KFC’s New Tori Katsu Burger & Bonito Fries Are Umami Flavour Bombs!

KFC Tori Katsu Burger

If there is one thing that all Singaporeans can agree on, it is that we love our fried chicken. And when fried chicken is mentioned, it rarely takes long before most minds gravitate toward KFC.

Their regular menu items are stellar, but we always get excited whenever they launch a brand new seasonal item; it gives us even more reason and where fried chicken is concerned, what can possibly go wrong?

Taking inspiration from the Japanese katsu—a meat cutlet that’s deeply marinated and coated in panko breadcrumbs before being deep-fried—and the all-time favourite street snack, takoyaki, KFC Singapore is proud to present their latest innovations, the Tori Katsu Burger and Bonito Fries.

KFC Tori Katsu Burger 2

If you’re a fan of all things crunchy, succulent and slathered in katsu sauce, look no further because KFC’s new Tori Katsu Burger (S$5.50) is every fried food lover’s dream.

The burger consists of a succulent, perfectly marinated slab of KFC’s signature chicken fillet that is generously coated with panko breadcrumbs and fried to perfection. The cutlet is topped with Japanese white shredded cabbage and coated with KFC’s delicious, savoury katsu sauce and mayonnaise.

KFC Tori Katsu Burger

All this goodness is held together by two fluffy, thick sesame buns which nicely ensure every bit of umami-packed goodness stays in place. The moment we sank our teeth into the burger—and into the super crunchy chicken cutlet—we knew that there was no turning back.

The chicken was incredibly tender, and all of its juices were nicely locked in. The breadcrumbs really elevated the entire burger and gave it a satisfying crunch that no mere flour-based batter could give.

KFC Tori Katsu Fries

To complement the burger, what else could we pair with it other than a serving of fries?

Accompanying the stellar burger is the Bonito Fries (S$4.50)—golden shoestring fries that have been deep-fried to a perfect crisp and topped with katsu sauce, mayonnaise and bonito flakes.

Delightfully crunchy with a sourish tang from the katsu sauce and sweetness of the mayonnaise, we were beyond sold.

KFC Tori Katsu Burger Group Shot

The Tori Katsu Burger Meal includes one Tori Katsu Burger, one medium fries as well as one regular Pepsi Black for only S$7.55.

If you want the whole deal, get the Tori Katsu Burger Deluxe Meal which includes one Tori Katsu Burger, one Bonito Fries and one regular Pepsi Black for just S$8.75.

If you’re feeling a bit more peckish, you can always opt for the Tori Katsu Box which includes the Tori Katsu Burger, a piece of chicken, one regular fries, one regular whipped potato as well as one regular Pepsi Black for just S$9.45.

KFC Eating Shot

Starting today, the Tori Katsu Burger and Bonito Fries will be available at all KFC outlets, except Changi Airport Terminal 1, Kidzania and Singapore Zoo, so hurry down now to try out their new creation, we promise you that it is worth it!

This post was brought to you by KFC.