Taiwan’s Original Cake Opens At SingPost Centre – 500 Free Original Cakes On 16 Dec

Original Cake Singpost Centre

The most popular cake brand in Taiwan—Original Cake—is opening its second outlet in Singapore!

Original Cake first opened in Westgate Singapore with much fanfare in September 2017 and steady queues were seen every day. Their Original Cakes are so popular and we are fans too!

Taiwan Original Cake

Come 16 December 2017, Original Cake is unveiling its second outlet at SingPost Centre. You wouldn’t believe it, but the first 500 shoppers will be entitled to a free Original Cake! No strings attached; just a complimentary piece of fresh cake if you are the first 500 shoppers in line.

And for the 501st to the 800th shoppers, you get to purchase an Original Cake at only S$2! Here’s everything you need to know about Original Cake.

Original Cake Chefs

Original Cake is a well-known bakery from Taipei that specialises in Original Cakes that are baked using traditional recipes.

Original Cake Tilting of Cake

Each and every Original Cake made by Original Cake is hand-made with fresh ingredients of the highest quality such as egg, milk, vegetable oil, sugar and flour. And the best part is that all their cakes are pork and lard-free.

Original Cake Castella Cake

Original Cake in Singapore features three different flavours—their signature Original, Golden Cheese and Frozen Chocolate. We honestly cannot decide which one we like best but the Original Cake is always a comforting option for it is the classic one that can never go wrong.

The Original Cake is a very unadulterated egg sponge cake that is made of fresh eggs, milk and flour—delicately married together to create a Original Cake that is creamy, luscious with a pillow-like fluffiness. Some might find it too plain, but that’s the way we like it—so simple yet so good.

Original Cake Cheese Castella

There is also the Golden Cheese version that comes with two layers of sliced cheese within the cake, topped with a generous sprinkling of cheese powder on top. It is slightly salty yet at the same time, you would taste the subtle overlapping sweetness.

Then, there is the Frozen Chocolate version—which is also the most popular one. This slightly unconventional version introduces HERSHEY’s dark semi-sweet baking chocolate chips in the mix. The end result is a decadent Original Cake that brims with chocolatey goodness.

Come 16 December 2017, Original Cake opens its 2nd outlet at SingPost Centre and if you are thinking of missing the opening; think again.

Original Cake Cheese

They are giving out FIVE HUNDRED FREE ORIGINAL CAKES. If you are lucky enough to be the first 500 shoppers, you will be able to walk away with a portion of freshly baked Original Cake completely free of charge.

Otherwise, if you are next in line and are the 501st to 800th shoppers, you are still in for a treat. The Original Cake will be yours at only S$2 per portion (limited to one cake per shopper). This is still an ultra sweet deal and is every reason for you to join Original Cake at their second outlet opening.

The grand opening time is 10:30am. We will see you there!

Original Cake Singapore
SingPost Centre
#B1-141/142/143, Singapore 408600
Nearest Station: Paya Lebar

This post is brought to you by Original Cake Singapore.