Yamaya – The Affordable Japanese Restaurant in Fortune Centre You Never Knew About

Yamaya Cover

We often crave for Japanese food, but some days, we do have a budget that limits our choices.

Yama-ya Fortune Centre

We’ve stumbled upon Yamaya – a hidden gem stowed away in Fortune Centre—serving up delicious and filling set meals at a fraction of the price of the average Japanese restaurant. Check out what we ordered and our thoughts on this hidden gem!

Tendon Yamaya

We first ordered a Ten-Don Set (S$12.80) and we were pleasantly surprised by the generous portion of tempura-fried toppings. The set also comes with a side of Oden, pickled radish and sour plums.

The fried ingredients consisted of two juicy ebi prawns, two long beans, slices of eggplant, sweet potato, perilla-wrapped fish and pumpkin. A sweet ten-don sauce was drizzled atop the fried items and fluffy Japanese rice, completing the dish.

Shabu Don Yamaya

Next up on the table was the Shabu Don Set (S$9.80). A bed of Japanese pearl rice was topped with thinly-sliced beef with a sweet-and-savoury sauce and onions.

The set came with a Sesame Salad, an onsen egg, Oden, pickled radish and sour plums.

The best part was the gooey yolk that when burst, coated the beef, onions and rice oh so deliciously!

Yamaya interior

Yamaya is located on the first floor of Fortune Centre, and lunch hour sees hungry executives flocking there for cheap lunch sets. It dons a traditional wooden interior, making it look like it came straight out of a street in Japan.

190 Middle Road
Fortune Centre, #01-33
Singapore 188979
Mon to Sat: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 11pm
(Closed on Sundays)