8 Well-Loved Hipster Food That Are Commonly Found at Cafes

Hipster Cafe Food

Trends come and go, and there are always new fads to love. Cafes are aplenty, and we have no lack of options. There are all kinds of menus, each with their own signatures and special dishes.

But some things stay gold forever, and we welcome them at any time of the day.

Whether it is a slice of rainbow cake or a stack of fluffy pancakes, we’ve noticed the longstanding love culminating in everyone for these hipster foods.

We are rounding up the 8 well-loved hipster food that are commonly found at cafes. They not only make everyone travel to the ends of the island just to satisfy that burning craving, but also get the most likes on Instagram.


Carvers & Co East Coast Road Singapore

Carvers & Co Cafe

No lack of dining options if you are at the Katong neighbourhood, and there are always new diners and cafes spouting out. But Carvers & Co got our attention for their concise and highly-raved menu. It does not have a fancy decor to boast of, but it seems they are a comfort for many residents.

They’ve got different menus for weekdays and weekends, and even lunch and dinners differ. The deals on weekends are surely more enticing, and you can expect dishes like Truffle Eggs on Toast (S$15) and Earl Grey French Toast (S$16).


Things You Never Knew About Traffic/Parking Enforcement Officers (A.K.A Fatimah)

Traffic Enforcement Officer Fatimah

It is most definitely a Singaporean thing to call our car park attendants and traffic wardens “Fatimah”. We are not too sure how it started too, but the term has been around for as long as we know it, and everyone sticks to it conveniently – and affectionately.

But is everyone really “affectionate” towards them? Not really. If any, almost no one likes them. In case you haven’t realised the importance of their existence, “Fatimah” is an enforcement officer and he/she plays a major role in enforcing road safety. When everyone is cursing them every time they receive a ticket, have you ever considered the fact that without them, we would be facing chaotic traffic conditions and messy parking on a daily basis? Anyone can park right at the foot of your house, and even if you have designated season lots, non-residents can park all the same and leave you lot-less.

Let’s face it – when they issue a ticket, they are but doing their jobs. And it is a very thankless job that no one shows appreciation. We all want clear roads and our parking rights, but we need to remember who are the heroes who make this happen.

We followed the enforcement officers for half a morning to have a better understanding of how they carry out their duties. Boy, was it a lot of walking under the sweltering heat!

Today, we learn about the different kinds of enforcement officers and their respective roles, the common offences and offences you never knew about, their routines and daily challenges, and to debunk the common myth that they have “quotas” to hit for commission.

Here are the things that you never knew about traffic/parking enforcement officers.


35 Reasons To Love London

London Travel

“It is difficult to speak adequately or justly of London. It is not a pleasant place; it is not agreeable, or cheerful, or easy or exempt from reproach. It is only magnificent.”

Simply only magnificent, and nothing less indeed.

London is our favourite city in the world, and it is a favourite for many too. It is not difficult to understand why, for the British city has so much to offer and is so very live-able. Wake up to amazement every day, live it up like the Brits, and go to bed each night thanking all your lucky stars that you are in London.

London Trafalgar

Here are 35 reasons to love London, and it is but the tip of the ice berg. You have to set foot in that part of the world to understand why it is home for so many.


[Closed] La’ Coffee – Traditional Kopi and Toast in a Modern Cafe

La Coffee Kaya Toast

Kaya toast and eggs is the nation’ favourite breakfast combination. Together with an aromatic cup of local-style coffee or tea – or what we affectionately call kopi or teh – it is the simplest form of comfort food and one that we will never get sick of.

Whenever we dine at YaKun or Toast Box, we’d wish for an operator to reinvent the environment of a toast-and-eggs joint with a modern and cafe-like take. So when we heard about La’ Coffee - located next to Old Hen Coffee Bar in the Rangoon Road neighbourhood - we headed down on its first week of operation to check them out.


Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore

Pacamara Coffee

It is a clean state of white.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters is one of the new kids on the block, but not that new if you are familiar with OZ Specialty Coffee. Formerly located at the other part of the Upper Thomson neighbourhood, the brand has undergone a major revamp and repositioning and now sits proudly as Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters at the edge of the busy stretch of Upper Thomson. It is a much bigger scale, with a proper dine-in space because they serve more than coffee and desserts now.


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