Red Holic – Tteokbokki & Giant Mandu Korean Eatery By Super Star K

Red Holic Collage

Red Holic is where lovers of Korean food can settle in for some of the tastiest tteokbokki around. Helmed by the same folks behind Super Star K, this cosy joint boasts a myriad of home-style Korean stews, dumplings and other tasty delights that go well with beer or soju.

Red Holic specialises in comforting Korean food in the likes of classic tteokbokki, ramyeon and Korean street snacks. While their menu is pretty selective, this Korean eatery does make for a nice pit stop for a quick snack on the go or for your friends and yourself to retire to over drinks after a hard day’s work.

Red Holic Kimchi Mandu

Kick start your meal with one of Red Holic’s Giant Mandus (Korean dumplings). Red Holic serves a selective variety of this classic Korean street snack at a relatively affordable price per piece.

Red Holic Kimchi Mandu 2

We opted for the Giant Kimchi Mandu (S$1.80++ per piece) and each piece came steaming hot and stuffed with generous amounts of kimchi, minced pork and glass noodles.

While the variety of textures, flavours and tongue-tingling heat surprised us in some way, we would have much preferred if it was less dry.

Red Holic Crispy Chicken Jjajang Tteokbokki Collage

If you are tired of drooling over the Jjajangmyeon you often see in Korean dramas, hop over to Red Holic and order up a portion of Jjajang Tteokbokki that will satisfy any of such cravings.

The Crispy Chicken Jjajang Tteokbokki (S$27.80++) comes with Korean ramyeon noodles, quail eggs, 2 pieces of fried mandu, tteokbokki and pieces of diced up chicken thighs that are deep-fried to a nice golden brown.

The Jjajang sauce was mildly sweet and savoury with a slight spicy kick to it, which we felt went pleasantly well with the tteokbokki and ramyeon. The fried chicken arrives tender on the inside and crisp on the outside but we suggest you finish them up quickly before they turn soggy.

Red Holic Beef Brisket Tteokbokki 1

If you’re a fan of spicy food, don’t beat around the bush and head straight for the Red Holic Tteokbokki which comes with a broth that is equally as sweet as the Jjajang sauce, but with a fiery element that will impress.

The Red Holic Beef Brisket Tteokbokki (S$28.80++) can feed 2 to 3 people nicely given its size. Similar to the Crispy Chicken Jjajang Ttekbokki, this dish gives you the best of both worlds as it comprises both ramyeon as well as their signature Tteokbokki. Carbs aside, this dish will fill you up with the beef brisket, fried mandu as well as glass noodles too!

Red Holic Menu 1Red Holic Menu 2

Tanjong Pagar may be home to plenty of Korean restaurants—this area is known to be Singapore’s ‘Little Korea’ after all—but what makes Red Holic stand out is their exceptional tteokbokki which are undeniably one of the best that we tried.

And while Red Holic’s menu is rather limited, they definitely deliver when it comes to quality. Should you wish to indulge in inexpensive and hearty Korean fare that is not overly pretentious, Red Holic is a great place to consider.

Red Holic
88 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088509
Tel: +65 6224 1064
Daily: 11.30am – 2am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar