12 Beach Essentials To Pack for Your Beach Holiday

Beach Essentials

There is always that question whenever you are hitting the beach, “What should I bring along?”

Sure, there are aplenty to pack, but what do you really need to enhance your experience, and to cover you for all that you need? Here, we make a checklist of the items that you should pack. These are the 12 Beach Essentials that should go into your beach bag for that wonderful day out in the sun.

Let the sea and the sunshine set you free…


To move around easier on the sand, wear your flip-flops. The brighter the colour, the better! Life is colourful and fun by the beach.


You would need something to wipe yourself clean after your swimming and tanning. We love stripe pieces that easily makes good photo props.

Swim wear


But of course, we all need to be properly clothed for the beach. Itsy teeny polka dot bikinis for you? The gentlemen shall pack their trunks. If you are planning to surf or do any massive sea sports, one-piece suits or diving suits are preferred.


This is the most important item and the one that you should never go to the beach without. Sunblocks come in various kinds – gels, creams, sprays… Pick the texture that you are comfortable with and apply it on your entire body generously. Note that there are specialized ones for face.

When you buy your sunblocks, do also note that there are water-resistant ones and those are the ones you should get if you intend to frolic in the waters. Depending on the level of SPF you pick, reapply accordingly.


For several reasons – to protect your eyes from the UV rays, to refrain ourselves from squinting our eyes (as it will affect our eyesight), and last but certainly not least, to look cooler in photos. Pass us that Ray Ban’s please.


To soothe your skin after a session of suntanning, aloe vera gel is very important and essential. Slather it on and pat it into your skin, and the cool gel will calm your skin and minimize peeling.

Underwater Case


Because moments are fleeting and precious, and the way to remember them is to capture them all the best we can. Photos make the best souvenirs, so set your camera, strike a pose, and have that moment documented forever.

And if you are planning to go snorkelling or diving, make sure to get an underwater case for your camera. Another good alternative would be GoPro.


Munching on the beach sounds like a great idea, yes? Finger sandwiches, wafer crackers, mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes, biscuit with chocolate dips… anything. We lead the life on the beach!


Few things in life are as therapeutic as reading by the beach while hearing the waves crash onto the shore and watching the sun rays dance on the water. Pack your favourite reads along; well, they’d make good photo props too and you’d thank us for this tip.

Donut float


Idyllic life on a donut, anyone?


Be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you. Pen down your thoughts and ideas. Remember all that you’ve seen and heard. Unleash that inner poet in you. Those stanzas will be among the most meaningful in your journey of life.


If you are in a pair or a group, some board games would be fun. Scrabble’s our favourite; what’s yours?