LingZhi Vegetarian Has A New Menu That Even Meat Lovers Will Go Mad For

LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian dining is very seldom on the top of anyone’s lists, but LingZhi Vegetarian may prove to be the only exception. It has really set the benchmark for vegetarian cuisine to an almost unbeatable level. Even religious meat lovers like us were impressed!

Offering a straightforward yet dazzling new menu, diners can expect to fall head over heels for their vegetarian versions of Lasagna, Peking Duck and even Satay.

So whether you follow a strict vegetarian lifestyle or are someone who’s looking for healthier, tastier options, LingZhi Vegetarian has a new menu that is waiting to please your taste buds.

Lingzhi Vegetarian offers a contemporary vegetarian experience that seeks to change local perceptions about Chinese Vegetarian cuisine.

Gone are the primitive, conservative style of preparing vegetarian dishes with gluten, mock meats, artificial coloring, and additives. In its place is a range of dishes filled with wholesome goodness, prepared from the finest, freshest natural as well as organic ingredients.

They even exclude garlic and onions as well. An admirable effort considering how both of these ingredients are integral components in Chinese cooking.

LingZhi Cherry Tomato

Chilled Cherry Tomatoes with Soda Plum Juice

To begin your meal on a refreshing note, cleanse your palate with the Chilled Cherry Tomatoes with Soda Plum Juice (S$16++). You might think these are just tomatoes and that is where you are wrong.

What you get is plump, ripe cherry tomatoes that once you bite into, will explode with sweet and juicy plum goodness.

Be sure to sip the soda slowly because although it is served in a shot glass, it is not meant to be finished in one gulp.

LingZhi Fruits And Kale Salad

Mixed Fresh Fruits And Kale Salad Served With Vietnamese Rice Paper

Making a stunning entrance is the Mixed Fresh Fruits And Kale Salad Served with Vietnamese Rice Paper (S$18++). Witness a delightful spectacle as the salad is tossed over clouds of dry ice at your table-side, you may then wrap the salad in delicate layers of seaweed and rice paper.

A melody of textures and tastes await you as you make that first bite. From crispy julienned yam, Asian pear, juice grapes, candied nuts, cherry tomatoes, and raisins; all are married together with a zesty raspberry and ginger dressing.

Lingzhi Mushroom Bisque with Truffle

Mushroom Truffle Bisque Served In Stone Pot

You wouldn’t believe how amazing the Mushroom Truffle Bisque (S$10++) tastes. It comes served in a hot stone bowl and brims with mushroom goodness.

The bisque is not overly thick and the generous portion of black truffles makes it so decadent and fragrant. We did double takes while drinking; were we really in a vegetarian restaurant drinking a vegetarian mushroom soup? If so, how could it be so flavourful with every sip?!

LingZhi Vegetarian Satay

Vegetarian Satay Served In Fresh Pineapple

The Vegetarian Satay served in Fresh Pineapple (S$24++) is also not one to miss out on. Chargrilled aromas resembling actual satay envelope the skewered monkey-head Mushrooms.

Drown them in the thick, velvety satay gravy and you probably wouldn’t even be able differentiate it from its actual, meaty counterpart.

LingZhi Vegetarian Thunder Tea Rice

Poached Mixed Rice With Vegetables

A healthy carbs option such the Poached Mixed Rice with Vegetables (S$16++) is recommended. We really liked that it was brimming with umami flavours.

In all honesty, LingZhi Vegetarian’s version of Thunder Tea Rice surpasses all others in terms of presentation and taste. The dish comes served with poached multigrain rice in the center of a plate along with a teapot containing tea steeped with kale. Drip it over the rice and allow the flavours to mingle with one another.

LingZhi Vegetarian Enoki Mushrooms with Truffle Oil

Crispy Enoki Mushrooms with Truffle Oil

If you love Truffle Fries, you will definitely love this dish too. Sinful as it was, the Crispy Enoki Mushrooms with Truffle Oil (S$10++) is easily our favourite of the lot.

Deep fried till crispy, salted just right and drizzled with truffle oil to boost its aroma, this was something everyone on the table kept reaching out for. Before we knew it, we were munching away too quickly and had to order a second portion. Yes, highly addictive; you have been warned.

LingZhi Vegetarian Lasagne

Baked Three Kinds of Squash

Calling all Lasagne lovers, you will be blown away by how legit and tasty this Baked Three Kinds of Squash (S$20++) is. We don’t think they intended for it to replicate a Lasagne but it surely was as delicious as one.

Layers of squash are baked then copiously covered in tomato sauce, we were pleasantly surprised by the texture and flavours of this dish.

LingZhi Vegetarian Peking Duck

Vegetarian Goose And Crispy Beancurd Skin Served With Pancake

A vegetarian rendition of the ever popular Peking Duck dish, this vegetarian goose dish is prepared and assembled exactly the way Peking Duck is.

The Vegetarian Goose and Crispy Beancurd Skin served with Pancake (S$24++) is a different kind of delicious on many notes albeit similar textures.

LingZhi Vegetarian Crispy Rice Crab Chilli Sauce

Crispy Rice Cake With Singapore-style Chilli Sauce

The Crispy Rice Cake with Singapore-style Chilli Sauce (S$16++) offers an interesting contrast of textures and tastes in a single bite. The chilli sauce is thick, luscious and sweet—akin to a chilli crab sauce that we all know and love.

Here’s a tip: be sure to not dip the rice cake into the sauce, but instead, dollop a teaspoon (or more) of the yummy sauce over for a more enjoyable mouthful.

Lingzhi Assorted Mushrooms Wrapped in Glass Paper

Baked Assorted Mushrooms Wrapped In Glass Paper

For a hit of variety, order the Baked Assorted Mushrooms Wrapped in Glass Paper (S$22++). The dish will arrive looking like a hamper, but once unwrapped, it reveals several types of mushrooms.

Having been baked together in a tightly sealed bag for a long time, the flavours of each individual mushroom is imparted onto the other, creating a much deeper umami flavour.

LingZhi Vegetarian Stewed Rice Vermicelli

Stewed Rice Vermicelli

No Chinese restaurant meal is complete without a noodle dish, and the Stewed Rice Vermicelli (S$14++) is a great way to do just that.

Nothing too complex about this carbs dish, though. Just simple vermicelli in a pale white shade, but don’t be fooled by its dullness, because it is chockful of flavours!

Lingzhi Carrot Cake

Homemade Carrot Cake Topped With Ice Cream

Want some vegetarian dessert? Yes, they are still satisfying like your regular sweets. End your meal with Lingzhi Vegetarian’s Homemade Carrot Cake Topped with Ice Cream (S$8++).

Baked without any added butter, this is the dessert to have if you plan on keeping that waistline trim.

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