One Dim Sum – The Best Affordable Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong

One Dim Sum

The world knows Tim Ho Wan – a One-Michelin star dim sum restaurant that started with humble beginnings in Hong Kong. But do you know about One Dim Sum?

With just one nondescript and humble outlet in Prince Edward, One Dim Sum has been in the spotlight ever since they earned their one Michelin star in 2012. Even though it did not retain the Michelin star, the queue at the restaurant remains the same every day – it is mostly packed with regulars who return again and again for its much-lauded dim sum.

Everything on the menu is pleasant affordable. You can expect your everyday dim sum selection, special creations and daily surprises that can be found on the black board. Before we went, we expected a touristy crowd, but it was everything but that. There must be a reason why the locals love it too, and their willingness to queue up for a table is a good tell-tale of the dim sum’s standard, yes?

The outlet is small; probably just enough to sit thirty. But unlike most of the small and rowdy joints in Hong Kong, the staff are welcoming and very patient with our requests – even when we spoke zero Cantonese. You know that typical Hong Kong scene with grumpy servers shouting customers around, slamming food on the tables; so intimidating with that fiery temper. But One Dim Sum is nothing like that, and it was indeed a refreshing change from those hostile scenarios.

Mala Sponge Cake

On to the menu, an assortment of dim sum awaits you – nothing is above HK$26. Choose from the classic favourites like Baked Barbecue Pork Bun (HK$15 for a plate of 3), Steamed Siew Mai (HK$24 for a basket of 4), Steamed Vermicelli Roll with Deep Fried Flour Roll (HK$17 per portion), Steam Cake in Mala Style (HK$16).

Squid in Curry Sauce

We also tried the Dried Squid with Curry Sauce (HK$19). There’s something about Hong Kong’s curry sauce that is mildly sweet and highly addictive, and the generous squid slices that were covered in a copious amount of curry sauce really took our breath away. Another surprising find was the Steamed Minced Beef Ball (HK$16). We are not usually fans of meat balls, but we observed that every local ordered that, and we thought we would try it too. Best decision, ever.

If you are a fan of Cantonese soups, then you must not miss out on its daily Chinese Soup (HK$22). We were lucky to have the watercress soup on that afternoon we went, and we slurped all the double-boiled goodness down with an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. Who would have thought a dim sum restaurant would excel in their soups too? That order was such a bonus to our meal!

We had a very memorable meal, and we made a pact with ourselves to come back to One Dim Sum every time we find ourselves in Hong Kong. There is something so enchanting about enjoying a cheap dim sum meal while being surrounded by locals, and trying to understand all their concurrent Cantonese conversations.

One Dim Sum HK

One Dim Sum, please stay awesome the way you are. We will be back for you. Soon.

One Dim Sum
Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion
15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward
Tel: +852 2789 2280
Mon to Fri: 11am – 12.30 midnight
Sat & Sun: 10am – 12.30 midnight
Nearest MTR: Prince Edward (Exit A)