Uni Gallery: Fulfil Your Uni Dreams At This Uni Specialty Restaurant + 1-for-1 Uni

Uni Gallery Food

Uni (sea urchin) is a highly prized Japanese delicacy that can be enjoyed in many forms—raw as sashimi or prepared as a topping on sushi. Highly valued for its sweet and briny flavours, uni has an exquisite creamy consistency that melts almost immediately in your mouth.

It’s as if our prayers have been answered! A restaurant in Singapore dedicated to uni-everything is a legit dream come true. We don’t know about you but we are truly ecstatic about Uni Gallery—a uni-centric restaurant set within The Plaza at Beach Road.

And if you have never had uni before, you ought to visit this hidden gem because you have been missing out. Aside from the large selection of uni specialities, this is also the place where diners are treated to seasonal sashimi and other classic Japanese dishes such as Chirashi Don and Donburi.

From now until 30 April 2018, enjoy 1-for-1 uni sashimi (30g per portion). Uni Gallery has several types of uni sashimi on their menus and prices range from S$28 to S$62. The complimentary item must be of the same value or of a lower price.

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Uni Gallery Interior

Nestled in the basement of a mall many of us may not even have heard of, Uni Gallery at The Plaza (which is just behind PARKROYAL on Beach Road) is inconspicuous and hard to locate, but give up the search and you may just regret.

With quirky Japanese-inspired murals on every wall, Uni Gallery provides a cheerful and inviting ambience. While most established Japanese restaurants would have just a few uni dishes on their menu, Uni Gallery is where your senses take flight with premium uni that are mostly from Japan and other places such as L.A’s Santa Barbara and British Columbia in Canada.

Ruibe Uni Shutou


The Uni Ruibe (S$45 per serving) is one heck of a sensational item at Uni Gallery and even for those who have tried uni before, this is #nextlevel enjoyment. The intense oceanic brininess of the uni was mind-blowing and there was no competition when it came down to its delicate and creamy texture. Trust us, this is truly worth the splurge.

Marinated in kombu, this is one of the most traditional ways of enjoying uni since the Japanese first did it almost a thousand years ago.

Uni Karatsuki


Another star dish at Uni Gallery is the Uni Karatsuki (S$30), in which the fresh seasonal uni is cracked open and served immediately so guests are able to have it straight from its shell.

For the purists, this is the best way to enjoy uni at its freshest without the addition of any condiments that will alter its original salty ocean scent and buttery taste.

Uni Sake Shot


For a bright and umami-packed explosion in your mouth, we highly recommend giving the Uni Sake Shot (S$18) a shot—pun not intended—or more.

The initial taste that hits your tongue will be the briny, somewhat savoury uni followed by the intense flavour of alcohol mixed with shoyu. Just be mindful to keep the contents in your mouth for a few seconds to properly savour the layers and not chug the entire thing down.

Uni Oyster Shot


Taking luxury to a whole new level is the Uni Oyster Shot (S$24). Served in a larger-than-usual oyster shell is a mixture of ikura, oyster and uni. The size of each uni oyster shot may seem daunting, but slurp them all in one mouthful to bring your taste buds on a gastronomical journey.

The combination of the briny oyster, salty ikura and luscious uni makes for one intense flavour explosion.



A dish that is both gorgeous to look at as well as a joy to eat, the Le Tetsuya (S$48) is another must-try premium item. Uni and Sturgeon caviar sit atop fresh, shredded Hokkaido crab; with just 3 key components, this dish may sound simple but it certainly blew us away.

We particularly loved the combination of flavours that this dish brings as you get a delightful balance of both sweet and salty notes respectively from the naturally sweet crab to the fresh ikura and umami-packed uni.

Tokusen Sashimi


For a hit of variety, we highly recommend getting the Uni Tokusen Sashimi (1 pax – S$38, 2 pax – S$74, 3 pax – S$110, 4 pax – S$142) that features seven types of sashimi including one type of uni—all of which are specially curated according to when each fish is at their seasonal best.

The sashimi at Uni Gallery is airflown from Japan four times a week so you can be sure of maximum freshness.

Uni Sampler Set


True uni connoisseurs are in for a treat with the Uni Sampler Set (5 types – S$98, 4 types – S$85, 3 types – S$74). Hefty as the price tag might seem, it is actually great value when you consider that the same quantity of premium uni you find elsewhere might cost 2 to 3 times more.

It is really worth it to give this platter a shot because you get to sample different varieties of uni such as bafun, murasaki, aka, ensui and uni shutou. Yes, in case you were wondering, uni do not all taste the same!

Uni Ikura Chirashi


While the 2-Type Premium Uni Ikura Chirashi (S$68) may not exactly be affordable, expect a generous portion of uni and salmon roe! You will find two types of premium-grade sea urchin and salmon roe covering a bed of sticky Japanese rice.

Those who find raw uni overpowering can start off with this as the rich uni flavours are balanced out when paired with vinegared rice and fresh slices of cucumber.

Uni Aglio Olio


An unconventional order at Uni Gallery is the Uni Mentaiko Pasta (S$38) which is topped off with briny karasumi shavings. While it may not be what you are expecting from a Japanese dining establishment, we give props to the chef for being innovative with the menu.

Uni Gallery

As mentioned earlier, from now until 30 April 2018, enjoy 1-for-1 uni sashimi (30g per portion). Uni Gallery has several types of uni sashimi on their menus and prices range from S$28 to S$62. The complimentary item must be of the same value or of a lower price.

To redeem this promotion, simply like Uni Gallery on Facebook and quote ‘ladyironchef‘ to enjoy this 1-for-1 promotion.

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Uni Gallery by Oosterbay 
7500A Beach Road
#B1-310 The Plaza
Singapore 199591
Tel: +65 9838 8209
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Nicoll Highway

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