Taiwan’s Original Cake Opens In Singapore – Free 800 Castella Cakes On 23 Sep

Original Cake

Original Cake, Taiwan’s famous Castella cake shop, is opening its first outlet in Singapore on 23 September 2017 at 10.30am.

Original Cake is a well-known bakery from Taipei that specialises in Castella cakes. Staying true to their original recipe derived from tradition, they have since come up with new and innovative variations to trump the competition—namely their Frozen Chocolate version that is made with HERSHEY’s chocolate chips that we are all excited for!

Having only been established in 2010, they already have four outlets in Taiwan and eight outlets around Malaysia (3 in Penang, 3 in Klang Valley, 1 in Putrajaya and 1 in Johor Bahru); this is a true testament to their success and outstanding Castella cakes.

To celebrate its official opening, Original Cake will be giving away free 800 Castella cakes on 23 September 2017 (on a first-come-first-serve basis).

Original Cake is known for serving fresh, out-of-the-oven Castella cakes that are made upon order to keep up with the highest standards for their customers.

Original Cake Westgate

Each and every Castella cake made by Original Cake is hand-made with fresh ingredients of the highest quality such as egg, milk, vegetable oil, sugar and flour. And the best part is that all their cakes are pork and lard-free.

Original Cake Singapore

The components that go into their Castella cake (or any Castella cake in general) may not be the most complicated or luxurious, but given the appropriate treatment and care, the end result is always guaranteed to be fluffy with pillow-like perfection.

Original cake’s cakes first outlet here in Singapore will feature three different flavours—their signature Original, Golden Cheese and Frozen Chocolate.

Original Cake Original Castella Cake


The original version comprises fresh eggs, milk and flour, delicately married together to create a Castella cake that is creamy, luscious and insanely fluffy. You get a poignant aroma of freshly cooked eggs and a richness from the milk which is just a beautiful treat to have.

Original Cake Cheese Castella Cake


The best-selling Golden Cheese flavour introduces two layers of sliced cheese within the cake plus a generous sprinkling of cheese powder on top. The salty kick derived from the cheese provides a heightened level of savouriness that is an excellent accompaniment to sweet tea.

You will be glad to know that Original Cake makes it their utmost priority to keep their cakes as healthy as possible. Their practice of introducing a low sugar and low-fat health concept makes it ideal for the whole family to enjoy—minus the guilt.

Original Cake Chocolate Castella Cake


This is the one that we are sure many are excited to try. This slightly unconventional version introduces HERSHEY’s dark semi-sweet baking chocolate chips in the mix. The end result is a decadent Castella cake that brims with chocolatey goodness.

The use of dark chocolate also provides a depth of flavour without being overly sweet—which means health nuts can enjoy this treat as well!

Each mouthful is a sensation of sheer joy that only true chocolate lovers will understand. But do not simply take our word for it; you will have to try it for yourself to be convinced.

Original Cake Takeaway

We think that it is pretty safe to predict hour-long waits and snaking queues for this highly anticipated Castella cake shop when it officially opens on 23 September 2017 at Westgate in Jurong East. But we say for Original Cake, it is well worth the wait.

Original Castella Cake

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