Rich & Good Cake Shop – Singapore’s Most Famous Old-school Swiss Rolls

Rich & Good Cake Shop Kaya Roll

Nestled among the many shophouses that pave the streets of Kampong Glam, Rich & Good Cake Shop stands as something of a confectionery institution in Singapore. They specialise in a variety of Swiss rolls that come in several flavours from chocolate, mango, green tea to blueberry and even durian.

The two flavours, however, responsible for their claim to fame are their Kaya Swiss roll and Durian Swiss roll. Perhaps it’s due to the sense of nostalgia that these classic flavours evoke, but one thing’s for sure, they taste mighty darnn good.

Rich & Good Cake Shop Kaya Swiss Roll

Swirled with pandan-infused kaya, the Kaya Swiss roll is, without a doubt, one of our all-time favourites. The sweet aroma of pandan, coupled by the semi-sweet coconut jam filling makes this modest-looking Swiss roll just the best tea time snack.

We love that it isn’t overly sweet nor laden with insane amounts of filling but still hits the spot nonetheless, and the pillowy exterior also does well to give the roll a nice texture.

Encased within a soft, durian-accented roll is a cream filling mixed with creamy durian. The ratio between durian cream to sponge cake is perfect, such that neither of them overwhelms the other. The roll is sweet but is nicely balanced out by a subtle saltiness in the cream itself. A hit among durian lovers, this is must if you’re thinking of bringing a dessert over to a house party—provided they’re fans of durian as well.

Rich & Good Cake Shop Chocolate Roll

The flavours and creamy texture of their Chocolate Swiss roll resemble the humble chocolate cake sold in many heartland bakeries. This is by no means comparable if you’re talking about the best chocolate cake around but it does sing of nostalgia, giving us a blast to the past to a time when being able to indulge in a decadent chocolate cake could only happen during birthday celebrations.

Rich & Good Cake Shop Strawberry Roll

The one thing that makes their cakes stand out—and we’re sure most of their fans would agree too—is that their Swiss rolls are incredibly fresh-tasting and will never, ever give you a sense that it was prepared days prior. Take their Strawberry Swiss roll for instance.

Wrapped in between the sponge cake lies swirls of sweet strawberry cream that is nicely underscored by a tinge of sourness—a particular quality that could only be achieved by using fresh strawberries. Their Swiss rolls are all made fresh daily and the benefits include a stronger aroma and fresher flavour.

Rich & Good Cake Shop Exterior

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street,
Singapore 198887
Tel: +65 6294 3324
(Closed on Sundays)
Mon: 10.30am – 5pm
Tue to Sat: 9am – 5pm
Nearest Station: Bugis / Nicoll Highway