Top 5 Must-Packs For a Winter Holiday

What to pack for winter

Winter holidays are always a trouble to pack. The bulky clothes and boots take up so much luggage space, and more often than not, the weight alone attributes to more than half of our baggage allowance. Knowing what is vital to go into the luggage and what to exclude certainly reduces the possibility of paying for excess baggage. Having been to several winter holidays in the recent months – some of which required me to lug my load to run after inter-city trains and domestic flights – I should believe I am now a semi-pro in packing for sub-zero temperatures.

Here is my list of the top 5 must-haves for a winter holiday, which I have been religiously adhering to so as to not under (and over) pack.


Tips on How to Prepare for SIA Cabin Crew Interview

SIA Cabin Crew Interview

Sarong kebaya, red nails, a neat bun and a mega-watt smile.

As a young girl, I used to aspire to be one of those poised SQ girls clad in the iconic kebaya – to be part of the crew, and to globe-trot for a living. To many around me, it was but a high-class waitressing job; to me, it was an esteemed desire to provide world-class service in Singapore Airlines, and an opportunity to see the world.

When I finally turned nineteen, I mustered all the courage i had, and together with two other girlfriends, we went for the SIA cabin crew interview. So what is it that the interviewers at Singapore Airlines look out for, and what qualities must you possess to be recruited? We were as clueless as you might be now.

Honestly, there is no one manual that will provide model answers and step-by-step guides on how to ace the many rounds of interviews, but there is a certain formula and things to adhere to. Here, I share with you 8 tips on how to prepare for SIA cabin crew interview based on my own experience, alongside stories from many other friends who are part of the prestige cabin crew team.


10 Reasons Why We Love Maldives

Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives is our idea of paradise. Taking a holiday at the Maldives is a dream for many, because this place is so extremely picturesque, idyllic and serene. It takes beach holiday to a whole new arena, and the tranquility and luxury is second to none.

Think of waking up in a postcard; that was how we felt every day during our one-week stay. The water is clear and boasts a subtle gradient of blues, the palm trees sway with such grace; even the cocktails stand so effortlessly pretty against the vast Indian Ocean, and the schools of little fishes that hang out around the water villas can keep everyone’s eyes so peeled.


“The sunny side of life” is indeed truly Maldivian, but we’d say “eat well, live well and take a holiday to Maldives.” Because you have worked really hard, and because you deserve a break. If you need any more convincing, here are 10 reasons to fall in love with Maldives:


20 Reasons to Love Osaka

Osaka Travel Guide

It is hard to describe Osaka in just one word. But this is not to say it is just another Tokyo. While there have always been comparisons between these two cities, and talks about how Osaka can never be like Tokyo, we beg to differ, for Osaka radiates its own charm and deserves to be loved for many reasons.

From the majestic Osaka Castle to Universal Studios Japan, shopping at Shinsaibashi to cafe-hopping at Orange Street, Instant Ramen Museum to Osaka Central Fish Market, the list goes on and we have picked out 20 things to covet when visiting Osaka.

Mark Osaka down in your travel bucket list. We promise it would be worth a visit.


How Phuket’s Taxi Mafia Spoils The Beauty of The Thai Island

Phuket Taxi Mafia

There are many things to fall in love with at Phuket. The beaches sparkle in the prettiest jewel tones, the satisfaction that Thai food brings is unrivalled, the countless gorgeous beach resorts and villas to call home, the cheap Thai massages to soothe those tensed muscles, and the list goes on.

As much as the well-loved holiday destination is popular and sees constant tourism, there is this one system that stains the beauty of the Thai island, one that makes commuting a headache and frustration, one that does not benefit anyone, one that needs change.

Getting around Phuket means you either take a tuk-tuk or you go for “private taxis”. Or you rent a bike, but that is beside the point. Quite unlike Bangkok, the transport here does not offer you an option to “charge by metre”. In other words, everyone sets a fixed price across board, and you either pay them what they ask for, or you are on your own – by foot. Because most places and points are very far apart, sometimes separated by hills, and walking is almost impossible.

So how does Phuket’s Taxi Mafia system come into place, and why do we think it is warped?


Tian Kee & Co: Old-School Provision Shop-Turned-Cafe Singapore

Tian Kee Co

Like going back in time and stepping in to an old Singapore; so surreal, with hints of nostalgia.

Tian Kee & Co is nestled within the old estate of Dakota, and its rural setting exudes an old charm that is so rare in the present Singapore. When we first drove past the unassuming block of low-rise flats, we saw a lovely sight – simple but traditional-looking monochrome signboard, wooden high table and seats, and ceiling fans. We knew we were going to like this retro concept.


The Tastemaker Store Singapore

Tastemaker Store

The Tastemaker Store is like a mix of new and old. Sitting within the old estate of Bukit Ho Swee, it is a clean space that is well-utilised and furnished with a very understated flare. Long lamps and potted plants hanging from the ceiling spell the character of the cafe, and light retro tracks fill the lovely space with a comforting touch of the 70s.


19 Old School Singapore Snacks Every Kid From The ’80s & ’90s Loved

Singapore Old School Snack

The world is ever changing, and we are always on the lookout for food trends and new fads. Sometimes, we ditch things that are no longer attractive, or has no more popularity to boast. But there are many things that stay close to our hearts, for we grew up with them and memories of us as kids enjoying these snacks are always the fondest.

We took a long walk down memory lane, and dug out many treasures that we used to save our pocket money for when we were kids. Here is a list of 19 old school Singapore snacks every kid from the ’80s and ’90s loved. Which is your favourite?


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