Guide to shopping in Myeong-Dong Seoul


Seoul is synonymous with everything beauty-related – cosmetics, skincare, eyelash extension, facial reconstruction, plastic surgery… you name it, and I am pretty sure they have it.

While not everyone is game to go under the knife, we are still vain deep within us, and wherever possible, we want to look our best. Without cosmetic procedures, we can still have fun at Seoul with the endless streets and alleys of beauty offerings in the happening area of Myeong-dong. Trust me when I say that even the typical men with zero interest in masks and moisturisers will give in and reach out for that bottle of very affordable face lotion. And needless to say, Myeong-dong is a heaven for females. Here is our guide to shopping in Myeong-dong, Seoul.


Things To Do In Macau


Macau, also known as the Monte Carlo of The Orient, is a renown gaming destination in Asia. With its economy based largely on tourism and gaming dollars, Macau is home to more than 30 casinos, and even more integrated resorts (IRs) and hotels – including many big names like Las Vegas Sands, Galaxy, Wynn and Sheraton.

You need not be a Blackjack fan to like the bustling city. Just a tour around the big IRs and there will surely be something to attract you – daily performances, shopping belts, popular restaurants and whatnot.


5 Must-Packs For a Summer Holiday

Beach Holiday

I don’t know about you, but packing for a holiday always gives me a major headache. There seems to be so many items on the checklist, and I don’t believe I am the only one who wants to pack the whole house into the suitcase.

But having had numerous close shaves with overweight baggages, yet not wanting to put myself in the dreadful situation of needing something that can hardly be found (or too expensive to find) while being miles away from home, I set myself “must-have” lists for various kinds of holidays.

And today, I will share the top 5 items to go into that suitcase when you go for a summer vacation by the beach.


Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe Taipei

Hello Kitty Cafe

The whole world is crazy over the cat without mouth: Hello Kitty, the cat with the highest commercial value. Said to be born in London on November 01 1974, she is as tall as five apples, and weighs as much as three apples. And because she is portrayed as such a bright and kind-hearted girl who is always surrounded by many friends, Hello Kitty is a world phenomenon today.

Hello Kitty Sweets

Anything that has Hello Kitty stamped on it becomes a collectible, anywhere with Hello Kitty attracts great crowds. And this includes the ever popular Hello Kitty Sweets at Taipei – visited by endless crowds everyday from all over the globe.


How to Eat More and Feel Good this Festive Season


With Chinese New Year just glimpses away, everyone is in the mood to celebrate. We rejoice without restraints, bask in the glorious festivity with all the goodies, and eat like the sun will never set. And as with all other festivals, people get fat and/or fall ill after celebrations. While having fun is vital and eating is one of the best ways to socialize, we have to remain responsible for our health.

Efficient digestion is so essential for good health. Here is a simple guide on how to aid digestion, and while you are savouring your pineapple tarts and bak kwa, please stay healthy for yourself and for your loved ones.


Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland Hong Kong

So they say, Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. How do you even start picking on that? It can’t be truer. “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.”

Upon stepping into Hong Kong Disneyland, you bid farewell to the hubbubs of your typical cosmopolitan city, you bid farewell to all the stress and worries, you bid farewell to all your unhappiness and reality and be enraptured in a magical world where dreams and fantasies come alive and unfold before your eyes.


The Mall Factory Outlet Shopping Florence Italy

Prada Factory Outlet

Yes, they weren’t kidding when they bestowed this name upon the place. It is The Mall, indeed. If there was only one place you could shop at when in Florence, it is undisputedly this factory outlet.

Admit it – deep down within us, we all love steals and cheap thrills. And trust me when I say you will thank me for this recommendation.

The Mall is an exclusive outlet destination for luxury goods at a fraction of its original prices. Situated at the outskirt of Florence and at an unassuming enclave in the green Tuscan hills, a day at The Mall is a promising experience. The air in the open is fresh and crisp, the boundless skies are blue and calming, the surrounding is a humble and quiet neighborhood. We spent an entire afternoon there – shopping (well, needless to say), indulging in a mid-day snack, and to simply bask in the serenity of the countryside.


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