28 Restaurants, Cafes And Bars In Tanjong Pagar To Explore After Work


From The Quarters’ trademark durian crème brulee to Miss Molly’s fusion laksa pasta, third culture proprietors have successfully transformed Tanjong Pagar from a ghetto zone into a cultural splendor. The rows of charming old heritage shop houses are now homes to a melting pot of cafes and restaurants.

While Korean restaurants seem to dominate the dining scene at Tanjong Pagar, we cannot deny the existence of many other up-and-coming eateries. The historic district of Tanjong Pagar is so popular that even award-winning Tippling Club and Gattopardo Restaurant have shifted to the bustling neighbourhood and never looked back.

Here is our guide to 29 bars, cafes and restaurants in Tanjong Pagar:



Bar-Roque Grill is a French restaurant located at the corner of Amara Hotel and you can choose to dine in its lavish dining room or chill out over drinks at its terrace bar. Don’t forget to try their free-range chicken cooked by Singapore’s largest rotisserie.

Their prices are pretty reasonable; dig into a hearty two-course set lunch (S$34) or pop by on a weekday between 5pm – 7:pm and enjoy their one-for-one happy hour.

165 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-00
Tel: +65 6444 9672
Mon to Fri: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Sat: 6pm – 10.30pm
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Listen up cake lovers. You are missing out on some serious good stuff if you have yet to visit Cake Spade. The owners of Cake Spade strive to provide maximum satisfaction with every bite of their creations and freshness is of utmost importance; no artificial preservatives have been used in any of the baked-from-scratch desserts.

Brilliant tasty creations include their signature strawberry tofu cheesecake (S$5.90 per slice) and nutella fudge crumble (S$4.20 per slice) – we found ourselves hopelessly addicted to their crunchy biscuit base.

1 Tras Link
#01-06, Orchid Hotel
Tel: +65 6444 9672
Mon to Thurs: 12pm – 9am
Fri to Sat: 12pm – 10.30pm
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



As implied in its name, Chicken Up sells chicken that is worth queuing up for. Koreans may frown and debate about the authenticity of the fried chicken, but that is only because Chicken Up has adapted its traditional methods in its preparation. Chicken fats have been removed from the skin prior to being double fried and the end result is a juicy, fried but less greasy tender chicken.

Having said that, the chicken remains sinful and you might as well go all the way with their seemingly harmless but lethal watermelon and apples soju. Do note that Chicken Up has a large following so do make a reservation in advance or be prepared to queue up.

48 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6327 1203
Mon to Thurs: 5.30pm – 2am
Fri to Sat: 5.30pm – 3am
Sun: 5.30pm – 2am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar


Unlike its flashier neighbours, Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant’s simple entrance makes it easy to overlook the eatery. Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant is one of Tanjong Pagar’s oldest residents; it has been around for more than two decades!

Old is gold indeed; the restaurant is one of the best restaurants around and it is not hard to see why loyal patrons keep returning for more. Must-orders include the grilled sotong, chicken satay and spicy kang kong.

66 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6220 6619
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 9.30pm
Sun: 6pm – 9.30pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Drury Lane Cafe’s recently revamped their menu but drool worthy classic dishes such as baked eggs and muffins are here to stay. Drury Lane Café’s muffins have captured the attention of many for its tastiness and unique payment concept – you get to pay whatever amount you deem fit and we hope everyone takes this opportunity to be generous instead of stingy. The shop house can be easily spotted with its bright red doorframe and workaholics rejoice – there’s free WIFI too!

94 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6222 6698
Mon to Tue: 8am – 6pm
Wed to Fri: 8pm – 10pm
Sat to Sun: 10am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare’s new location at Tras Street is significantly smaller than its previous home at Fort Canning, but its presence remains at large. The charming two storey shophouse exudes romantic European vibes with its stylish décor and passersby will find themselves struggling to resist the restaurant’s inviting courtyard.

The beautiful alfresco-dining on the cozy balcony upstairs had us sold and we proceeded in with no regrets. Chef Lino Saruo has over 25 years of culinary expertise in preparing Sicilian dishes and strives to use only sustainable seafood. From entrance to departure, the entire experience is impeccable; gorgeous elegant interiors, exceptional service with attention to details and mouthwatering Southern Italian cuisine.

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34 Tras Street
Tel: +65 9325 8843
Mon to Fri: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Sat to Sun: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

Everton Park is quickly becoming the latest it neighbourhood. Some call it the new Tiong Bahru, and it is not difficult to see why. Since Nylon Coffee Roasters and Grin Affair started here in 2012, this quiet HDB neighbourhood has been drawing foodies to explore the area. Here is our guide to cafes and eateries in Everton Park.


Han Kook Kwan Korean Restaurant is one of Singapore’s oldest Korean restaurants. Korean BBQ is a hit here – you will not regret ordering their best selling seasoned primed rib with soy sauce (S$38) and seasoned pork rib with soy sauce S$28). Their pan-fried spicy squid (S$35) and seafood pancake (S$20) are also worth the calories.

26 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6224 2881
Mon to Fri: 11.30am – 6am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Everything at House of Dandy is as fine and dandy as you imagined but do not let the luxurious 1920s Manhattan-style decors mislead you into thinking that a drink costs a bomb.

Alcoholic drinks actually start from S$8 and its patrons are mainly corporate lads and ladies. Bespoke cocktails can be created by their talented mixologists upon request or choose the King Seat Daisy cocktail which has been featured in World’s Best Bar’s best spring cocktails list.

House of Dandy is also listed in our guide to Top 5 Bars in Tanjong Pagar.

74 Tras Street
Tel: +65 8661 2340
Mon to Sat: 5pm – late
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



It seems like the novelty of cold pressed juices is not wearing off anytime soon in sunny Singapore. Over at Juice Junkie, BPA-free bottles of fresh organic cold-pressed juices are going at around S$10 each.

For those not in the know, cold pressed juices are inherently different to typical juices in their slow juicing method; heat is significantly minimized and nutrients are more effectively locked in due to negligible oxidization. The end result is a raw juice in its most nutritious state.

68 Duxton Road
Tel: +65 9177 1489
Mon to Fri: 10am – 5pm
Sat: 11am – 4pm
Sun: Closed

Kko Kko Nara


Kko Kko Nara is famous for their Korean fried chicken, which are available in the following flavours – hot and spicy, sweet and spicy, soy garlic or original. While everyone visits them for their addictive chicken, there are also other noteworthy items on the menu that are worth trying i.e. spicy sausage stew. Opened till 3am daily, Kko Kko Nara is also a popular destination for a late night of soju.

68 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6225 9282
Daily: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 3am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Les Delices may be a newcomer in the Tanjong Pagar vicinity but is no stranger to the media. Co-owner cum pastry chef Georgina Sim was previously trained in Le Cordon Bleu; the culinary school has groomed famous graduates such as American Chef Julia Child and Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio.

Instead of succumbing to industry’s demands of coffee and customizable cakes, the Parisan-style café has decided to focus on a limited menu of French pastries and teas. Their specialty is the cream filled light Choux Pastry (S$5.90) but their other desserts such as the rich Heavenly Valrhona Chocolate Dome (S$10.90) are equally popular. Each cake has been paired with either an English or Chinese tea to bring out the best flavours.

333 Kreta Ayer Road
Tel: +65 6225 9282
Mon: 1pm – 7pm
Tue to Thu:1pm – 10pm
Fri to Sat: 1pm – 10.45pm
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Telok Ayer

Menya Sanji


Most of us are used to the broth of Kurume ramen, where its soup is prepared with solely pork bones. But things are a little different at Menya Sanji – The pork bones are simmered together with a myriad of other ingredients such as chicken bones, vegetables and even seafood. The resulting broth is less oily than the conventional ramen.

The milky soup base of Menya Sanji’s signature Sanji Ramen is prepared with a pig’s head, painstakingly cooked for over 20 hours with other secret ingredients and then served with thick wheat noodles, boiled egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, fungi and thick slices of roasted char shu. A bowl of this Kagoshima-style goodness starts from S$11.50.

1 Tras Link
#01-04, Orchid Hotel
Tel: +65 6604 8891
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

Mission Juice


Cold pressed juices are all the rage right now with their endless health benefits. Located just a two-minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit A is Mission Juice, a juice specialist with a mission to save the world with their cold pressed juices.

Mission Juice has proved that healthy things can taste good too – they sell only the most nutritious and freshest fruit juices with no added sugar. Must-try juices include Breakfast Surprise (S$5) – a mixture of apple, orange, passion fruit and pineapple.

12 Gopeng Street
Tel: +65 8202 1355
Mon to Fri: 8am – 6pm
Sat: 12pm – 5pm
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

Miss Mollys


You may remember Miss Molly on Instagram for its pretty rainbow cakes (S$8.90) but we were actually drawn to the café in early 2014 after hearing about its sambal belachan shrimp linguine – a dish that was neither Italian nor Asian.

Miss Molly’s menu may be a tough nut to crack but its fusion dishes such as Laksa Pasta with Prawns (S$13.80) and Har Jiong Kai Sandwich (S$8.80) have resonated well with the younger generation who are excited to try Miss Molly’s exotic offerings. While the taste of the special dishes remain debatable, Miss Molly’s definitely deserves some recognition for their brave attempt in marrying Asian flavours into Western cuisine.

2 Craig Road
Tel: +65 6222 2671
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 11pm
Fri to Sat: 12pm – 12am
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Are we in Seoul? We questioned ourselves immediately upon stepping into the restaurant. We heard endless of chatter in Korean and even the music was of course, Korean. One Two Kitchen Korean BBQ & Restaurant is a new addition to Tanjong Pagar’s K-Town but has already gained a fandom with its Izakaya-style ambience and irresistible marinated pork belly.

89 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 9234 0950
Daily: 6pm – 6am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Stop by Pho Stop for a budget-friendly Vietnamese meal. Start your meal with a fresh chicken salad (S$7) before digging into bowls of piping hot pho with sliced beef (S$8.30). Do make sure to check out their bar above called the The Bar Above, which offers an enchanting view of The Pinnacle at Duxton with its dazzling fairy lights.

72 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6534 8178
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 10pm (Pho Stop), 6pm – late (The Bar Above)
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

Keisuke Tonkotsu Ramen


A long queue formed outside Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King is a common daily sight for residents in Tanjong Pagar. Their award winning Tonkotsu Ramen Special (S$14.80) was crowned as the best in Singapore back in 2012.

Till date, the delicious thick milky broth remains unrivalled. Celebrity Chef Keisuke Takeda whom emerged champion out of over 30,00 ramen chefs in the 2011 Tokyo Ramen Championships is the rightful owner of the Keisuke brand. Their ramen surpassed all our expectations and that is not all – Keisuke also offers free flow eggs and bean sprouts to all diners.

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King is also listed in our guide to Singapore’s best ramen.

1 Tras Link
#01-19, Orchid Hotel
Tel: +65 6636 0855
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Celebrity chef Keisuke Takeda is so confident with his ramen creations that he did not hesitate opening another ramen shop just a minute away walk away from his Tonkotsu Ramen outlet.

Located on the third level of 100AM shopping mall is Ramen Keisuke Tori King. Their specialty is in its chicken broth – made from chicken bones and chicken feet. Other essential ingredients such as Japanese seaweed are also added to the arduous eight hours boiling process. Chef Keisuke Takeda has successfully challenged the notions of conventional ramen by completing it with generous portions of tender chicken thigh meat. A bowl of chicken broth ramen starts from S$11.90.

100 Tras Street
#03-15, 100AM
Tel: +65 6604 6861
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar


Ramyun and Soju is a no frills Korean ramen noodle bar. A set meal starts from only S$9.90 and is inclusive of a bowl of noodles, a beverage of your choice and a dish of kimchi. You can choose from original spicy broth to dry black bean paste and add toppings such as cheese and rice cake at additional S$2 each. While their springy noodles are not fantastic, they do offer a quick and filling budget meal.

1 Tras Link, #01-03, Orchid Hotel
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

Located within the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area is Duxton – the ideal destination for an interesting foodie experience. From Melbourne-inspired hipster cafes to Italian restaurants, the dining scene in the Duxton neighbourhood is undeniably vibrant. Read our guide to Duxton Hill’s best restaurants, cafes and bars.


Squires and Scoundrels places a great emphasis on fun and their playfulness is evident from their incredibly early happy hour timing – it starts from an astonishing 3pm! The bar serves tasty wagyu beef and chicken burgers with recommended beer pairings.

The burgers (from S$18) are interestingly named after famous cities such as New York and Madrid. Keep yourself entertained by challenging your friends to a game of shuffleboard or pose for a picture with their pop-graffiti art.

72 Duxton Road
Tel: +65 6635 6604
Mon: Closed
Tue to Fri: 3pm – 12am
Sat: 6pm – 12am
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

Teppei Chirashi


Teppei Japanese Restaurant at the ground floor of Orchid Hotel has been gaining a steady following because of its extremely affordable omakase (prices start from S$50/pax). Another highly-raved about dish that has earned its regulars’ loyalty is its barachirashi (S$17.60).

The barachirashi is pretty decent and inexpensive – probably the cheapest chirashi you can get in Singapore. It suffices as an introductory bowl for first-timers, decent enough, but there are many more chirashi-don out there that shout freshness and variety way better.

#01-18, Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link
Tel: +65 6222 7363
Daily: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar


The Quarters provides caffeine fix (from S$3.70) to the working crowd and gourmet satisfaction to foodies seeking exotic fusion food. As mentioned earlier on in the introductory paragraph, Durian Crème Brulee is served here at S$7 each.

Every item on the menu at The Quarters has a unique Singaporean local twist i.e. Shiok Burger’s crumbly pork patty (S$17) has hints of curry spices that will leave an unforgettable aftertaste. You can also purchase sealed jars of salted egg aioili and belachan here – they make great gifts for budding chefs!

16 Enggor Street
Tel: +65 6834 4174
Mon to Thu: 8am – 10pm
Fri: 8am – 10pm
Sat: 10am – 10pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar


Ranked as one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants for the past few years, Tippling Club certainly needs no introduction. While some dismiss the award-winning bar as a pretentious gastronomic destination, we have to admit that their cocktails have never failed to impress.

Bubble tea (S$18) is a unique concoction of apple, citrus and gin infused with melon & mangosteen – nothing like the Taiwanese bubble tea we expected. Other interesting picture worthy drinks include Purple Drank (S$23) and Juniper Sling (S$23).

The former is a playful cocktail mixed with curaco, candy gomme, citrus, raspberry and vanilla & raisin spirit, served in a cough syrup bottle. The latter is a fragrant cocktail made of cassis, cinnamon syrup, gin, cherry bitters, grand marnier and junipher, served in a Penhaligon’s perfume bottle.

38 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6475 2217
Mon to Fri: 12pm – 12am
Sat: 6pm – 12am
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



While competition may be fierce and even threatening to some restaurants along Tanjong Pagar Road, Todamgol clearly remains unaffected by its new neighbours. Opened since November 2011, the Korean restaurant still faces a relentless queue at the entrance every single day.

Todamgol serves a delectable variety of authentic Korean dishes such as the popular Korean Stew Bu Dae ji Gae (S$35) and Korean glass noodles Jap Chae (S$18). Their daily late night opening hours sees crowds toasting to soju till 3am. Now you know where to head to on Sunday and Monday nights!

31 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6224 7077
Mon to Fri: 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 3am
Sat to Sun: 5.30pm – 3am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar



Two Blur Guys burger shop was started by two self-proclaimed blur guys in 2012. Each delicious burger is served with a fresh homemade potato leafy salad.

1 Tras Link
#01-13, Orchid Hotel
Tel: +65 6636 4183
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

WA Bar

#26 WA BAR

WA Bar is a franchise from South Korea that specialises in beer. Their menu offers an assortment of Korean and Western fare and Korean pop fans are in a treat – the large flat screens play pop Korean music videos all night long! But WA Bar is not limited to just K pop fans. With their wide selection of beers and decent bar food menu, it is one of the go-to watering holes and a great place to unwind after work.

64 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6224 7073
Daily: 11am – 3am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar


Located inside Icon Village, Whips Cupcakes is known for their cute mini cupcakes that are priced at only S$1.00 each. There are up to 12 flavours to choose from and the more interesting ones include nutella, marshmellow and M&M! Customised fondant toppers are available upon request.

#01-85, 12 Gopeng Sreet
Tel: +65 6222 5432
Mon to Fri: 11.30am – 6.30pm
Sat to Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

5 The Moments


5 The Moments is actually a 2-in-1 concept of a film photography company and an ice cream shop. The beautiful café showcases an array of images from their photography portfolio and patrons interested in enquiring about wedding shoots should make an appointment in advance.

A wide selection of ice cream is available (choose from dark truffle chocolate to New York cheesecake) at S$4.80 per scoop. Their delightful waffles are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

73 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: +65 6222 5337
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 11pm
Fri to Sat: 12pm – 11.30pm
Sun: 12pm – 11pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar