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Since 2009, we have been regulars of Aramsa, The Garden Spa at Bishan Park. Because we always walk out feeling so recharged and de-stressed, the brand has won our hearts and loyalty. Last year, the Asmara Lifestyle group introduced a new arm – The Spa Artisan at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – and we paid a virgin visit to the luxury spa and had half a day of indulgence under the care of the dedicated staff.

Upon stepping in to the spa, we were warmly greeted by the exuberant receptionists. And because we were going for the newly-introduced PowerSlim, we had our body analysis done. We were very impressed because the staff were so fluent with the explanation of the body analysis, and we were given recommendations for treatments based on our body needs.

Spa Artisan

We understood from the consultant that he was previously from Aramsa, The Garden Spa. But because he had the opportunity for a job rotation, he accepted his new role at The Spa Artisan and underwent training and upgrading courses to better understand the more complex treatments offered here.

Not every worker gets a similar chance like this consultant to upskill and move up the career ladder, which is what the NTUC’s Progressive Wage Model (PWM) seeks to achieve. This is why NTUC is pushing for employers to adopt the PWM so all workers, regardless of job type, can benefit from career advancement and wage progression according to their productivity improvement and skills upgrading.

The staff at The Spa Artisan are all happy to be presented growth and personal development opportunities by their company. With such passion for their careers and so much enthusiasm for their roles, as patrons, we could truly feel the service from their hearts, and most definitely happy for them that the company values every worker.

Powerslim Boost

Powerslim Treatment

After the body analysis, we proceeded with the PowerSlim treatment, which is a revolutionised method to efficient slimming by using synergising infrared radiation and ionisation with specially devised concept. It is said to be equivalent to 5 hours in the gym with what would only take 55 minutes in the PowerSlim studio.

The therapist helped to apply a special velvet cream on my targeted areas before I was put in the incubator-like machine. It was effortless, and the entire process was most definitely painless.

Next, we went for a 150mins Japan Spa Journey couple ritual. Priced at S$518+ per couple, it is one that encourages blood flow and promotes relaxation through the myriad of scents. The ritual began with a purifying wash and scrub. We were pampered with a fragrant yuzu mimosa algae wash, then an exfoliating gingergrass scrub. It was nothing fanciful, but certainly much needed.

Next was an hour-long full body massage and scalp massage. Choose from a tray of flower skin massage oil, including Moroccan Rose, Italian Blood Orange and Ocean. The supposed massage for the Japan Spa Journey is that of a relaxing one, but because we are both fans of strong massages, we opted for Shiatsu – which focuses on pressure points. Our masseurs were very well-trained and experienced – every stroke hit the right spot; every touch was so firm and strong. Not for the faint-hearted, surely, but if you can take the pain, we would highly recommend this option because it eases the body of all knots and tension, leaves you feeling a lot lighter.

Fullerton Hotel

This message is part of a ladyironchef x Labour Movement project where we seek to share with you insights on the different initiatives by the Labour Movement to give workers in Singapore better jobs, better pay and better work-life balance.

The Spa Artisan
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