Sugar Thieves – A Hidden Patisserie At Kreta Ayer With Gorgeous Pastries

Sugar Thieves Compilation

Cafes come and go but we can tell you that this hidden gem of a bakery is currently one of the best patisseries in Singapore. Despite its tiny space, it is comfortable and smells of fresh croissants with a hint of dried roses.

Sugar Thieves, opened in December last year, is a local bakery that specializes in mousse cakes and croissants. Their desserts are not just pleasing to the eye, but taste absolutely ambrosial on your tongue too.

Sugar Thieves Exterior Signboard

Tucked away in the quiet streets of Kreta Ayer is the small, cosy bakery—Sugar Thieves. They can be easily missed so keep a look out for their modern wooden-panelled exterior and white signboard. Or just try spotting their freshly baked croissants sitting near the window.

Sugar Thieves Croissants

Sugar Thieves Houjicha Croissant

The moment you step inside, all you can smell is the buttery aroma of their croissants. They have many flavours and they do change occasionally; this includes flavours such as Houjicha (S$6.50), Hokkaido Milk (S$5.50) and even a Truffle Parmesan flavour (S$7)!

We tried the Houjicha Croissant and it did not disappoint. It was crispy, flaky and most importantly, stuffed full of light and fluffy Houjicha cream. We initially had our doubts on how strong the tea flavour would turn out to be but it exceeded expectations.

Sugar Thieves Strawberry Watermelon Cake Group Shot

Trying the Strawberry Watermelon Cake (S$8.90) was truly a pleasure. It was light, fluffy and refreshing. The sweetness was just right, offset by the fresh strawberries, grapes and watermelon.

Normally, sweet cream gets rather jelak after a while, but this cream was cloud-like and complimented the overall cake well. There was also a hint of rose to the cake and the perfumed taste of watermelon and rose lingered on quite a while after we had finished the cake.

Sugar Thieves Avocado Cake

Saving the prettiest for last, we had their avocado mousse cake, coined the “Avo” (S$8.90). It was a pretty petite piece that made us do a double take; it looked so much like an actual avocado! Well, they used an actual avocado peel for the base.

Taking a scoop of the creamy avocado cheesecake mousse revealed the chocolate sponge cake underneath. The addition of the “seed”—a macadamia nut praline—brought the cake to a whole new level, adding an element of savoury to it. This is the kind of cake you bring home to mama.

Sugar Thieves neon sign

Sometimes, when food looks too good to be eaten, they usually don’t taste all that great but Sugar Thieves has got the best of both worlds with their bakes.

One thing to note is that although we had their cakes in-house, they have a very small space and only have limited seating options. So, it may be better to take those cakes and croissants home to enjoy.

Sugar Thieves
Blk 333, #01-23
Kreta Ayer Rd
Singapore 080333
Tel: +65 9850 4377
Wed to Sat: 12pm – 6pm
(Closed Sun – Tue)
Nearest Station: Outram Park