Chatterbox Chicken Rice – Would You Pay S$27++ For A Plate Of Chicken Rice?


Located at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Chatterbox is perhaps one of the most famous—and expensive—chicken rice restaurants in Singapore.

Helmed by executive sous chef Liew Tian Heong, Chatterbox’s Hainanese Chicken Rice is its most popular dish and propelled the restaurant to fame. People from all over the world flock to the restaurant for a taste of this signature dish.

Is Chatterbox’s Hainanese Chicken Rice really that good? Is it worth paying S$27++ for a plate of chicken rice?

Chatterbox Salted Egg Chicken Wings

Chatterbox has quite a variety of local snacks on its menu. From the Rojak (S$17), to Satay (S$18 for 6 sticks), and Ngoh Hiang (S$18), you can find all the popular local snacks here.

And don’t miss out on the Salted Egg Chicken Wings (S$20 for 8 pieces)—it is certainly the best appetizer on the menu, and the best way to start your meal!

Chatterbox Chicken Rice

Nobody comes to Chatterbox without ordering the legendary Mandarin Chicken Rice (S$27++).

It comes with tender-boiled free-range chicken that is so juicy and succulent. Paired with fragrant rice—every grain is evenly coated with chicken oil and perfumed with pandan leaves. The homemade chilli sauce is really good and kickass.

Chatterbox Lobster Laksa

Other than the Mandarin Chicken Rice, we also love Chatterbox’s Lobster Laksa (S$38).

There’s simply no turning back once you’ve tasted their Lobster Laksa—a wondrous bowl of goodness that looks and tastes amazing. A whole fresh lobster is used in every bowl. The soup is thick with the layered taste of quality coconut milk and fresh lobster. It is as luxurious as laksa can get.

This is probably one of the most, if not the most expensive, chicken rice in Singapore. And let’s be frank, not everyone will want to pay so much for a plate of chicken rice, especially when you can get really good chicken rice at S$3-5 from the other famous chicken rice stalls in Singapore.

If you are willing to pay S$27 for pasta or risotto from an Italian restaurant, why not the same amount for a plate of chicken rice?

Chatterbox is where you can get a taste of Singapore’s local food, elevated with premium ingredients and precise cooking techniques. It’s certainly the ideal place to bring your overseas friends to have a taste of the most popular Singaporean local food in a comfortable setting.

333 Orchard Road
Level 5, Mandarin Orchard
Singapore 238867