Nipong Naepong – Singapore’s First Jjamppong Specialty Restaurant To Satisfy Your Ppong Cravings

Nipong Naepong

The Korean food scene in Singapore has been on the rise over the last couple of years. This is not a surprise for many of us since Korea has been riding on the tidal wave of Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, and we all love Korean products.

Nipong Naepong has been on our little red dot for over a year now, satisfying the cravings of numerous Korean food enthusiasts with scrumptious Chinese-Korean cuisine. As Singapore’s first “ppong” specialty restaurant, the restaurant has seamlessly fused flavours inspired from around the world with impeccable flair.

For the uninitiated, jjamppong (ppong in short) is a Korean noodle dish typically served with spicy meat and/or seafood.

If you have been wanting to try jjamppong from all the K-Dramas you have been watching, drop by Nipong Naepong today! Two different amazing deals await,  too!

Nipong Naepong jjampong


Presenting customers with the ultimate steal for Nipong Naepong’s dishes, a selection of ppong is paired with a glass of grapefruit or citrus ade for S$12++ to S$15++. This lunch deal happens on Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 2pm!

Diners will be able to satisfy their cravings and experience unique combinations of jjamppong that will take their tastebuds on a fiery, flavour-packed journey.

Unable to head to a Nipong Naepong outlet during lunch hour? Fret not, they also have discounts during off-peak hours on weekdays for their à la carte items! The discount increases by 10% with every hour—from 2pm to 3pm à la carte items are 10% off, from 3pm to 4pm they are priced at 20% off, and during the last hour at 4pm to 5pm à la carte dishes are 30% off!

Offering customers a wide selection of flavours and textures of the Ppong, there are soupy, creamy and dry varieties to cater to a myriad of preferences. We tried a diverse selection of their dishes to help you decide which dish is the perfect one for you.


Dedicated to offering their diners with the most authentic flavours and food quality, Nipong Naepong ships all of their noodles, sauces and soup stocks directly from the franchise’s central kitchen in South Korea for the sake of authenticity.

Cha Ppong Nipong Naepong


Touted as the traditional and original form of jjamppong, the Cha Ppong (S$15.80) has a flavourful broth filled to the brim with jjolmyeon (Korean wheat noodles) and ingredients such as mussels, squid, prawn and quail eggs.

Cha Ppong is a crowd pleaser that offers a pleasurable spicy kick which adds further depth to the seafood broth. This is the dish for people who enjoy ramping up the heat; customers are able to choose the level of spiciness they prefer for their Cha Ppong, between level 1 and level 2 spice.

Tae Ppong Nipong Naepong


Inspired by Thailand’s Phad Thai, Tae Ppong (S$15.80) is a mildly sweet and spicy version. Wok-fried to enhance the dish, the ingredients come with a smoky aroma that raises the savoury flavours of the seafood.

Our table enjoyed the Tae Ppong for its creative take on Thai cuisine.

Tom Yum Ppong Nipong Naepong


The Tom Yum Ppong (S$14.80) a new one to the menu, and is Nipong Naepong’s take on the recognised Thai dish and comes in a cream sauce!

Cream sauce is typically heavier on the palate, but this dish carries the familiar fragrance of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and spice to cut through the creaminess. Tom Yum lovers will not be disappointed by this dish.

Vongole Ppong Nipong Naepong


Steeped in a bed of fresh seafood and spiked with white wine, the Vongole Ppong (S$16.80) will win the hearts of seafood lovers; it is served with generous portions of plump and briny clams.

Whole cloves of garlic are also used in the dish to heighten the savoury flavour profile of the Vongole Ppong.

Nipong Naepong Ro Ppong-Roje


Nipong Naepong has married the wonderful flavours of tangy tomato sauce and the richness of cream sauce in their Ro Ppong-Roje (S$17.80).

This “pink” sauce ppong will please every pasta fan; it truly has a complementary richness and freshness of both sauces to satisfy everyone. It is even topped with a substantial helping of mozzarella to make the Ppong even more lavish and incredibly mouth-watering. This was a favourite at our table.

Nipong Naepong Salad Ppong


Presenting light and refreshing flavours for a wholesome meal, the Salad Ppong (S$15.80) is filled with a colourful variety of mixed vegetables, succulent seafood and chewy jjolmyeon covered in sweet chilli dressing!

The Salad Ppong is both sweet and savoury all at once and is even covered in a blanket of parmesan cheese; an appetising and well-rounded meal indeed.


Spinning their own twist onto Italian Risottos with their signature sauces and soup stocks shipped from South Korea, Nipong Naepong keeps it classic with Arborio rice to maintain a delectable richness to the dish.

Spicy Keu Risotto Nipong Naepong


Drawing a mild level of heat from chilli oil that is combined with cream sauce, the Spicy Keu Risotto (S$15.80) will tantalise your tastebuds with the burst of flavours from the drool-worthy smoky aroma of the wok-fried seafood.

Soi Chicken Risotto Nipong Naepong


Providing diners with an explosion of umami flavours, the Soi Chicken Risotto (S$11.80) is a dish the children will love, especially with the pile of bonito flakes that it is topped with.

This risotto is yet another innovative Thai-influenced flavour that is presented with chunks of soy seasoned chicken and deep-fried shallots. This is also one non-seafood alternative on the menu for those who may not fancy shellfish.


South Korea is known for its creative take on pizzas with interesting combinations of toppings that the rest of the world would never have thought to put together! Nipong Naepong rides on this creativity while adding their own originality and flair to it.

Ninae Pizza Nipong Naepong


Seamlessly marrying savoury and sweet flavours, the Ninae Pizza – Spinach (S$18.80) is topped with a large helping of fresh spinach leaves, juicy cherry tomatoes, dollops of cream cheese and just the right amount of drizzled honey. To enjoy our slice of pizza, the staff recommended that we roll it up!

We could not help but be amazed yet again by Nipong Naepong’s creativeness. The tortilla base provides a salty foundation that is complemented by the velvety texture of the cream cheese and cut by the sweetness of the honey. The vegetables also adds a layer of freshness to the palate.

Sweet Potato Pizza Nipong Naepong


Finish your meal with the Ni Pizza – Sweet Potato (S$16.80). A favourite among customers for the velvety smooth sweet potato puree, this addictive pizza comes with a helping of homemade whipped cream to dunk your slice into before enjoying the myriad of flavours dancing in your mouth.

We were told that the best way to enjoy this pizza is to fold it like a slice of New York pizza and scoop the whipped cream up with it.

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