Kogane Yama – This Popular Donburi Eatery Has Introduced 4 New Chahan & 2 Ramen

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Kogane Yama, whose name translates to “Golden Mountain”, specialises in serving premium Japanese tendon and other traditional Japanese fares with modern twists and flavours. Known for using only the freshest ingredients and creating the most delicious dishes at a rather affordable price point, Kogane Yama is not one to disappoint.

This August, Kogane Yama has launched a new menu with 3 brand-new Japanese side dishes, 4 flavours of Chahan (garlic fried rice), 2 flavourful bowls of ramen and their National Day dishes, the Salted Egg Tori Karaage Don and Chilli Crab Tendon.

With the market still riding the strong wave of local-inspired dishes, Kogane Yama’s National Day dishes should definitely be on your must-try list. They will only be available from 1 to 31 August 2019 so savour these delectable donburis before they’re gone for good!

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Kicking off the meal were three brand new additions to Kogane Yama’s side dish menu. The selection features Idako (seasoned baby octopus), Chinmi (scallop frills) and Kurage (seasoned jellyfish). Prepared with fresh seafood and seasoned to perfection, these traditional Japanese side dishes are a great way to start your meal at Kogane Yama.

We particularly enjoyed the Kurage, seasoned simply with sesame oil, sesame seeds and Japanese chilli flakes. Simplicity at its best, the savoury taste and fresh crunch of the jellyfish definitely whet our appetites.

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Next up on the table was Kogane Yama’s new myriad of Chahan—an aromatic garlic fried rice. There will be not one, but four, new renditions of this Japanese classic, featuring 4 different types of meat and seafood—Unagi (eel), Salmon, Shirasu (white bait) and Chicken.

Japanese pearl rice is fried with egg, soy sauce and golden brown garlic chips to achieve that smoky flavour known and loved by Japanese cuisine fans. It is a savoury dish that is full of flavour yet still light on the palate.

unagi chahan kogane yama

Our favourites were definitely the Unagi and Salmon Chahan. The fresh flavour and buttery texture of the salmon paired perfectly with the aromatic fried rice, giving it that extra indulgence.

The Unagi Chahan, on the other hand, had a smoky and strong savoury taste, bringing an added depth of flavour to the lightly-flavoured rice. The smoky unagi paired immaculately with the crispy garlic and pearl rice such that we could not help but go for seconds!

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Kogane Yama has also released two new ramen dishes with an enriched pork-bone miso broth and springy Hokkaido-style ramen noodles. It comes with two different toppings—Seafood Miso Ramen and Pork Belly Miso Ramen.

The Pork Belly Miso Ramen contains thinly-sliced pork belly strips, fried cabbage and a perfectly runny Hanjuku egg. Simple yet full of flavour, this umami-bomb bowl of ramen will tingle and tantalise your tastebuds.

ramen set kogane yama

The Seafood Miso Ramen, on the other hand, comes with juicy prawns, scallops, squid slices and a Hanjuku egg—perfect for seafood lovers. The seafood adds a hint of sweetness to the rich miso-tonkotsu broth, making it even more indulgent and delicious.

You can complete your meal, making it a set that comes with a mini salad or chawanmushi (steamed egg) and a cup of green tea.

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Kogane Yama is well-loved for their generous portions and delicious Tendon bowls. This National Day, Kogane Yama has created one for Singaporeans and tourists alike to enjoy, featuring a nation-wide favourite flavour—Chilli Crab.

Thick, rich and with a kick of spice, the Chilli Crab gravy is drizzled over a generous array of deep-fried golden-brown ingredients including crispy soft shell crab, sweet potato and long beans. The perfectly-fried savoury toppings complement the sweet and spicy sauce and fluffy Japanese pearl rice.

This Tendon is definitely the show-stopper of Kogane Yama’s upcoming menu.

salted egg tori karaage kogane yama


If you’re following the cult-favourite Salted Egg trend that has been going strong in Singapore for the past few years, you will be absolutely delighted with this National Day launch from Kogane Yama.

Their Salted Egg Tori Karaage Don features crispy yet juicy fried chicken chunks, stir-fried with a thick salted egg gravy such that every single piece is coated. The salted egg sauce is not overly cloying, having a slight sweetness and a hint of spice from chopped chillis.

Topped with an onsen egg, the dish will be your most indulgent guilty pleasure this August. The Chilli Crab Tendon and Salted Egg Tori Karaage Don will only be available from 1 August to 31 August 2019 so catch these National Day specials before they are gone forever!

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Of course, something to quench your thirst while having such rich and indulgent flavours is necessary. Give Kogane Yama’s Japanese Sodas a try. They come in big pitchers and are great for sharing with friends.

The tanginess and tartness of the yuzu combined the mild sweetness of the yogurt make for a refreshing palate cleanser. It’s perfect in-between dishes or just as a way to wrap up a good meal with your pals!

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