Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 – 15 Unbelievable Mooncake & Dining Promotions

Fave Mooncake Collage

Mid-Autumn Festival is round the corner. You know what that means… Mooncakes, lanterns and family dining. If you are too busy with work to go mooncake shopping, let Fave help you out with these incredible selections!

For Mid-Autumn Festival 2017, Fave is pulling out all the stops to give you premium quality mooncakes at affordable prices so that you have an even better reason to rejoice and celebrate with your family and loved ones.

Aside from mooncakes, there are also attractive dining deals to be had. What better time to treat your loved ones to a sumptuous meal than now? Read on to learn more about these 15 unbelievable mooncake and dining offers for Mid-Autumn Festival 2017!

Bakerzin Mooncakes


One would know Bakerzin for their colourful high-quality macarons. This mooncake season, try out their skilful mix of mooncake flavours instead! Their Signature Collection features traditional baked mooncakes perfect for the conventional.

For more adventurous taste buds, try the Pure Divine Collection and Heavenly Collection that features interesting flavours like chempedak, Taiwan mango, yuzu and even black sesame. Best yet, get all 3 collections!

Check it out here: 3 boxes of mooncakes (Signature Mini, Pure Divine & Heavenly) at S$88 (U.P. S$142). The Bakerzin’s mooncake promotion ends on 20 Sep 2359hrs, this is your last chance to purchase it!

Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Mooncakes


Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery (Hue Kee) is a household name in Singapore when it comes to mooncakes and their traditional mooncakes definitely cannot be missed during this festival. Savour these festive delicacies with a box of 4 single yolk white lotus mooncakes—ideal for sharing!

Check it out here: Box of 4 Single Yolk White Lotus Mooncakes with Premium Gift Packaging at S$32.80 (U.P. S$53.60). The Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectonary’s mooncake promotion ends on 20 Sep 2359hrs, this is your last chance to purchase it!

Duke Bakery Mooncakes


Indulge in the luxurious offerings by Duke Bakery with their 4-Piece Box of Black Sesame Mooncakes. Share these sweet treats amongst family and strengthen familial bonds under the graceful glow of the bright moonlight. The mooncakes themselves feature a smooth and luscious black sesame paste that is both nutty and sweet, and a firm yet soft texture just waiting to melt gloriously in your mouth.

Check it out here: Box of 4 Black Sesame Mooncakes at S$43.40 (S$62)

Fu Chong Mooncakes


Tuck into a sweet and tangy medley with Fu Chong’s 8-piece box of fruity mini snowskin mooncakes. Slice into golden portions of durian, soursop, and mango mooncakes for a scrumptious feasting together with the family. If the fruity aromas and vibrant colours are not enough to tickle your fancy, we are truly lost as to what will.

Check it out here: Box of 8 Durian, Soursop and Mango Mini Mooncakes at S$40.80 (U.P. S$52)

Haagen-Dazs Mooncakes


A beautiful set of chocolate coated ice cream mooncakes, featuring luxurious contemporary designs. Each set contains 6 mooncakes in an assortment of flavours, including 2 mango ice cream, 2 chocolate ice cream, 1 green tea ice cream 1 vanilla ice cream.

Check it out here: Box of 6 Twinkle Night Mix Set at S$56.25 (U.P. S$75)

Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncakes Mooncakes


Being the best-selling mooncake brand in Hong Kong, experience or exude class and sophistication this Mid-Autumn Festival with the limited edition Delicate Trio Mooncake from Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncakes. It comes in a variety of 3 different, unique, and exquisite flavours that include lava egg yolk with white lotus seed paste, lava custard, and egg custard.

Check it out here: 2 boxes of 6 Hong Kong Mei-Xin Premium Delicate Trio Mooncakes (Limited Edition) for S$89 (U.P. S$136)

JW Marriott Singapore South Beach Mooncakes


Be one of the first to indulge in JW Marriott’s first collection of mooncakes this Mid-Autumn festival! Share a box of JW Marriott’s chocolate truffle mooncakes which comes with an assortment of different types of truffle (chocolate XO liquor, green tea lemongrass, citrus and berry) and sample contemporary flavours encased in tradition.

Check it out here: Box of 8 JW Marriott Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes at S$76.70 (U.P. S$95.88)

Mandarin Orchard Singapore Mooncakes


Sink your teeth into the fresh and unique flavours of Mandarin Orchard Singapore’s selection of mooncakes, ranging from savoury flavours like mixed nuts and jamón ibérico to traditionally sweet double yolk and white lotus paste.

Check it out here: Box of 4 Mandarin Collection Mooncakes can be yours at S$54 (U.P. S$72).

Orchard Hotel Singapore Hua Ting Mooncakes


Relish in the joy of cherished reunions with the contemporary flavours of Hua Ting’s delicately crafted mini snow skin mooncakes. Each box includes 8 mini snowskin mooncakes to share among loved ones, featuring flavours like white lotus paste with Champagne ganache, and more! Allow these little snowskin gems to entice you with their refreshingly luscious, creamy profiles, contrasted beautifully with their soft exterior.

Check it out here: Box of 8 Hua Ting Mini Snow Skin Treasures at S$58.21 (U.P. $72.76)

TCC Mooncakes


While traditional mooncakes still reign as the de facto treat of the season, The Connoisseur Concerto (tcc) brings a twist to the conventional mooncakes with new novelty snowskin flavours in their popular alcohol collection. Bite into snowskin mooncakes crafted with complementing liqueurs like Grand Marnier orange peel, Baileys Amore, Cherie brandy, and zesty yuzu Bacardi.

Check it out here: Box of TCC Royal Elixir Mini Alcoholic Snowskin Mooncakes at S$48.70 (U.P. S$69.55)

TungLok Mooncakes


This festive of the Mid-Autumn season, gift loved ones with a box of TungLok mooncakes. Each box comes with 4 pieces of egg yolk white lotus mooncakes that provide a robust and creamy mouthful—perfect when paired with a cup of Chinese tea.

Check it out here: Box of 4 TungLok Egg Yolk White Lotus Mooncakes at S$41.60 (U.P. S$57.80)

Wo Peng Cuisine Mooncakes


Fans of durian get excited because this is a promotion you do not want to miss out on. Experience a symphony of tastes and textures in your mouth with a harmonious blend of the yummy and piquant flavours of Mao Shan Wang durian encapsulated by a soft delicate snow skin. Each box consists of 9 pieces of mooncakes, ideal for sharing with family and friends.

Check it out here: Box of 9 Mao Shan Wang Durian Snow Skin Mooncakes at S$42 (U.P. 83.46)


A-One Restaurant


Drop in to get a taste of delicacies cooked in a clay pot for a healthier alternative as less oil is used. Take a pick from a wide array of choices such as claypot dried chilli frog’s meat, claypot bak kut teh, claypot bitter-gourd with pork ribs, and much more.

Deal: S$100 Cash Voucher For Asian Cuisine at S$60 (U.P. S$100) or S$50 Cash Voucher For Asian Cuisine at S$30 (U.P. S$50)

Jumbo Seafood Dish


Savour fresh lobsters, prawns, crabs, clams, and more, or dine on signature dishes like chilli crab, golden salted egg prawns, and crispy-fried baby squids. Located within a country club and overlooking a prestigious golf course, this award-winning restaurant has received multiple accolades including Singapore Prestige Brand Award, Excellent Service Award, and Singapore’s Best Restaurants 2016 awarded by Singapore Tatler.

Deal: S$200 Cash Voucher For Live Seafood and More (Fri to Sun, Eve of PH & PH) at NSRCC at S$150 (U.P. S$200)

Mouth Restaurant Dish


Treat your loved ones to a meal that could whet your appetite with scrumptious dishes of abalone, sautéed duck meat, Thai king crab, and more. This is a 9-course meal fit for royalty that would surely be the highlight of the conversation.

Deal: 9-Course Abalone, Crab and Seafood for 6 People at S$198 (U.P. S$468.40)

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