12 Taiwanese Street Food & Drinks At Ningxia Night Market Singapore You Have to Make A Beeline for

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Hailing all the way from Taipei, the famed Ningxia Night Market has, at long last, arrived on our shores. The critically acclaimed Asian Night Market: Taiwan Food Festival has recreated a mini version of the bustling night market — a popular spot among locals and tourists for Taiwanese delicacies — which will span across Siloso Beach and Siloso Point from 16 January to 9 February 2020 (excluding 20 – 22 Jan).

Coined ‘the stomach of Taipei’, Ningxia Night Market Singapore will be offering a diverse range of mouthwatering Taiwanese street food such as Flaming Beef Cubes, Scallion Pancake and Taiwanese Oden. Locals can look forward to feast on an assortment of Taiwan’s exquisite delicacies in our very own Lion City as we will be featuring more than 30 vendors and chefs from the original market itself.

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Here are 12 Taiwanese street food and drinks at Ningxia Night Market Singapore that you should not miss out on. So, put your new year dieting resolutions on hold, bring your family and friends down, and get ready to stuff yourself silly with snacks!

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Sesame Chicken Mee Sua


A perennial household favourite dish, Sesame Chicken Mee Sua is a hearty bowl of noodles that makes for a splendid comfort meal.

Stewed with wolfberries and bok choy, the broth was herbaceous with gingery nuances. It was also rich and full-bodied, pairing impeccably well with the silken noodles. Slurp the noodles with the aromatic soup to truly enjoy the dish.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Braised Pork Rice


Braised Pork Rice is a dish testament to Taiwan’s food paradise. Essentially a dish comprising of braised minced pork served on a bed of steaming rice, this comforting bowl is sure to remind you of your grandmother’s cooking.

This simple dish is highly raved about by both locals and tourists and we can understand why. The pork was fork-tender and paired nicely with the fragrant rice, which was coated with a thin layer of flavourful oily sauce. The braised gravy also brought out the innate savouriness of the meat.


Ningxia Night Market Brown Sugar Bubble Milk


Brown Sugar Bubble Milk has captured the hearts of many with its combination of fresh milk, brown sugar syrup and chewy tapioca pearls. Nicknamed “dirty tea”, the original brown sugar bubble tea fad was birthed in Taiwan, where Taiwanese brands pride themselves on their “QQ” tapioca pearls and creamy milk.

First boiled with handmade brown sugar, the sweetness-infused pearls are cooked till chewy. Cold ice milk is then added to the piping hot pearls where it blends to become a “dirty” mixture, allowing the drink to be a harmonious blend of saccharine and rich milk.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Scallion Pancake


The scallion pancake is an iconic local snack in the “OG” Ningxia Night Market — this well-loved, crispy delicacy is known for its gigantic size and crisp texture, reminiscent of Singapore’s very own roti prata. Customers can eagerly await their turn as they watch their pancakes being expertly prepared right in front of their eyes!

The dough is first flattened, then sprinkled with seasoning and spring onions before it is fried to crunchy, golden-brown perfection. An unpretentious dish, it is simple and prepared quickly, relying only on the strong fragrance from the onions to bring out its savouriness.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Flaming Beef Cubes


Locals will be familiar with flame-grilled beef cubes — we have seen this beloved snack at every night market or festival. A Taiwanese street food favourite, these beef steak cubes are compactly packaged, making it a convenient snack to munch on.

The beef steak cubes are cooked over a grill and sprinkled with seasoning. Each beef cube was caramelised to perfection, giving it an addictive, smoky taste. Grilled to a medium-rare, the exterior of the beef was nicely charred and boasted juicy, tender meat.


Ningxia Night Market Singapore Braised Beef Noodles


Taiwan’s “national dish” is none other than beef noodles! Featuring Braised Beef Noodles, this beloved delicacy is whipped up by renowned chef, Cheng Cheng-chung. Boasting a potent broth with morsels of beef, each bite is guaranteed to bring you an authentic Taiwanese experience.

The al dente noodles were infused with the piquant herbal notes of the full-bodied soup, allowing customers to thoroughly savour its distinct, rich flavours. The braised beef chunks were also juicy and tender.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Fried Squid


Stroll along the stretch of food stalls, and this Fried Squid will stick out from the crowd. A giant deep-fried squid skewered on a stick, this snack will capture your attention with its monstrous size. A testament to Taiwan’s rich marine life, this is the treat to go for if you are looking to nibble on something hearty.

The battered squid is garnished with salt and pepper, allowing us to taste its rich and briny seafood flavour. The tentacles were also nicely charred, adding smokiness to the snack. We also appreciated how the meat was chewy and extremely “QQ”.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Mentaiko Pizza


Pizza lovers should definitely check out the Mentaiko Pizza! The mentaiko is imported all the way from Japan to ensure that customers savour the dish only with the freshest ingredients.

The pizza dough is thinly spread and baked, rising to form a crumbly, flaky crust. Toppings such as the cheese and mentaiko are then sprinkled and laden on the base before it is baked in the oven a second time. This allows the layered snack to have contrasting textures of both a doughy middle and crisp exterior.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous Rice


Sink your teeth in one of the most unique goodies available at the market: Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous Rice. Known as “little sausage inside big sausage”, a pork sausage is wrapped in a bigger sausage made from glutinous rice. Customers can also spice the snack up with a variety of condiments such as garlic, peppers, or pickled cucumber.

A perfect harmony of sweet and savoury, this pork sausage is addictively good. Chomp on the springy meat and you get a satisfying burst of flavour!


Ningxia Night Market Singapore Winter Melon Tea


Beat Singapore’s sweltering heat with a cup of Winter Melon Tea! Attaining the title of Taiwan’s national tea treasure, this chilled drink is made from winter melon and sugar that has been boiled for an hour.

Regarded as a summer beverage with hydrating health benefits, the drink was mellow with just the right amount of sweetness. The usage of fresh winter melon fruits also lent the drink a fragrant, all-natural nectarine aftertaste.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Taiwanese Oden Set


Taiwanese Oden, also known as Tian Bu La, is a traditional fried fish cake dish that has been moulded into various shapes and sizes. Made from a thick fish fillet paste, the mixture is slathered with sauce and seasoning before it is deep-fried. It is then skewered and enjoyed as a snack to go.

Ningxia Night Market Singapore Stir-fried Braised Snacks


Known as Lo-Wei, Stir-fried Braised Snacks features an assortment of vegetables and sides that customers can choose from before it is stir-fried and served. Customers can also have a fun time watching the chefs skillfully toss their ingredients!

Expect a colourful mixture of ingredients such as chicken hearts, livers and drumsticks that individually adds a unique flavour to the dish. Distinct, herbal flavour from its gravy also entirely permeated the various snacks, making it all the more delectable.

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Promising good vibes and good food, Ningxia Night Market is the perfect destination to make a beeline for when you are planning a day out during the weekends. Come on down and spoil yourself with Taiwan’s delicacies!

Ningxia Night Market Singapore
Siloso Point, Sentosa
Singapore 098997
Date: 16 Jan to 9 Feb 2020
Time: 5pm – 10:30pm

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