5 Luxurious Menus For Chinese New Year Reunion Dinners That Will Please Your Folks

Man Fu Yuan_Fortune Prix-Fixe Menu

Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore is renowned for serving up excellent Cantonese fare with a bold and modern approach. Having won several accolades including the prestigious ‘Best Asian Restaurants Award’ by The Straits Times and Lian He Zao Bao, this established restaurant presents a selection of perennial favourites from fresh seafood to delicately hand-crafted dim sum.

Expect nothing less from the culinary team this Lunar New Year.

Let your senses take flight as you embark on a flavour trip with one of the 5 festive menus (Prosperity, Success, Abundance, Harmony and Fortune)—all curated and handcrafted by Executive Chef Eric Neo and his team of experienced chefs. Available until 2 March 2018, the menus include auspicious highlights available from S$118++ per guest.

We recently experienced the culinary highlights of the prix-fixe menus for ourselves. It was a memorable lunch and it reminded us once again why Man Fu Yuan remains as one of the finest dining destinations for all who enjoy an authentic Cantonese feast in Singapore.

Man Fu Yuan Lo Hei Collage


All Chinese New Year meals begin with a round of lo hei. Welcome the festivities with a toss to a prosperous year ahead with Chef Eric’s new creation—the Prosperity Yu Sheng that can be found in the Success Menu (S$188++ per guest) and the Harmony Menu (S$1388++ for 10 guests) which features Hokkaido scallops, salmon, and Sake Goma sesame dressing.

Lo Hei_

Those looking for a more indulgent celebration can opt for the Fortune Menu (S$2888++ for 10 guests) which features abalone in addition to the two other fresh seafood options.

Man Fu Yuan Soup


When it comes to culinary technique and traditional Chinese cooking flavours, few execute both as flawlessly as Chef Eric. The Double-boiled Chicken Soup with fish maw, bamboo pith and Matsutake mushrooms is a fine example of his culinary prowess in a bowl—fine, flavourful and pleasantly balanced.

In making this soup, pork bones are boiled for four hours to extract the rich flavours and goodness, and rare fresh Matsutake mushrooms are then added along with the other ingredients to impart umami to the broth. This hearty soup is crafted to delight through its delicate yet robust aroma and flavour which not only left us in total awe, but our souls wanting more.

This glorious soup can be found in both the Abundance Menu (S$1188++ for 10 guests) and the Harmony Menu (S$1388++ for 10 guests).

Man Fu Yuan Pen Cai


A household staple during Chinese New Year, Pen Cai is essentially a claypot filled to the brim with goodies such as premium seafood, pork, chicken, vegetables and more, it is a one-dish-wonder that will no doubt impress.

At Man Fu Yuan, the traditional Pen Cai—otherwise known here as the Man Fu Yuan Abundance Treasure Pot which is available on the Fortune Menu (S$2888++ for 10 guests), as a á la carte order, or as a takeaway—is amped up with a total of 18 indulgent ingredients. Expect to find prized delicacies such as 10-head whole abalone, Canadian lobster, Hokkaido scallop, live prawns, pig’s trotter, dried oyster and many more delectable ingredients within.

Man Fu Yuan Lobster


Tender, fresh and accented with a punchy yet aromatic wine aroma, the Steamed Lobster with Chinese Wine & Egg White is a stellar dish that is well worth the expense. The egg white provides a nice richness to the dish and also acts as a sponge to absorb all that delicious sauce.

Remarkably ambrosial, this lobster dish is unlike any other lobster dish that we have tried before and is a true testament to the saying that if you have fresh ingredients, the simplest preparation will yield the best results.

Man Fu Yuan Steamed Fish


A steamed whole fish is always a delight on any Chinese table, and it’s almost always served at holiday meals and special occasions. This is especially true for Cantonese families during the Lunar New Year.

The Steamed Tiger Garoupa with Mushrooms and Chinese Ham is a dish that is sure to please. The fish is tender and moist, with the Chinese ham imparting a savoury and somewhat creamy aftertaste to complement the fish’s naturally sweet taste.

Man Fu Yuan Glutinous Rice


Yet another family favourite, we were awestruck by the Glutinous Rice with Boneless Chicken in Lotus Leaf (S$68++)—available as a á la carte dish and in their takeaway menu—not just because of the richness of flavours in the dish, but in the way that the dish was presented to us.

Before going ahead with the first bite, we were first greeted with a whiff of the warm spices and herbs which made the dish all the more appetising. Chef Eric also shared with us that the chicken is first deboned, stuffed with chestnuts, mushrooms and gingko nuts and deep-fried, before the entire bird is wrapped with fragrant glutinous rice and lotus leaf then steamed to impart a secondary level of flavour to the dish.

Man Fu Yuan Double-Boiled Hashima


Last but most certainly not the least is the Double-boiled Hashima in Whole Coconut.

A sweet dessert soup comprising dried longans, lotus seeds, red dates and hashima, this dessert is the best way to end off the glorious meal with its nourishing ingredients and refreshing taste.

Man Fu Yuan_Takeaways_Prosperity Hamper


If you’ve planned for a feast at home,  InterContinental Singapore has got you covered with a delightful array of Chinese New Year goodies for takeaways that are ideal as gifts or for celebrations at home.

Until  2 March 2018, guests may select from a showcase of highlights such as the Man Fu Yuan Abundance Treasure Pot (S$398nett), and the Triple Happiness (S$598nett) feast comprising three of Man Fu Yuan’s signature dishes that are ideal for up to 10 guests.

Convey your well-wishes with the Opulence Gift Hamper (S$398nett) that features delicacies such as Superior Bird’s Nest, Abalone, Riondo Sesto Senso Prosecco, home-made Pineapple Tarts, Almond Cookies and Nian Gao.

For reservations, enquiries or to place an order, please call 6825 1131, email [email protected], or visit InterContinentalShoppe.sg.

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