Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar – 50% OFF A La Carte Buffet At S$24++ Per Pax

Peach Garden Buffet

Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar has an unbelievable a la carte buffet which features a massive lineup of 38 Chinese delights. It is time for you to unleash your inner beast and feast on endless servings of your favourite Chinese dishes!

As we all know, authentic and high-quality Chinese cuisine does not come cheap. But if you are badly craving some Chinese food and want to avoid spending beyond your budget, Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar’s A La Carte Buffet will be your saving grace.

From 15 May 2017 to 31 July 2017, enjoy 50% off their A La Carte Buffet when you dine in a group of four. You won’t believe it, but it is only S$24++ per adult and S$16++ per child*!

This is one unbelievably incredible promotion, especially with the impressive selection of Chinese delights that include shark’s fin, seafood and meat. Now, you really need to make your reservation at Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar.

Peach Garden Soup


Chinese soups have long been recognised for being extremely nourishing. The warm broth never fails to soothe and rejuvenate the tired soul.

Begin your A La Carte buffet with the Double-boiled Baby Superior Shark’s Fin with Cordyceps Flower and Chicken Soup and the Braised Baby Superior Shark’s Fin with Fresh Crab Meat and Egg White. The method of double-boiling achieves the maximum extraction of flavours without compromising the quality of ingredients, which was certainly evident in every spoonful.

Do note that diners will be limited to one order from this section only.

Peach Garden Appetisers


Amongst all the appetisers, the Chilled Drunken Chicken is one signature that you must try. We thoroughly enjoyed the accents of Chinese wine that layered the finely cut chicken meat; simplicity at its best.

Other must-try appetisers are the Roasted Crispy Pork and Fried Salmon Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk. For a cold appetiser, the Chilled Fresh Scallop with Fruit and Fresh Mango would be a good choice.

But ultimately, the Fried Carrot Cake with X.O. Sauce was the winner for us. Huge chunky cubes of radish cake are tossed in the aromatic X.O. sauce and we could even taste a tinge of that distinct wok hei

Peach Garden Fish


The seafood selection at Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar’s A La Carte Buffet is a pretty extravagant one considering the amazing price of S$24++ per pax! There are no restrictions on how much you can order and an entire fish will be served upon every order of fish. Mind-blowingly crazy, right?

You must try the Deep-fried Soon Hock Fish with Garlic and Superior Soya Sauce—crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside.

The Steamed Pa Ting Fish with Minced Garlic in Super Soya Sauce was another classic seafood dish that we enjoyed immensely. The meat was tender and there was no muddy taste that freshwater fish are typically associated with.

A shout-out to all prawn lovers! Three types of prawns are available as part of this a la carte buffet and they include the Deep-fried Fresh Prawn with Jackfruit Sauce, Steamed Live Prawn with Chinese Wine and Herbs and the Deep-fried Fresh Prawn with Wasabi Salad Cream.

Peach Garden Wasabi Prawns

Yes, Peach’s Garden famous Deep-fried Fresh Prawn with Wasabi Salad Cream is included in this buffet so it is FREE-FLOW WASABI PRAWNS, GUYS. Astounding in all aspects, our prawns were juicy, the batter was crispy and lastly, the wasabi dip was light and not overpowering. You cannot, and must not leave Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar without a taste of this goodness.

Just think about it, guys. The usual a la carte price of this dish is S$28++. The buffet is S$24++ per person. You know our drift.

Peach Garden Kurobuta Pork


9 different varieties of meat form the lineup of the meat selection at Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar’s A La Carte Buffet. 

We were so pleased with the execution of the Sautéed Kurobuta Pork Cube with Leek and Teriyaki Sauce. Every piece of pork was succulent and tender and the teriyaki sauce added a lovely touch to the dish.

Peach Garden Chicken Mongolia Sauce

The Sautéed Chicken with Chef’s Special “Mongolia Sauce” is another dish exclusive to Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar that is worth trying.

Peach Garden Meat Buffet

More meat options in the menu include Braised Pork Belly with “Mui Choy”, Braised Beef Brisket with Radish and the Sautéed Sweet and Sour Pork with “Lychee”.

Peach Garden Poached Spinach


The Poached Local Spinach with Three Kinds of Egg is a classic Chinese dish. The sauce was not too salty and complemented the young spinach well. Elsewise, you can try the Stir-fried French Bean with Scallop and X.O. Sauce.

Peach Garden Fried Rice


Choose from either the Fried Jasmine Rice with Pork Floss and Dried Scallop or the Stewed Spinach Noodle with Mapo Tofu.

Peach Garden Dessert


Choose from Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar’s selection of four traditional Chinese desserts to end your feasting.

Go for the Chilled Jelly Royale with Julienne of Coconut, Chilled Fresh Sago with Pomelo or Chilled Coconut Milk Red Bean Pudding. But if you prefer warm desserts, the Warm Black Glutinous Rice will be oh-so-satisfying.

Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar’s A La Carte Buffet 50% Promotion
15 May 2017 to 31 July 2017
Mon to Thu: S$24++/ adult, S$16++/ child
Fri: S$26++/ adult, S$18++/ child
Sat, Sun & PH: S$29++/ adult, S$21++/ child
Minimum 4 to dine

For all dining enquiries and reservations, please call +65 6736 3833 or email

Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar 
Level 3 Hotel Miramar, 401 Havelock Road,
Singapore 169631
Tel: +65 6736 3833
Daily: 11am – 3.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Clarke Quay/ Chinatown

This post is brought to you by Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar.