the flavor greatly.

I love summer. I really do.

Summer, is the perfect excuse for us to indulge with ice cream, and more ice cream. We dropped by Passionflower, a dessert cafe which exotic ice cream flavors. The choice of vanilla hazelnut & burnt caramel was made by me, the former was evidently the favorite, and I liked the nutty taste in the vanilla ice cream, while the latter had a strong burnt caramel taste.

Summer, is not summer, without ice cream.

I stole a glance at Krispy Kreme when we walked by the shop, and was immediately dragged in and convinced to have one (just one) of the original donut. This should be the definition of how a good donut taste like: glazed with a layer of sugar, yet not to the point of being cloyingly-sweet, there wasn’t any hint of oilyness that a poor donut will have. One, simply isn’t enough.

Our original plan was to have tonkatsu at a nearby Japanese restaurant, but it was closed by the time we got there, so we went to Harry’s instead. I’m sure, any reputable guidebook will list the pies & hotdog at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels as one of the must-try in Sydney. Tiger pie is particularly famous, but to be honest, I’m not very certain of it. Mashy and meaty, maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t really enjoy it.

On the other hand, we thoroughly enjoyed the hotdog, it was a shame that we only had one to share. I’d imagine one to hold the big sausage with both hands, and put the whole thing into the mouth!

While on the way to Max Brenner, we passed by Le Patissier and decided to stop here for some sweets instead. For a small place, they have quite an array of desserts to choose from. I wanted to try vanilla pastry cake but it wasn’t available that day, so we had the Lemon Ganache. The sourish lemon ganache provided a good counterbalance to the sweet chocolate layers, but the whole cake was too dry, and I’m not a big fan of kirsch that’s also present in the cake.

When the fork first sank into the Creme Brulee, we already came to the conclusion that it failed. And unsurprisingly, the surface of the dessert was not caramelized properly; it was either a leftover, or they had torched and caramelized too early. However, the custard underneath was actually quite decent, and there’s even vanilla beans used.

* * *
Just in case you are wondering again, yes, we ate all of these in one afternoon.

Plan B by Becasse
204 Clarence Street, Sydney 2000
Tel: 9283 3450

Bavarian Bier Cafe
24 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel: 02 8297 4111

Kana Express kiosk
Corner of Central Street

580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Krispy Kreme
Queen Victoria Building
429 – 481 George Street,
Shop 95 – 97 Lower Ground Floor,
Sydney, NSW 2000

Harry’s Cafe De Wheel
Haymarket, NSW 2000
Next to Paddy Maguires Pub
Tel: (02) 9281 6292

Le Patissier
50 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9299 0015


Really like Bavarian Bier Cafe, Harry’s and Passionflower..but i thought Plan B’s burger was overrated (just like Bill’s)..haha..just my opinion, thanks for all your recommendations!

you went to some great places although the Bavarian Bier Cafe would really be considered a great aussie pub but certainly does serve up some really nice european beers. i really like their tasting platter, i bit of everything suits me. i only recently went to Plan B for the burger. Was nice and juicy! have a great xmas :-)

Hee hee ^^! actually the Maccas serve Angus beef not Wagyu (wagyu is much much more exxy and better)

You looked like u were enjoying the deep fried sushi ;) hahahah

pity we didnt get to try la renaissance for cakes tho!

Have to food Crawl again bro!

chinesechic: i know what u mean, but still, they are pretty good for just 10 bucks. hee

dawn: I can’t kill you so easily with the photos, u need to stay alive and come here savour them for yrself first! :D

LFB: Oh yea, too sinful, and actually quite bland without the chili sauce. But it’s fried-food, and my friend, fried-food always taste good!

Simon: Bavarian is more like a German place rather than an Aussie one eh? Yeah din have any chance to go to a authetic local one, next time perhaps! yep the burger is good stuff mate

Ffichiban: Oops, just realise i made a mistake, wanted to say Angus but i forgot and thought that it’s wagyu. hee Yay to food crawl!

Such a marathon of food, even bigger than your previous run! Such an eclectic range of foods too.

Plan B’s wagyu burger is something I’ve been meaning to try. However, I hear nothing but good things about it, as you confirmed. Btw, McDonald’s don’t do a wagyu burger (at least in Sydney). It’s Angus beef. No where near the same thing!

The deep fried sushi makes me sick just looking at it, having had it myself out of morbid fascination.

I still have nightmares about that deep-fried sushi.

Highly enjoyable, will be gunning to do the Singaporean version of that day when I’m there >:D

Simon: you have to go try Plan B! but go with no expectations yeah. You have to ask Richard about the deep fried sushi, he wanted it. haha

alvina: Yeah love the hotdog, but don’t enjoy the pie

The Ninja: Nightmare? That’s quite an overstatement! lol

I was hoping that you will do a post on the KK donuts. it just taste different right?

When I am in sydney to visit my sister, I will eat one donut a day!

Hello Brad, I will look forward to your next food post in another country! as well as those food places in singapore.
These food posts about food in sydney are really lovely. You went to most of my fave food places in Sydney and done a great write up on them.
And the pictures, I hope that I will learn to take pictures like you. SO the next time I go back to sydney, I will really take my time in taking the pictures before eating them.

Happy New Year to you !

Stefanie: I will love to travel to more countries and blog about their food. Next one on the list: probably Vietnam, or Penang. hehe Happy new year to you too!

Oh wow and double wow! Pardon me .. that’s my stomach growling at 8.20am this morning. Haven’t had my breakfast yet!

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