Hong Kong’s Famous Lin Heung Tea House Is Not Closing For Good

Lin-Heung-Tea-House Renewed

Proudly standing as one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most popular tea houses and perhaps one of the only few places left that still serve dim sum the traditional way—chaos, screaming old ladies and all—Lin Heung Tea House was speculated to close for good in February 2019 but has since, managed to renew its lease for another 3 years, operating under a new name, Lin Heung Tea Room, on March 1—so hoorah for that!

Hailed as one of the top attractions in Hong Kong and a tourist hot spot for those who crave the ultimate and most authentic dim sum experience, the age-old establishment is one spot to visit if you want to experience traditional Cantonese dim sum.

Lin Heung Tea House Interior

As authentic as a proper Cantonese yum cha experience can get, dining at Lin Heung Tea House over in Central has always been a must for us with every visit to Hong Kong. The only main difference now is that dinner services will no longer be available, so we suppose our only option is to get ourselves out of bed earlier from now on.

Granted that dining there is always one heck of an intimidating and at times frustrating experience, that’s part of the whole experience. No one is going to have their hand held here. You need to go with the flow and be as ravenous as a local.

Lin Heung Tea House Exterior

We love everything about the place, from the ambience, the high levels of stress you experience just to have your order placed and of course, the wonderful dim sum dishes.

What’re you waiting for? Get those tickets booked and have yourselves a solid dim sum meal at Lin Hueng Tea House.

Lin Heung Tea House
162 Wellington Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2544 4556
Daily: 6am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Central