Aoyama Flower Market Tea House Tokyo

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Awestruck. That was how we felt when we stepped into Aoyama Flower Market Tea House in Tokyo. It combines a florist with a tea house, and the result is the dream café for every girl.

Like an indoor greenhouse but with an impeccable sophistication, the tea house is lavishly decorated with fresh flowers of the season. Scattered, lined, tied on vines, sprouting from under… we were lost in the splendiferous floral world with all kinds of richly-coloured species blooming in their unique forms, and filling the space with a wondrous mix of scents so delicate. Decorative mini lights span across the ceiling and drape down the pillars, creating an illumination so dreamy that it enraptures your soul; soft instrumentals looping, quite like a choir of nightingale serenading every dreamer in the room. Nothing quite as beautiful, nothing quite as enchanting.


In The Mood For Love Sushi Bar Bangkok

In the Mood For Love

In The Mood for Love is a very sexy and chi-chi sushi bar that simulates a funky lounge, complete with an open counter where the chefs prepare the sushi right before you. Staff are dressed in plain black and they keep a distance from the tables, but just as well because it gives plenty of room for the décor to speak with you. The plush sofa booths with accompanying vintage floral seats feel like granny’s home in Victoria, but the brass table-side lamps illuminate with a mysterious sexiness that somehow sets your mind to singing along with the sensual lounge music.

The faint whispers from the chefs and the intermittent laughs from neighbouring tables seemed so distant, as our souls were sunk too deep in the very atmospheric bar – not once did we feel intruded in our booth seat, and as the dishes were quietly placed on our tables, we were growing accustomed to this intimate dinner setting that we forgot for a moment that we were actually in the bustling Bangkok.


The Beginners’ Guide to Spa

Spa Guide

So, what is ‘spa’?

If you google it, or flip some textbooks, you will get the boring and typical stuff like spa is derived from the Latin term “Salus Per Aquam”, spa is “healing through water”… but if you ask me, spa is simply a necessary indulgence in life. Gone are the days when we only pay our masseur a visit once a year (or two); gone are the days when spa is so unreachable that only the rich and famous can enjoy.

Today, as we live in a cosmopolitan world and deal with so much stress, a spa session is very much needed and essential for our health and well-being. And with the spa scene around the world evolving and always scaling new highs, you will only be spoilt with options. Here is a Beginners Guide to Spa where we talk more about some of the basic spa etiquettes and various treatments.


The Spa Artisan Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Spa Artisan

Since 2009, we have been regulars of Aramsa, The Garden Spa at Bishan Park. Because we always walk out feeling so recharged and de-stressed, the brand has won our hearts and loyalty. Last year, the Asmara Lifestyle group introduced a new arm – The Spa Artisan at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – and we paid a virgin visit to the luxury spa and had half a day of indulgence under the care of the dedicated staff.


Celestine Spa The Stones Hotel Bali

Celestine Spa

Post-flight blues includes grouchiness, body aches and lethargy. And all we needed was some pampering at the spa house.

Stepping in to the quiet Celestine Spa at The Stones Hotel Bali, and being welcomed by cups of warm tea – the house brew ginger, lime and honey tea – immediately calmed our senses down by many notches. We were offered the signature The Stones Art Movement – a combination of long strokes, stretching and rocking.


The Body Shop Green Sanctuary Singapore

The Body Shop Green Saunctuary

Talk about eco-friendly toiletries and we all think of The Body Shop. We are no strangers to their ever popular Shea Butter, Olive and White Musk products. But do you know they have a spa, too?

Tucked at a quiet corner of the Paragon outlet, The Body Shop Green Sanctuary is a small day spa that offers decent relaxing treatments at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. With 4 massage rooms and 1 steam room, it is ideal for a simple retreat. Busy executives working in the area who need a recharge during lunch hour, shoppers who are in the vicinity and need a massage from all the walking, mothers who are waiting for their kids to be dismissed from school… there is surely a treatment to cater to everyone’s needs.


PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel Singapore

Parkroyal PickeringInfinity Pool

There are many kinds of experience that people look out for when choosing a hotel for staycation. For the shoppers who cannot do without their retail therapy, hotels along Orchard Road and the Marina Bay area are your best bets. But for a staycation in a relaxing and quiet environment, yet still not too far away from the city, the new PARKROYAL on Pickering Street provides an impeccable experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


Beginners Guide on Where to Shop in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore

Singapore may be just a tiny red dot on the world map, but we have been put in the spotlight for many things. Apart from being a hub for transiting flights and hub for several other purposes, Singapore has been a popular tourism destination for her regional fans. While we may not have the glamor of the world famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées, we do have a myriad of options for every shopaholic – from budget shopping to all-time favorite high street labels to a session of luxury indulgence.

Here is our Beginners Guide on Where to Shop in Singapore.


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