Two Bakers – New Outlet At Serangoon With Affordable Mains, Beers and Nostalgic Desserts

Two Bakers Cafe

Having made its name as an artisanal dessert cafe at Horne Road, Two Bakers has opened their second outlet along Teck Chye Terrace. Helmed by Le Cordon Bleu Paris trained chef, you can expect the same quality food and French-fusion desserts at the Serangoon outlet.

Have you ever searched high and low for a particular treat from your childhood, yet to no avail? Well, with Two Bakers’ new Nostalgia dessert series, you can relive those beloved flavours and memories once again.

Two Bakers cover

In addition to their new selection of nostalgic desserts, Two Bakers also offers a whole new menu of mains, including a specially crafted dinner menu at the Serangoon outlet. With the mission to serve wholesome food for the soul and the motto of “eat well live well”, here’s why you really should drop by Two Bakers’ new outlet soon!

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Two Bakers Ribeye Steak Don


Definitely the star of our main courses, the Rib-Eye Steak Don is one indulgent rice bowl at Two Bakers. Atop a bed of warm rice sits a generous serving of marinated rib-eye steak, fresh cucumber slices, daikon radish, and a 62-degree celsius sous vide egg.

The beef was tender, juicy and full of flavour. Perfectly cooked to medium-rare, it paired so well with the fluffy rice. For more textural variety, mix the sous vide egg and enjoy all the goodness all at once.

Two Bakers S&S Don copy


Named after its star components, the don consists of seared scallops, grilled salmon, a sous-vide egg, furikake, edamame beans, sweet corn and a house-made chilli crisp topping on fluffy white rice. It’s sprinkled with some ebiko to add an extra element of fresh seafood flavour.

The best way to eat the don would be to first poke the sous-vide egg, letting the runny yolk coat the rice and toppings. Our favourite part of the dish had to be the house-made chilli crisps because they were so flavourful and it gave the dish a needed kick of spice, balancing out the rich flavours of the scallops and salmon.

Two Bakers Burger copy


Available at the Serangoon branch during lunch and dinner, the All-Star Burger (S$18) is one burger that is well-stacked with quality ingredients. Think well-seasoned patty that is thick and juicy and made out of minced beef chuck that sits with fresh and crunchy tomatoes and greens.

The burger also features grilled bacon slices that added a nice saltiness, completed with a fried egg and some cheddar. Slathered with pickled mayonnaise, the burger is held together with buttered buns. The burger is also served with a side of either fries or salad.

Two Bakers Mushroom Alfredo Pasta


Springy al-dente linguine noodles are coated in a sauce made from mushrooms, white wine, confit garlic, parmesan and cream. The pasta is topped off with a medley of shiitake and button mushrooms and another dusting of parmesan cheese.

The pasta, though unassuming in its looks, packs a huge amount of flavour with every bite. The savoury sauce coated each noodle well, ensuring that every bite of pasta would taste of that umami-filled cream.

The topping of grilled mushrooms lent even more earthy and savoury flavour to the pasta.

Two Bakers Dessert


Known for their artisanal desserts, we enjoyed a selection of locally-inspired sweets from Two Bakers’ Nostalgia Dessert Series. This series aims to awaken the child in you with each bite of their dessert.

If you’re planning on trying a few of the desserts, we suggest that you eat it accordingly to the flavour profile – from light to heavy – so you can fully experience each cake.

Two Bakers Bao Zi 1


Their bestseller “Bao Zi” (S$8.50) is probably the cutest of the lot. Shaped like a bao and served in the dim sum basket, this cake is made up of chrysanthemum white chocolate mousse, yuzu, lemon and matcha sponge. Very delicate oriental flavours; oh, how we loved this!

Like a cloud, the mousse was light and slightly perfumed, providing a good contrast against the zest from the citrus components as well as the bolder matcha sponge. It’s recommended that you cut all the way through the cake so you can taste all the components together.

Two Bakers Paddle Pop Cheesecake


Inspired by our popular childhood ice cream is “Paddle Pop” Cheesecake (S$8). Deceivingly created to look like a stick of very familiar ice cream, prepare to let this cheesecake boggle your mind!

The “Paddle Pop” Cheesecake is made from raspberry, lime, passionfruit and Blue Pea flower infused into the cheesecake. It is then backed by a nutty almond crumble. It wasn’t too cloying and the sweetness of the cake was very balanced.

Two Bakers Ondeh Ondeh


A rendition of the Nyonya dessert, Two Bakers’ Ondeh Ondeh (S$8.50) sees gula melaka jelly and pandan sponge encased in coconut mousse, then covered with desiccated coconut.

Reminiscent of kaya, the cake was light and fragrant. The desiccated coconut provided a good bite against the incredibly smooth coconut mousse.

Two Bakers Chocolate Rice Cake


Chocolate lovers will also have something to end their meal on here with Two Bakers’ Chocolate Rice Cake (S$8.50). Made to look like old-school swiss rolls and slice cakes covered in the iconic chocolate rice sprinkles, this cake transforms a nostalgic classic into a modern favourite. 

Cutting it open, you’ll see elements of 64% Valhorna chocolate mousse, white chocolate cremeux, cacao nibs and chocolate sponge. Finished simply chocolate sprinkles, this is why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Two Bakers Min Jian Kueh


Last but definitely not the least, we tried Two Bakers’ Min Jian Kueh crepe cake. We were excited to hear that one of Singapore’s favourite hawker desserts were being turned into a modern pastry!

Delicate Crepes are layered with Salted Caramel Chantilly Cream and Peanut Butter, then topped off with a thick coating of Chopped Roasted Peanuts. The cake was not too heavy on the palate and was extremely nutty.

The savoury note from the peanut butter and crushed peanuts added a nice touch to cut through the sweetness of the crepes and cream.

Two Bakers Beer Promo


In celebration of the opening of their second outlet, Two Bakers is having a beer promotion all day long—enjoy a bottle of beer for S$10 or a bucket of five bottles of beers for S$40 for a limited time only!

Two Bakers Interior

From now until 30 Aug 2019, our readers can quote “ladyironchef” to enjoy 25% off mains for weekdays lunch and dinner (Tuesdays to Fridays), excluding Public Holidays.

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