Singapore’s Wet Markets – A Dying Trade That Our Next Generation Would Probably Not Get To See

Singapore wet markets

Singapore is a country with colourful heritages and cultures. There are so many things that are Singaporean-style and close to our hearts – lifestyles, practices, people, food, places… and as our country continues to transcend through changes and revolutions, there are ceasing practices and dying trades, and it is such a real shame.

For one, Singapore’s wet markets are hardly appreciated these days. Fast replacing the culture of waking up early to go to a neighbourhood wet market for fresh produce is the availability of modern supermarkets and convenience stores. Whatever we need to whip up that big meal, we can easily get from a nearby supermarket at any time of the day. With this, who has impressions of a typical wet market?

When was the last time you went to one, or have you even been before?


12 Simple Rules To Stay Slim Without Exercising

Stay Slim

If you know me in person, and if you and I are friends since five years ago, you would know that I used to be pudgy and meaty. From a severely underweight girl during my school days, to growing horizontally till I had to wear an L-sized skirt, my ballooning during my teens years was a horrible phase and one that made me realize how unhealthy my habits were. I hated the way I looked, I hated taking photos, and I hated the world.

But I manifested those negativity into motivation to slim down; the course of doing so was not an easy one. The end result is, of course, a trimmer body, a healthier lifestyle and bigger confidence.

Let’s not talk about exercise regimens and workouts, because those are very subjective. Fundamentally, your daily habits and lifestyle play a huge part in how you would look, and till today, I live by these simple rules to stay trim – even with minimal exercise. And as I regularly share with my friends, here are my 12 Simple Rules To Stay Slim Without Exercising:


13 Health Benefits of Strawberries: Why You Should Eat More Strawberries


Strawberries are pretty, and strawberries are photogenic. Much has been discussed about strawberries, and yes, the “Queen of Fruits” come with a truckload of benefits indeed!

We love strawberries for many reasons, and if you don’t already, you should. It is a power fruit that has the highest nutrients. Sweet and plump, these berries are well-loved for many reasons – they whiten your teeth, they prevent cancer, regulate blood pressure, they promote eye health… and the list goes on.

Here are some of the various benefits of strawberries, and we’d strongly encourage you to incorporate this fruit into your lives! Also, we’ve included a fun fact about the fruit that you probably didn’t know about!


12 Beach Essentials To Pack for Your Beach Holiday

Beach Essentials

There is always that question whenever you are hitting the beach, “What should I bring along?”

Sure, there are aplenty to pack, but what do you really need to enhance your experience, and to cover you for all that you need? Here, we make a checklist of the items that you should pack. These are the 12 Beach Essentials that should go into your beach bag for that wonderful day out in the sun.

Let the sea and the sunshine set you free…


One Dim Sum – The Best Affordable Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong

One Dim Sum

The world knows Tim Ho Wan – a One-Michelin star dim sum restaurant that started with humble beginnings in Hong Kong. But do you know about One Dim Sum?

With just one nondescript and humble outlet in Prince Edward, One Dim Sum has been in the spotlight ever since they earned their one Michelin star in 2012. Even though it did not retain the Michelin star, the queue at the restaurant remains the same every day – it is mostly packed with regulars who return again and again for its much-lauded dim sum.


Sisterfields Cafe: The New IT Cafe in Seminyak, Bali

Sistersfield Cafe

It was a gloomy morning. Intermittent drizzles, dark skies and dampen spirits. But we were to rekindle our excitement to be in Bali with our first breakfast at Sisterfields Cafe.

Among the many new names to Seminyak’s dining scene, Sisterfields Cafe ranks the most popular and we knew it would be a cafe that we’d love.

Despite the rain, nothing and no one seemed bothered. The cafe was packed at 10am; the breakfast crowd was alive. Of salads, eggs, burgers and green juices, Sisterfields Cafe is the it place to be at for breakfast when in Seminyak, Bali.


Hello Kitty House Bangkok: Cafe, Shop & Spa Under One Roof

Hello Kitty Cafe


Few things in life are as pleasurable than dining at a pink Hello Kitty-themed house, with the cutest desserts and sweetest drinks. That is why Hello Kitty Cafes are ever popular – not just with girls, because we’ve seen many men go crazy too.

The fictional character is a Japanese white bobtail cat with a red bow, or better known as the “cat with no mouth”. She is five apples tall, and weighs three apples. But more importantly, she is a bright and kind-hearted girl that is well-loved by the world.

Hello Kitty Cafe Bangkok

You may have heard about the Hello Kitty Cafes in Asia, but do you know about the new one at Bangkok? It’s huge, and it’s cute; you should go some time soon. Sitting within Siam Square One, Hello Kitty House Bangkok is a multi-story unit that not only comes with a Hello Kitty Cafe, but you can also find a Hello Kitty Shop and Spa. Pink and prominently, you will definitely not miss it from the main road.


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