Migabon – Popular Korean Traditional Porridge In Myeong-dong


Migabon is an eatery in Myeong-dong which specialises in Korean porridge. Juk, or Korean porridge, is a local delicacy and there not many places in Seoul that do it better than Migabon. We love indulging in Korean barbecue and sinful Korean fried chicken but there are days when we want to settle for a comforting bowl of juk.

Apart from their delectable range of porridge dishes, Migabon also serves Ginseng chicken soup. 

Migabon Interior

Breakfast is the best time to visit Migabon and the crowd starts filling in before 9am. As the restaurant is located on the second level of a building, there may be a queue forming at the first floor once it starts getting crowded.

Most people have a quick meal here and leave as Migabon is not the type of place where you will linger around to chitchat.

Migabon Mushroom and Beef_

The star of the show goes to their Mushroom and Beef Porridge (W8,000). There was a great balance between the rich minced beef and light mushroom and the combination of these two ingredients gave the dish interesting textural variety on the taste buds.

Migabon’s rendition is the definition of how a good bowl of porridge should be like—flavourful and smooth.

Migabon Abalone

Something else to consider is the Abalone Porridge (W10,000) which has a much lighter flavour has compared to the Mushroom and Beef Porridge. It makes for a hearty option during breakfast but we prefer having it together with banchan given at the side to boost its overall taste.

Migabon Ginseng Chicken

Migabon’s Boiled Chicken with Ginseng (W13,000) came with the usual ingredients such as ginseng, sticky rice and garlic stuffed in a whole chicken.

While we enjoyed the mild flavours of the Samgyetang, it was decent at best compared to the ones we tried at Tosokchon and Korea Samgyetang. So for those who are visiting Migabon, we would recommend sticking to the porridge.

2-2 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 2752 0330
Daily: 8am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Myeong-dong

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