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HPB Healthy Rice Bowls

It is no secret that food plays an intrinsic part in the lives of many Singaporeans. We are a nation built upon the love of food – be it planning for an elaborate celebratory meal, or looking for a quick bite, the plethora of choices has allowed the average citizen to develop a more discerning palate.

The crux of the issue for most of us lies in the importance we place in the taste of the food above all else. Would you rather indulge in some good ol’ char kway teow or have a bowl of salad? If you picked the former, you are not alone. It is this incessant struggle between tasty and healthy food that the Health Promotion Board (HPB) seeks to address with its latest initiative: The Healthy Bowl Campaign.

Over the following months, more than 30 selected F&B outlets in Singapore will be rolling out healthy wholegrain rice bowls in four appetising flavours: salmon, chicken, turkey, and vegetarian. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness junkie, a working professional, or a self-proclaimed junk food connoisseur – as long as you are a fan of yummy and honest food, these healthy bowls are perfect for you!

HPB Naturel Wholegrain

Some of you may be curious as to why this initiative is centred around wholegrain rice. Much healthier than white rice, wholegrain options contain higher dietary fibre, iron, and zinc. Consuming a diet rich in wholegrains, such as brown rice, is beneficial to health as it may lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. It can also help in weight management. With all these benefits, it is no wonder that an increasing number of Singaporeans are swapping over to this more nutritious variant!

Naturel brand wholegrain rice, in particular, is naturally cholesterol-free and gluten-free. One serving of rice (150g) provides 300 percent daily wholegrain requirement (source: Lam Soon Group). Wholegrain rice has lower GI compared to white rice too, meaning that these Healthy Bowls can help those with diabetes to control blood glucose level as well.

HPB Healthy Bowl All

The following healthy wholegrain bowls are the result of a careful and thorough creation process by Chef Johnathan. The main takeaway of these bowls is simple: to create visually appealing food that is equally tantalising in taste, and made available to all at an affordable price. By cooking them simply, the hope is to familiarise locals with the natural flavours of quality ingredients.

Each bowl contains a satisfying serving of your protein of choice, a generous helping of garden-plucked vegetables in a variety of vivid hues, topped with a luscious sous vide-styled egg atop light and fragrant wholegrain rice. As the recipes have been pre-analysed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) under the Healthier Dining Programme (HDP) guidelines, the bowls contain sufficient nutritional benefit while remaining less than 600 calories. With such salubrious options available at affordable prices, eating healthier has never been this easy!

HPB Healthy Bowl Salmon Cooked


The reigning favourite according to customers surveyed, the Salmon Healthy Bowl is the ideal choice for many with its more intense flavour and textural contrast. Available in both cooked and raw forms, this wholegrain bowl evokes flavours reminiscent of its Scandinavian and Japanese counterparts.

For the latter, you can expect a light, refreshing, almost salad-like bowl that is an excellent meal option during hot and humid days. Conversely, the cooked alternative has a lush slab of salmon as its centrepiece, and is complemented by a drizzle of creamy miso sauce.

HPB Healthy Bowl Chicken

US Chicken

Featuring a cut of lean US-imported chicken, this recipe ensures that you are still able to savour the tenderness of the protein without incurring extra calories from fattier bits. If you are worried about your palate being unaccustomed to the taste profile of these bowls, try this bowl first: the specific vegetable and spice complements are selected as a loose homage to the local delicacy, chicken rice.

HPB Healthy Bowl Turkey

US Turkey

A leaner cut than chicken, turkey gets a bad reputation for being a bland and dry alternative. However, thanks to the recipe created by Chef Johnathan, the protein maintains a moist suppleness that pairs wonderfully with the crunch from the greens and bite of the wholegrain base. For those already on a clean eating lifestyle or have a more sensitive disposition, this is the pick for you!

HPB Healthy Bowl Vegetarian Alt


It is easy to dismiss vegetarian options as being uninspired secondary substitutes, but thanks to Chef Johnathan’s diligence, the result is a convergence of striking flavours that unequivocally rivals non-vegetarian alternatives. Each bite of the wholegrain rice with vegetables such as red cabbage, bell pepper and iceburg lettuce brings about a meticulously curated taste profile meant to reinvigorate you; as an added twist, a pinch of paprika is added for that extra spicy bite.

HPB Healthy Ice Cream Scoop

These Healthy Bowls are just the beginning of HPB’s efforts to encourage Singaporeans to adopt healthier lifestyles. In 2020, the Healthier Dining Programme will work with partners to explore additional pre-analysed recipes incorporating healthier ingredients such as wholegrain bread and noodles, and lower-sugar beverages and desserts. Together with the HPB’s Healthier Ingredient Development Scheme (HIDS) suppliers’ lower-sugar desserts by Woah! Protein and Udders Ice Cream, we already have access to healthier ice creams that are as delectable as their normal variants but with less calories!

HPB Chef Shot 1

Where to find these healthy and wholesome rice bowls in Singapore

1. Sunray Café – 1 outlet (
Address: 79 Brighton Crescent, Singapore 559218

2. Caffe Pralet – 1 outlet (
Address: 17 Eng Hoon St, #01-04 Eng Hoon Mansions, Singapore 169767

3. Deja Brew – 1 outlet ( )
Address: 1 Straits Boulevard, #01-02 Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore 018906

4. Huggs Epigram @ URA (
Address: 45 Maxwell Rd, #01-01 The URA Centre, Singapore 069118

5. Huggs @ OUE Downtown (
Address: 6 Shenton Way, Level 30 OUE Downtown Two, Singapore 068809

Coming in 2020:

1. Asia Food Cafeteria – 7 outlets

2. Gim Tim – 1 outlet (
Address: Blk 157, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 #01-546 Singapore 560157

3. Imperial Court – 1 outlet
Address: 190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #03-01 The Grassroots’ Club, Singapore 568046

4. Tim Delight – 1 outlet (

5. Qian Xi Restaurant – 10 outlets (

6. Kei Kaisendon – 5 outlets (

7. Ahmad Power Nasi Ayam – 1 outlet
Address: Blk 285 Yishun Ave 6 #01-02, Singapore 760285

Where to find Woah! Protein Lower Sugar Ice Cream in Singapore


Marina One, 5 Straits View #B2-17 (Marina One The Heart)

Raffles Place, 5 Raffles Place, #B1-19 (Raffles Place MRT Xchange)

Also available at

Supermarkets – Ecellente at Capitol Piazza, RedMan at Bedok Heartbeat

Online – WoahGroup, Redmart, Shopee & Qoo10

How to Participate in the Healthy Bowl Campaign for F&B Operators


Ambassador – Healthy Bowl Campaign
Tel: +65 6372 8825 | 8826 | 8827
WhatsApp: +65 8588 7808

Say goodbye to the days of monotonous meal planning. With each Healthy Bowl featuring a deliberate mix of protein, vegetables, and a wholegrain carb base, whether you are Team Salmon or Team Turkey, you will still get your daily nutritional intake for well within your daily calorie limit.

The next time you’re too busy or tired to cook, just on head down to any participating F&B outlet to grab a Healthy Bowl. It is a quick and fuss-free way to satiate your hunger, and better yet, you get a delicious meal while keeping to a healthy lifestyle; a definite win-win situation. Tasty food can be healthier too!

Check out the list of HPB’s Healthier Dining Programme Partners at

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