A Foodie’s Illustrated Guide to 24 Types Of Sushi – Which Is Your Favourite Sushi?

A Foodie's Guide to Sushi cover

If there is one type of food that will withstand the test of time, out of the myriad of munchies available in Singapore, it has to be dishes from Japanese cuisine. To be more specific, sushi is one thing that will never go out of style – from the cheap-and-good S$1.50 per plate sushi to the one-of-a-kind omakase experiences, sushi will always have a place in our hearts.

Singapore actually offers quite the variety of these little morsels as they have true-blue Japanese brands such as Genki and Sushiro. Check out these 24 sushi illustrations!

salmon nigiri

Name: Salmon Nigiri
A thick cut of fresh salmon sashimi is placed over sushi rice – might be the most popular variety in Singapore.

aburi salmon nigiri

Name: Aburi Salmon Nigiri
Just as or possibly even more popular than the normal salmon nigiri – the salmon is half cooked by torching it before serving.

uni gunkan

Name: Uni Gunkan
Almost a staple in more refined Japanese restaurants because of the creamy texture and umami-filled taste of the sea urchin.

tamago nigiri

Name: Tamago Nigiri
Egg is mixed with dashi stock – a mix of bonito and Japanese seaweed (kombu) – to give the egg its unique flavour.

unagi nigiri

Name: Unagi Nigiri
Silky eel is char-grilled and glazed with soy sauce over sushi rice.

squid nigiri

Name: Ika Nigiri
Fresh squid is sliced and then usually glazed with soy sauce over sushi rice.

maguro nigiri

Name: Maguro Nigiri
Thick bluefin tuna sashimi is laid over sushi rice – definitely a popular item alongside salmon sashimi.

otoro nigiri

Name: Otoro Nigiri
The fattiest part of the bluefin tuna is set over sushi rice. Because the fish is so delicate, the fat sometimes melts due to the warmth of the rice. It is one of the most indulgent sushi varieties.

negitoro gunkan

Name: Negitoro Gunkan
This sushi was transformed into a morsel from the Negitoro Don, which is a rice bowl dish consisting of minced tuna and sushi rice. The sushi may be topped with a raw egg yolk at some omakase restaurants.

wakame gunkan

Name: Wakame Gunkan
This well-known sushi is an umami bomb, packed with flavour of Japanese seaweed.

wagyu nigiri

Name: Wagyu Beef Sushi
This is not often seen, but when it’s on the menu, we always get excited. It may come raw, torched or soy-glazed.

tako nigiri

Name: Tako Nigiri
Cooked octopus is served over sushi rice and often comes with a soy glaze.

softshell crab maki

Name: Soft Shell Crab Maki
This is a staple in most sushi restaurants in Singapore – crispy soft shell crab and cucumber, with the occasional appearance of avocado, is rolled up in sushi rice and seaweed.

ikura gunkan

Name: Ikura Gunkan
This sushi contains pearls of fish roe – sometimes big or small depending on the fish, where larger roe comes from salmon. It is wrapped with seaweed.

salmon ikura roll

Name: Hana Maki
Instead of seaweed, an ikura roll is wrapped in fresh salmon sashimi slices. It is usually found with mayo beneath the fish roe.

saba mackerel nigiri

Name: Saba Nigiri
Mackerel is normally torched and set atop over sushi rice – it has a fresh and salty flavour.

kani maki

Name: Kani Maki
You may have eaten this crab-stick sushi roll as a kid. In finer establishments, sweet crab meat replaces the usual crab-stick.

jellyfish gunkan

Name: Jellyfish Gunkan
Sesame-marinated jellyfish is mixed with toasted sesame seeds and then put over sushi rice and seaweed. It has a unique crunchy texture and sweet-and-savoury flavour.


Name: Inarizushi
Sweet, marinated beancurd encases sushi rice – most have it plain but it also comes with toppings, with the beancurd skin as a replacement for seaweed to create another variety of sushi.

hamachi nigiri

Name: Hamachi Nigiri
This sushi features Japanese yellowtail sashimi and has a super buttery texture and has a bold fishy flavour.

hotate nigiri

Name: Hotate Nigiri
Fresh scallop is sliced and placed over sushi rice and is often glazed with soy sauce. It is occasionally torched.

ebi nigiri

Name: Ebi Nigiri
Shrimp is butterflied and cooked, then placed over sushi rice and is usually served with a soy sauce glaze.

california roll

Name: California Maki
This is more of an American creation – some sushi fans refuse to acknowledge it as actual sushi, but it’s still pretty popular amongst the general public. It normally contains tamago, avocado and crab-stick.

crab salad gunkan

Name: Mayo Gunkan
Featured here is the Crab Mayo Gunkan but this sushi can come with other items such as corn. The mayo adds a creamy texture and tangy flavour to the sushi.

Illustrations by Natasha Ng