No Signboard Seafood – Revamped Menu & Concept ft. Modern Chinese Food At Esplanade

No Signboard Seafood

Crab lovers, it’s time to shell-abrate! Imagine this: juicy, meaty crabs slathered in luscious, rich sauce, sizable claws glistening in the light! If that sounds like a glorious meal, consider this alternative: replace that fun-sized mud crab – however big you’re envisioning it, this is gonna be a lot bigger – with the literal king of crustaceans, the Alaskan Red King Crab.

Crab-tivated? We are too. To usher in 2020, No Signboard Seafood at Esplanade is looking to make waves with an exciting menu revamp and a brand new look.  Renowned for its extravagant array of crab dishes, this overhaul is set to elevate things to the next level of opulence.

No Signboard Seafood Esplanade

Settling for no less than the best, No Signboard  Seafood is featuring the enormous Alaskan Red King Crab in its signature dishes. Thought we were chitin’ you with the aforementioned scenario? At No Signboard Seafood, that dream is now a reality.

Gigantic Alaskan king crabs aren’t the only things to look forward to. Tired of the same ol’ crusty Chinese dishes? Starting with its Esplanade branch, No Signboard Seafood’s new menu supplements its core Chinese fare with Japanese and Western influences.

You’ll get all the belly-warming comfort of traditional Chinese cuisine, but with a twist – the inclusion of borrowed elements, all drawn together with superlative skill, brings about a stimulating culinary adventure unlike any other.

No Signboard Seafood Interior

Outstanding seafood, excellent dishes, and distinguished service – the only component left is an equally splendid setting to complete the experience. Thankfully, No Signboard Seafood’s Esplanade outlet with its sprawling champagne-hued interior and an equally gorgeous al fresco option fulfils that option.

Located by the tranquil waterfront and in proximity to landmarks like the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands, it is the perfect spot to find a reprieve at after a day’s activities in the vicinity.

No Signboard Alaskan Salted Egg Crab


You’ve had your share of the acclaimed chilli crab, you’ve tried No Signboard Seafood’s signature white pepper crab, but have you tried the brand’s latest gourmet concoction: salted egg crab?

The Alaskan Red King Crab is a decadent number on its own, made even more indulgent when awash in a sea of luscious, creamy, gold. Prepared à la minute, the crustacean is cooked into a vibrant red, its hefty armoured shell housing an equally ample amount of succulent flesh awaiting a ravenous diner’s attention.

Magnificent and imposing in its lustre, the flesh of the Alaskan Red King Crab is sweet against the piquant savoury bursts of the sauce. Even when doused in the liquid gold, the suppleness of the crab’s flesh holds its own against the substantial body of the sauce – its lighter sweetness easing the predominant salted egg flavours, allowing extended consumption without the onset of any cloying saturation.

For those unable to get enough of this rich and ambrosial sauce, ladle a generous amount – don’t forget to spoon in crumbs of crispy fried quinoa for added texture – onto your rice for an even more sumptuous taste sensation.

No Signboard Japanese Uni


Alluringly creamy and gilded in gold, uni, or sea urchin, is the stuff of every gourmand’s dream. Sweet yet savoury, mild yet bold, the duality intrinsic to this delicacy allows it to hold the spotlight in all dishes it features in – eaten raw on its own or paired with condiments, this delicate ingredient lingers not just in taste, but persists in the memory of your palate long after as well.

While uni holds complex flavours on its own, the skilled chefs at No Signboard Seafood elevate its taste profile by pairing the protein with a herb commonly used to garnish sashimi: oba, or shiso, leaf. By coating the leaf in a gossamer tempura batter, it becomes more than a condiment, transforming into the base upon which the uni’s flavour is augmented.

The result is a contrast between the smoothness of the protein against the brittle crisp of the oba leaf tempura, while maintaining the distinct flavour of the uni against the subtle fragrance of the leaf.

No Signboard Crispy Prawn


A staple in many Chinese restaurants, cereal prawns are a sinful favourite of many Singaporeans with its lively flavours and addictive crunch. Adore this dish but lament how you’re usually resigned to munching on cereal over actual prawns? At No Signboard Seafood, you can expect not the pedestrian breeds, but nothing less than the most generously sized prawns for your enjoyment.

Deep-fried into a crispy brown, the shells of the prawns flake under gentle persuasion, revealing a succulent, sweet centre prime for dunking into the heap of sandy gold crumbs.

Equally flavourful, the cereal base is tossed with slivers of curry leaves and diced chilli padi until the mixture is imbued with a bite of aromatic spice. Spoon it onto your rice – a copious amount is just right – or eat it on its own – a nibble or two between courses – utterly scrumptious, the cereal here deserves just as much of a spotlight as the prawns that rest atop it.

No Signboard Amadai Fillet


Drawing inspiration from Japan, No Signboard Seafood has elected to feature the amadai – translated as sweet sea bream – or tilefish, in its menu update. In line with its moniker, this fish is slightly sweet, making it a refreshing option fantastic for Singapore’s eternal summers.

A curious breed, the amadai literally stands out with its spiny hide. Made not from bones but are instead intact scales, these protrusions become edible with the introduction of heat. When the fillet is pan-fried, these scales are pulled taut from its skin, leaving behind a wispy layer of crisp scales that naturally complements the amadai’s soft flesh. As such, don’t avoid the skin when sampling this dish; a forkful of both the crush and flesh with a dash of gravy is the best way to appreciate the inherent complexity of this entrée.

No Signboard Eggplant


Unassuming at first glance, the simplicity of this dish belies a full-bodied richness unexpected of an eggplant-centric dish. Traditionally undistinctive in taste, this dish substitutes the larger eggplants for this Japanese baby variant, capitalising on its innate sweetness to create a flavour base upon which the other ingredients can build upon.

To supplement the fruit, a thick, generous layer of gruyere cheese is added. Luxuriantly creamy, the cheese permeates the eggplant during the baking process, imparting a potent salty and nutty profile in its wake. It is then served with a heavy dusting of bacon bits to intersperse the soft, spongy consistency with an added savoury bite. Who says vegetable dishes have to be boring and bland?

No Signboard Tomato Salad


Vivid red against the muted colours of spring, these glossy baubles are an exuberant and colourful number wonderful as a standalone inspired vegetable supplement, or as a more unique palate cleanser.

More than an aesthetically pleasing garden salad, these bulbous spheres are the product of a meticulously designed exercise in converging distinct flavour and textural opposites. Upon initial tasting, you’ll be met with a juicy, soft husk filled with a dewy sweet-tartness courtesy of the glazed tomato. After which, the bite unveils a core of airy crispness filled with a savoury mushroom salad fried to an addictive crunchiness.

No Signboard Mango Compote


Conclude your culinary adventure with a refreshing fruity dish to alleviate the abundant flavours of your seafood mains. Unlike puddings, whereby the taste profile of the mango is watered down into the custard base, compotes provide a similarly saccharine treat in a more intense form through distilling the fruit down to its essence.

Start off by sampling the syrup on its own; made with only the freshest mangoes, it is a honeyed treat that’s simultaneously easy on the palate without compromising on flavour. Gradually add in the pools of coconut sago into the compote before finishing with a gentle sprinkle of pomelo shavings – the infusion of milky coconut sago smoothens the compote further, while the pomelo interrupts the uniformity of the liquid by providing occasional bursts of bitter-sweetness.

The next time you’re in a pinch when finding a place to dine at, No Signboard Seafood with its assortment of first-grade Alaskan King Crab dishes alongside an unparalleled selection of fusions dishes is certain to make an impression.

Whether you are looking for a more luxurious yet comfortable place to hold a gathering with friends at, or a place with a pleasant ambience with exceptional seafood to bring your family to, as long as the table is partial to seafood, No Signboard Seafood is certain to make your dining experience a delectable and memorable one.

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