Sushi Jiro – Luxurious Wagyu Don Lunch Set At S$50++ & 20% Off Japanese Sake

Sushi Jiro Lunch

Originally located at East Coast, Sushi Jiro is an established Japanese restaurant in Singapore with over 20 years of history. Today, the prestigious restaurant nestles within Marina Mandarin Singapore and still continues to provide top-notch Japanese cuisine, using only traditional Japanese culinary preparation methods and execution.

Having been to Sushi Jiro countless times, the restaurant is now one of our top choices when it comes to Japanese fine dining. And this time around, we’d like to share with you some very amazing lunch promotions that would be for a nice lunch with your colleagues or simply some quality me-time during your lunch break.

For the entire month of March, Sushi Jiro is having an enticing lunch promotion where you get to enjoy a Wagyu Don Set for S$50++ (U.P. S$68++), Una Don for S$48++ (U.P. S$58++) and their signature Sushi Course Lunch Set for S$80++ (U.P. S$100++). Additionally, there is also a 20% discount on all Japanese sake and wine across lunch and dinner—this applies every day of the week so you have no reason to not drink up.

Simply quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy these deals that are valid for the entire month of March 2018.

Sushi Jiro Chef Kenji


Japanese cuisine comprises many different types of dishes but one that will always win our hearts is Wagyu Don, or otherwise known as ‘gyudon’ in Japanese. It is essentially a rice bowl filled with warm Japanese rice pearls and is layered with premium beef slices before light soy sauce is drizzled on top.

Sushi Jiro Wagyu Don

Sushi Jiro’s luxurious Wagyu Don (S$50++/ U.P. S$68++) is definitely something that is worth going back countless times for. Using only top-grade wagyu that Chef Kenji gets from Australia, the perfectly-marbled beef slices are masterfully seared to perfect medium-rare doneness.

Sushi Jiro Wagyu Don Onsen Egg

The beef is complemented with a runny onsen egg, fried garlic chips, soy sauce and a handful of chives. Break the egg yolk and mix the ingredients together with the rice to achieve rich, luxurious and creamy textures.

What sets Sushi Jiro’s Wagyu Don apart from others is in importing only superior Australian beef and Japanese seasoning.

And at S$50++ for the lunch set which includes a serving of chawanmushi and miso soup, this is a complete steal. The Wagyu Don is otherwise available on its a la carte menu at regular times for S$68++ per bowl.

Unadon Sushi Jiro


Unagi (eel) is the most talked about produce this season and there is honestly nothing to dislike about the Unadon (U.P. S$58++) at Sushi Jiro. Go for lunch in March and enjoy the special promotional price of S$48++ per set.


What you can expect is a generous portion of perfectly grilled unagi lying on a bed of thinly sliced egg crepes and sticky Japanese rice. The unagi fillets are accompanied with a serving of thick soy-based marinade, sesame seeds and some tsukemono (Japanese pickles).

Sushi Jiro Unagi Don

The slightly charred edges of the unagi gave it a deeper and earthier taste, which we felt had a good balance with the sweet, caramelised sauce. If you are looking for a more premium version of this perennial Japanese favourite, Sushi Jiro’s Unadon will not leave you disappointed.

And you’d be happy to know that Sushi Jiro only uses premium Japanese eels; they do not get their eels from anywhere else in the world.

Sushi Jiro Lunch Set


Both Wagyu Don and Una Don are served with a portion of chawanmushi and miso soup as part of the lunch set promotion.

Sushi Jiro Sushi Platter


Alternatively, Sushi Jiro’s Sushi Course Lunch Set is another crowd pleaser to consider. The sushi course comprises a starter, chawanmushi, 8 pieces of seasonal sushi, negitoro and ikura rice, miso soup, and dessert.

Something worth raving about is the sensational Negitoro and Ikura Rice which features ikura, minced fatty tuna, sushi rice and a tiny smidgen of fresh wasabi—every mouthful is a combustion of interesting flavours and textures.

Sushi Jiro Sushi Collage

If you quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making your reservations, you only have to pay S$80++ per pax for this sushi lunch set instead of S$100++ per pax. This is one all-time favourite lunch deal, by the way!


Now, the only thing left to do to complete your dining experience is to pair your Japanese food with Japanese sake and wine!

Sushi Jiro is currently running a 20% promotion off all sake and wine on their expansive drinks menu so there really is no reason why you should be skipping alcohol for your next meal there.

And if you have always wanted to try premium Japanese alcohol (man, the Japanese make really good alcohol beverages!), this is your chance because it is not every day that you get a 20% discount off something so premium, yes?

Sushi Jiro Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard
#04-600 Marina Mandarin Singapore
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6445 3055
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Nearest Station: Esplanade

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