8 Well-Loved Hipster Food That Are Commonly Found at Cafes

Hipster Cafe Food

Trends come and go, and there are always new fads to love. Cafes are aplenty, and we have no lack of options. There are all kinds of menus, each with their own signatures and special dishes.

But some things stay gold forever, and we welcome them at any time of the day.

Whether it is a slice of rainbow cake or a stack of fluffy pancakes, we’ve noticed the longstanding love culminating in everyone for these hipster foods.

We are rounding up the 8 well-loved hipster food that are commonly found at cafes. They not only make everyone travel to the ends of the island just to satisfy that burning craving, but also get the most likes on Instagram.

Honest Burger


What every man needs. ‘Nuff said. More cheese oozing out on the sides, please.

Max Brenner Souffle


We’ve seen countless of Instagram videos and photos for this. Hot, liquid-y rich chocolate flowing out from a cut-up chocolate cake. Shut up and take our money!

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Eggs Benny


We all love a good poached egg with runny yolk. And that dope Hollandaise sauce that is creamy to a fault? Yes, please.

How to make coffee


Maybe you are not too big a coffee fan. But a cup of quality brew with pretty latte art? That’s definitely going up on our Instagram.

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A stack of fluffy goodness always does the trick. We love a generous serving of pancakes – flavoured or not. Topped with fruit bits and drizzled with some chocolate or caramel sauce, of course.

Salted caramel rainbow cake


Not for the fact that we are obsessed with getting likes on Instagram, but what is to not love about a pretty cake that can easily lift our spirits?

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Stateland Red Velvet Waffle


Just as satisfying and one that we will never get sick of is waffles. Why, wouldn’t you go weak in the knees if that pretty thing is served with a scoop of ice-cream?

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