[Closed] STACK – Muslim-Owned Sandwich Parlour With Ballsy Flavour Combinations


Sandwiches are a common-thread dish that literally every culture and cuisine in the world shares. They may come in different shapes, sizes, fillings and what not, but at the heart of it, a sandwich is basically bread, sauce and meat (sometimes veggies too).

Crafting a great sandwich, let alone a decent one, is not as easy as it sounds. You’ve got to balance textures and flavours, moistness and crunch. Everything, from the type of bread you choose, to the way you decide to prepare your proteins, your pickled elements and your vegetables, they all require careful thought in order to yield satisfying results.

Nestled within Camelia & Co, newly-opened Stack is a Muslim-owned sandwich parlour that serves up tasty, hearty and photo-worthy sandwiches. Creativity and a ballsy attitude are key attributes that have led them to come up with so many of their bestsellers.

STACK The Makcik


Nicely balancing moistness and crunch, we can understand why The Makcik (S$13) is a crowd favourite. Cooked low and slow in a fragrant rendang, the tri-tip develops a lean, fork-tender exterior, as well as a robust, heady aroma—just enough to give the sandwich that fiery punch of flavour without overshadowing the other components.

The rendang was spicy, as it should be, and the pickled onion and slightly chilled greens did well to provide a crunch as well as a brightness to the sandwich, nicely combating the richness.

STACK Bamboozle


Aptly named because the sandwich itself is so full of flavour that you’ll fail to realise the absence of meat, the Bamboozle (S$9) is a sandwich that packs formidable finesse and balance. The garlic aioli was light yet assertive in both aroma and taste and complemented the flavours of the mushrooms nicely.

A show of class in the way each and every individual component is executed, this umami-packed megalodon is something that we’ll likely make several return trips for.

STACK Sleepy Nonna 2


Besides savoury sandwiches, Stack offers sweet alternatives as well. The idea of the Sleepy Nonna (S$9) was just too hard to resist. Comprising a ripened banana, Nutella, crushed Oreos and Swiss cheese, all comfortably stacked between two golden slices of French toast, we just knew we were in for one heck of a sinful (but satisfying) experience.

STACK Sleepy Nonna

It’s literally everything you could ever want in a bite, provided things like weight-gain and health issues were not a concern—and that’s saying a lot. Was it good? Absolutely. Would we get it again? For the sake of our health, probably not.


4 Jalan Klapa,
Singapore 199316
Tel: +65 6904 8117
Daily: 10am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Bugis